The Six Stages of the Bolshevik Coup Against America


There are two major issues facing the United States today. First, the people of the United States face an unparalleled set of natural disasters in places like the Cascadian Subduction Zone which, at some time, will represent the largest natural disaster since the days of Noah’s flood.

The second issue that “we the people” are has to do with the unparalleled attempt of subversives to overthrow the government and create a massive upheaval of culture. When I first began to work in the Independent Media (IM), the debate was raging about FEMA camps and who was running them and for what purpose? One of my two undergraduate degrees is in history with an emphasis in military history. So I could better understand the process of how regime change happens along with the accompanying characteristics, I began to independently research past coups resulting in genocide. Parallel to my investigations, the Democide Project from the University of Hawaii studied “death by government” as opposed to death by war. The University of Hawaii researchers concluded that death by government was much more common that death by war in the 20th Century. Subsequently, I have become obsessed with the presence of foreign troops on American soil and the appearance of 3rd party proxies designed to create a reign of terror designed to facilitate a massive political and sociocultural revolution. I have become alarmed at what I have found. In America, we have all the elements needed to carry out a massive regime change with all the typical state-sponsored mass genocide against the “deplorables” of our society. I see elements of Mao’s 1950’s-1960’s cultural revolution, Stalin’s gulag strategy and Hitler’s targeting of select groups for extermination. This “evolved” Democratic Party of today has strong elements of all three genocidal regimes.

The Common Sense Show will split itself between covering the natural disasters and the not so natural disasters. With regard to the ongoing coup taking place today, I have created a qualitative model based on 14 years of research. There are six general areas associated with a violent coup in which the potential for genocide are present and these six areas are as follows:

  1. Attack the Traditional Elements of the Culture and the Political System. This would cover such contemporary events as the various attempts at perpetual impeachment, the promotion of life-style glorifications which runs contrary to the established status quo, the use of deliberate divide and conquer strategies designed to maximize societal conflict and promote an atmosphere of perpetual divisive conflict, the takeover of the media, the establishment of political correctness with the notion of steering people away from the traditional, the unhinging of traditional rule of law. The movement against Trump is not about Trump. It is about tearing down all populism and the support of the traditional in our culture. 
  2. The Use of False Flag Events to Designed Erase Civil Liberties and to Promote an Atmosphere of Violence and Armed Conflict. Two prime examples of this thinking in the modern area would be the promotion of Jussie “let’s start a race war” Smollett fake event and of course the granddaddy of them all, 911, the modern-day Reichstag event, which has promoted the autocratic power of government of the civil liberties of the people. In order to take down a nation like America this stage must be relentless and represent Alinsky’s Rules of Radicals as much as possible.
  3. The Implementation of the Hegelian Dialectic of “Problem-Reaction-Solution.  This is where the false flag events of Stage 2 bleed into this stage. Some people might call this the creation of the boogey man stage. In the cold war, the Soviet nuclear capability was greatly exaggerated by the establishment to justify the implementation of the military industrial complex. It is clear that the false flag events perpetrated in Stage Two sets the stage for the revolutionary force to provide their answer the problem created by a false flag. The aftermath of 911 provides and excellent and fertile ground to study this progression of revolutionary tyranny. The events of 911 led to the creation of “the problem”, then the solution of legislation such as the Patriot Act. This established the complete erosion of the First Amendment, 4th Amendment search and seizure and the NDAA was added to take away 5th Amendment due process in which a person could be “put away” with no due process. This state makes tyranny the new normal and gives complete dictatorial control to the new regime as it is emerging. Problem-Reaction-Solution is on full display here. The TSA at airports, who have never caught even one terrorist is an excellent example of this emerging police state mentality as is gun confiscation which, of course, is done to protect the children. As the University of Hawaii Democide Project illustrates, gun confiscation is always a prelude to genocide. 
  4. Well-Defined Political and Cultural Targets Emerge and Widespread Conflict Ensues. The 2008 MIAC Report list which targeted Ron Paul supporters, Constitutionalists, Second Amendment supporters and Christians is an example of this kind of thinking. The gay-straight paradigm, the Black-White divide is accentuated and the traditional family along with Christian values are under attack in America. The introduction of cartel influence (drugs and trafficking children) have become mainstays in the unhinging of our culture and political system. The Democratic Party (ie Pelosi, Schiff, Feinstein et al) are in bed with the Communist Chinese, their subordinate the Cartels and far leftist groups whose purpose is to overthrow the government (eg Antifa). The hope is that the conflicts will coalesce and produce a civil war. This will justify the use of hostile military forces (eg the UN under the Kigali Principles). In late 2018, the Cook County Commissioners tried to bring in hostile forces from the UN to stem the tide of gang violence in Chicago. Trump blocked the move. At this stage, the emphasis is on incendiary conflict designed into civil war. There can be no regime change without violence and this is that stage. A civil war always ensues at this stage.
  5. Purging the Deplorables. This is the stage where opposition media is recruited and turned or their members are executed. As territory is conquered by the revolutionaries, consolidation of gains must be made. It is at this stage that we will witness why the NSA has been compiling massive surveillance data on each American. They have been creating a naughty-nice (red) list and these people have been targeted  for extermination. In Nazi Germany, the Gestapo did the roundups. This is time consuming and in a country like America, with 425 million guns, this practice as the primary method of eliminating societal opposition to the new tyranny is too dangerous. There are better ways to consolidate the gains made against traditional political and cultural elements of a culture rather than roundups. Creating food and water shortages is an excellent method to get the potential subversives to come to you. Grabbing children from schools is an excellent way to get potential trouble makers to report to the “FEMA Camps” is method that was practiced in 2011 in Operation Mountain Guardian. This is how, in America, the “deplorables” will be dealt with. This will be the American genocide. In a nation like America, it might be necessary to attack the country, in an ensuing world war, against a weakened America in order to eliminate all opposition. Certainly, the Deagel Report speaks to this possibility. Remember, this is the nation where there could be an “An American behind every blade of grass with a gun”. Therefore, in nations like America it is often necessary to wage war against the people in conjunction with the civil war regime change. This is when the Red Dawn invasion would take place. The takeover of a weaker nation will not require this step, but America most certainly will. A strong, independent America cannot be allowed to exist as the New World Order is being implemented. Also, at some point in this process the economic breakdown occurs. the sooner the economic breakdown occurs, the sooner the civil war commences as resource aquisition becomes a primary motivator. 
  6. The Consolidation of Power and the Establishment of the New Authority. Purges, along with economic and cultural restructuring continues. Extreme wealth redistribution and socialism emerges.  It is at this point we see an echo effect. Most revolutions have a rebound effect. This is where the more radical members of the movement purge their former colleague who are decidedly more moderate (eg the Brown Shirt phenomenon). Mass executions and so-called book-burning moves to front and center in this stage.

The stages overlap and there is no timing mechanism. However, almost all revolutions have these elements within these movements. Future articles on the Left’s extremism, will fit into one, or more, of these six stages of what I have labeled as the Bolshevik coup against America. Remember, the persecution of Trump is only symbolic as the persecution of our way of life.