The Russian Scissors Strategy Is Being Used to Conquer America (Pt 1)



This is the first part of a two part series regarding the preliminary phase of Russian invasion of America. The first part will deal with current events relative to the planned military takedown of America. Also, Part One will also provide a glimpse into the fact tha the Russians are already planning for a post-war occupied America. Part Two will deal with the fact that we Americans are facing a threat, derived from a strategy, that is decades old and dozens of Democratic members of Congress are complicit in the planned takedown of this country.

Here are three emails that I have received in the last two days. One email is from a familiar source, the other two are not.


Dear Dave

Thanks for all you do. I know you are concerned about the presence of Russia, China and the United Nations on American soil. My wife and I saw what we are sure were foreign troops training on a remote piece of farmland east of Casper, Wyoming. There were about 100-150 troops and there were military types of armored carriers. The uniforms and the color of the support vehicles are like nothing that I have seen. I am a vet and this was strange. The strangest thing is that we were chased off the area by Americans wearing military police uniforms. I do not think that they were Americans. Their English was not American sounding, more like Eastern European. They were yelling no photos turn around.  

Very strange and I thought you should know.  Thanks for your show.



Mr. Hodges and Mr. Martin

Paul Martin and you have covered UN dealings in my town of Rawlins. I remember the UN vehicles and the emp proof antenaes. I was driving back from sisters farm and saw a troop carrier. These were foreign troops and there were no markings on the soldiers or the trucks. No idea what this was, but it happened on September 27th. Thought you and Paul would look into it. Please do not publish my name.


The following email comes to me from a person in Wyoming that I have had many exchanges with. This is the most telling of the emails.


Hey there Dave!  Attached is a posting from a Mailady who was delivering West of lusk Wyoming
She had this to say in her post---Maybe we are being invaded by Russia? I passed this strange vehicle just west of Lusk yesterday. On the door it says Russia-Mongolia-Silkroad 2013 with a map of their route, and on the front is lettered Panamericana 2019-2022. Some pretty shady characters up in the cab, too.   Attached are two pictures



There are a number of items to dissect here with regard to this vehicle. After receiving this at 7pm last evening (9/28), I shared this with federal law enforcement officer with military experience. I also shared this with two former military officers. Here is the consensus of opinion. 

  • The vehicle is worth over a milllion dollars.
  • The antennae is bent back which indicates satellite communication which means they can talk directly with Moscow. 
  • The accompanying troops are more than likely s/petsnaz
  • The vehicle is likely EMP proof
  • The vehicle can more than likely withstand an RPG hit and probably has hidden anti-tank capabilities. 
  • The vehicle is clearly posing as a "trade vehicle" and the sell job it too obvious with the route maps, etc. 

Let's take apart the working from Jill's email because it tells us a lot. 

The vehicles had the following markings;

  • Russia-Mongolia-Silkroad. The following is the silk road as it is built or being built. The term, Mongolian, says that this route will extend north to Mongolia. 


Image result for silk road


  • Another telling term is the use of the term "Panamericana" 2019-2022. This is a very important reference. Panamericana is in reference to the Pan American highway system. . Panamericana is a 2010 documentary about the life at the longest road on Earth: a road-trip from Mexico to Argentina through 12 countries and for 13,000 miles. This is tied to a a couple of free trade agreements and they are (1) The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), which creates a free trade zone from Canada through Central America and (2) The second free trade agreement implicated by this reference is the Free Trade Area of the Americas which is extends from the North Pole to the southern tip of South America. The dates 2019-2022 are referencing the commencement. 

The CAFTA agreement is something that I am an expert on because I had 8 years fighting against CAFTA/Canamex. My community lies on a planned CANAMEX corridor which is the transporation arm of CAFTA. Clearly this Russian vehicle, tied to trade (ie Silk Road) is mapping routes for trade between Asia and North America. The implications for these events are stunning. With the reference to Mongolia, the road would be built across the Bering Strait and extend through Alaska to Canada and continue to Wyoming and link up with the 1-25 corridor (ie Denver) all the way to the southern border and beyond. It is clear from these clues that the Russians are mapping a trade set of highways. Does this mean that this is the research into the transportation system for CAFTA and FTAA? If so, then it speaks to the fact that America has been defeated and we are looking at post-occupation plans. This would also explain the other foreign (presumably Russian) troops in the area. Eastern Wyoming has long been rumored to have an underground base of Russian soldiers. In Part 2, I will detail how this is the fulfillment of the Scissors strategy that Russian defectors have warned us about ofver the past several decades in which the Russians have laid a trap for America. Please remember that the Russians and Chinese just completed military war games with 7 other nations with the intended target being the United States. Could it be anymore clear?

There is one more issue. It has always been my contention that the communist forces, including those in Congress will cause such civil disruption that the UN will enter the United States as a peacekeeper, when actually they will be invading using the Russians and Chinese as they wear UN blue helmets. Part II will connect these dots.  

Marilyn Rupar and I presented the following video which speaks to the fact, on Colombian TV, that the Colombians were concerned about the UN coming in under the Kigali principles and would tip the balance of power. This is what we in the US are facing when the Democrats cause unimaginable civil chaos.  Part II will provide the history. If you speak Spanish, you will hear the fear of the Colombians with regard to UN occupation forces making a move on their country. This is what is going to happen to America as covered in Part II.