Senator McConnell and Justice Roberts Are Aiding and Abetting Voter Fraud Against Trump As B of A and the Post Office Prepare for Martial Law

B of A Text

Is America going to war? Is Trump going to invoke the Insurrection Act? Or, as one of my main deep cover sources has stated, Trump is going to war with China and then invoke the Insurrection Act.

This is the first of a two part series. In Part One of this series, I will be laying foundation for the fact that something dramatic is coming and one of the above-listed three possibilities is very likely.

It can be said with certainty there are a growing number of anomalies that are appearing both in our government, and around the nation and they are all indicative of the fact that events are already in play that Trump is certainly not viewing himself as a lame duck President.

Why Is Bank of America Rehearsing Their Communications Systems Which Is An Announcement for a Banking Shutdown?

Please refer to the text message serving as the story photo for this article. This is a text from Bank of America to some of its customers.



Might you know what this is about?






Why would the B of A suspend financial banking services? I have consulted with banking sources and here are the answers that I received:


  1. Bank of America knows that a bank run is going to occur and they are beta testing their text messaging system with the notification of a suspension of services.
  2. A bank run could be due to an economic collapse, but none is foreseen in the near future.
  3. A disaster is headed the United States way and a bank run is anticipated and this message was a beta test indicating an anticipated bank run due to circumstances. Bank of America would be shutting down in order to prevent a bank run.


In the case of #3, one would have to ask themselves what would trigger a shut down? Certainly a war, an anticipated natural disaster and the outbreak of civil war would fit the disaster scenario. Regardless of the reason, it is clear that Bank of America is rehearsing for a disaster scenario.


Post Office Document Reveals that Martial Law Is Right Around the Corner


Additionally, I am in possession of a document issued to key USPS personnel which allows them to cross roadblocks in times of an imposed national emergency. Originally, I was given the document with permission to publish. However, as the document was being vetted, we discovered a code in the document and I am afraid that the person’s identity would be compromised if we published. Subsequently, I have chosen not to publish this document at this time pending an assessment risk. However, I can state, with absolute certainty, that this document is authentic and certainly the Post Office is anticipating the imposition of martial law.


The Deep State Is Now Denied Access to Key Top Secret Pentagon Communications


In breaking news, the Pentagon  has imposed an emergency shutdown of Its secret internet protocol router network which handles classified information up to the top secret level of clearance.

This shutdown to access follows the Emergency Directive 21-01 delivered this past weekend by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), in response to a confirmed compromise involving SolarWinds Orion products. I have confirmation from a deep cover source that this system was formerly linked to Dominion voting machines and it would have allowed for remote, foreign-based cyber interference. Without being able to physically examine the system, the covert source stated it is not clear if the shutdown is to preserve evidence of vote manipulation (likely), or to prevent Deep State interests from knowing what the top levels of the military are planning with regard to possible invocation of the Insurrection Act or to actual war with China (also likely).

Trump Has Been Betrayed by a Key Republican

Senator McConnell Is on the take and his benefactor is Dominion voting machines, Not only did McConnell take money from Dominion, he twice squelched two attempts to pass two election integrity bills. McConnell is a criminal who aided and abetted election fraud against a sitting President!

Please follow this link for a create description of the compromised nature of Senator McConnell and how he contributed to a stolen election!


 Why Won’t the Supreme Court Give Trump a Fair Hearing On the Blatant and Obvious Election Fraud?


In a recent article, I addressed the topic of the compromised Justice Roberts and how many of his decisions have moved away from his clearly established conservative background as his rulings have clearly supported extreme liberal causes such as mandatory Obamacare. We are now seeing more evidence of his duplicity on display. For the readers review, first, there is the Epstein-related photo with fellow pervert Bill Clinton.


Texas Congressman Matt Patrick (CD-32) put into the State Legislative record a report from a claimed “Supreme Court staffer” about an internal debate taking place within the high court where justices were arguing the reasons for not allowing the Texas election challenge to take place.  Representative Patrick stated that Chief Justice Roberts was worried about riots in the streets if the court heard the Texas arguments and evidence. Riots is the cover for Roberts as he is clearly being blackmailed again!








The first part of this series is foundational. Part Two is going to open a lot of eyes.

Some feel that the military is going on high alert. If so, we are faced with asking ourselves, why? Is it martial law via the Insurrection Act,  World War III, or both? Part Two of this series brings in more contextual evidence. I feel confident in saying that by January 6th, we will have our answer, if not sooner! Take a look at the following video:


Is it martial law via the Insurrection Act,  World War III, or both? Part Two of this series brings in more contextual evidence. I feel confident in saying that by January 6th, we will have our answer, if not sooner!