Today, in America, we are witnessing the biggest set of conspiracies ever levied against the American people. First, the American people allowed one-third of its population to become unemployed and watched helplessly as the economy was destroyed during the so-called COVID-19 crisis in which the numbers were grossly inflated to justify the economy-destroying lockdowns, still in place in Democratic Party controlled states. What should have been a slam dunk presidential election in favor of Trump is now very much in doubt because of the lockdowns which had almost nothing to do with COVID-19. The second conspiracy against the people is the construction of a race war based on a single incident following the George Floyd incident.

In the second scenario, George Soros’s funded organizations are staffing and employing planned rioters and looters. Many come from the Soros organization known as Antifa. Additionally, these ranks of planned anarchists have been bolstered by the fact that criminals were released from prisons under the false pretense of protecting them from COVID-19. However, the real purpose for the release of thousands of criminals is now being revealed as this was one of the elements recruited by George Soros operatives who were using this group and the other Soros groups to destabilize America even further as the CV-19 lockdowns are beginning to disappear except in Democratic Party controlled states and a race war is beginning to replace the CV-19 threat.

I am in communication with two individuals who have inside information with regard to the post-race war scenario planned by George Soros and the globalists. In effect, they are George Soros defectors and they do not like where this is going because the end result will not favor liberals as the extermination of millions of Americans is the goal and the extermination will be, according to these sources, indiscriminate. Even without this insider information, what I am revealing is still readily available for all who have eyes to see These civilian paramilitary forces are going to be used in the same manner as the East German Stasi and the KGB used many of their assets with regard to informing on the American people. What very few people are talking about is if the left is successful in bringing Trump down and they capture both houses of the Congress, what will America look like a year from now? The first part of the answer to this question has to do with understanding the scope of the former East German Stasi because Stasi tactics are going to employed against the American people if a regime change takes place this coming fall.

Every despotic regime, intent on committing genocide against potential and real political opponents, has always employed the use of snitches. These private spies can be anywhere and everywhere. They are often paid on a fee-based performance per report.

The East German Stasi

The KGB and the East German Stasi were famous for constructing “lists” of people to be dealt with along with family members and friends that could be exploited as leverage. The practice even went as far as having young elementary school-aged children be interrogated at school about their parents conversations. However, the real threat and use of torture and genocide will come as a result of the East German Stasi tactics.

The Common Sense Show has been in touch with confidential sources which claim there is an East German Stasi-style snitch program that is targeting average Americans. Some of this is omnipresent. This means that it is common knowledge that your medical records are compromised. Your tax information is readily available, as is your location history, who you associate with based on proximity of cell phones, your browser history, etc. Every phone call, text, and email is monitored by the AI of the NSA. However, the rioters of today will become the snitches of tomorrow. By the way, a federal law enforcement agent just informed that Antifa is able to hack into police communications to learn where troops are going to be deployed. In order to that, the NSA is giving aid and comfort to Antifa.

The practice of civilian snitching will soon become commonplace. We even have a name for it as it developed during the COVID crisis, as the name is “Karen”, meaning that one is a civilian snitch. We have already started training college students for this eventuality. In many college, they employ a social justice program in which students inform on students with conservative views and these conservative students face disciplinary action. The CSS has written numerous articles on these college snitch programs.

For over two decades, Steve Quayle has repeatedly warned America about a Red List that have been compiled by the NSA in which individuals are scored on their likelihood of not accepting the implementation of a globalist, totalitarian regime.


The Stasi had a program that they referred to as Zersetzung, which literally meant disintegration. The purpose of Zersetzung was to totally neutralize any nonconformist or nonconformist groups who was perceived to be a potential or real threat to the Communist Party or the government as a whole. The process of disintegration included the Stasi gathering data about one’s  medical, education, criminal records, interviews with neighbors, coworkers, and family members that could be used to target one’s mental health.  Any perceived threat would result in the Stasi destroying one’s life which would include loss of job, residence, spreading gossip, planting evidence and forcibly committing targets to insane asylums. This is also the basis of the CHICOM social credit system that is beginning to appear in America.

The East German Stasi army of informants was massive as it had over 90,000 employees and field level informants. Almost 3% of the population was employed to spy on the other 97%. It is estimated that 33% of the population was under direct investigation at any one time.  

Normally, family members don’t spy on each other for the government. However, when financial inducements are introduced, all etiquette and familial loyalty is off the table. In East Germany, nobody could be trusted, even a spouse. The was the epitome of the Salem Witch Trials in which people would falsely inform on personal enemies in order to enact personal revenge. In short, nobody was safe and the same is coming to America in both the existing AI spy apparatus (eg social credit systems) and with field operatives who will report to government agencies.

The Future

In 2011, Obama was successful getting the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed through Congress. The NDAA contains a snatch and hold program which is totally devoid of Constitutional liberties. Under this law, one could be grabbed off the street and nobody would ever know what happened to that person.

Obama was laying the ground work for what is coming to America, totally dictatorial control by a globalist authority. Both of the former Soros associates said that the NDAA will be used against nonconformists. Again, this could have been deduced without the use of a source. This only serves as confirmation.

The man responsible for the starting of the notion of FEMA camps to put political dissidents in them for the purposes of re-education and extermination of those who won’t “cooperate”, was one of the most notorious dissidents in American History. The man I am referring to is Bill Ayers and he launched Obama’s political career.

This is what I was told was coming. Rioters turned snitches and paid informants in order to persecute those people who want to preserve the Republic.

I could have written this piece without speaking to the two people who approached me. The only reason I feel compelled to talk about these informants is due to the fact that they were active members in one of Soros organizations. For their protection, I will not identify the organization. However, they lost the stomach for what is coming and it will be a bloody purge if the Democrats take over.

This is the confirmation of Steve Quayle’s notion of a Red List. This information should light a fire under every American’s rear end. However, it is amazing how much of the country remains ignorant as to what lies ahead. Interesting, in a recent broadcast, Laura Ingraham stated the riots were a good indicator of what life would be like under the Democrats.

Finally, the Democratic mayors and governors are complicit in this present race war violence. By not turning loose their police and National Guard to act within the scope of their rules of engagement, is treason. It makes them an accomplice to violence, domestic terrorism, property destruction and illegal assemblies. They should be sued by citizens and arrested by the DOJ for depraved indifference. If we do not stop what is happening, the technology available to these despots will America the most genocidal regime in world history.