The UN Is Facilitating Chinese Dominance Over the Planet


Recently I wrote a two part series on the Chinese government's intention to rule the planet because they are the master race. According to a leaked Chinese government document, the Chinese have set their sights set on exterminating as many Americans as possible before colonizing the country. To some, this would have seemed like an outrageous claim. I have over the past 3 days researched extensively evidence that would confirm this leaked Chinese government document. I am pleased to announce that I have done so.

Summary of Chinese Goals As Stated by Wei Fenghe The Chinese Defense Minister

In the two part series the document alleges the following:

  • The Chinese need to expand beyond their territorial boundaries or they will cease to exist as a nation because their country cannot sustain their population as they lack natural resources , namely, food.
  • The Chinese have set their sights on making America there one in only enemy. The defense minister of China stated that the mistakes made by Nazi Germany and the empire of Japan included having too many enemies. China was not going to repeat that historical mistake.
  • The leaked government document discussed the Chinese intention to use bio weapons against the United States, specifically, the use of genetically engineered viruses that would not attack people of Chinese descent. The Chinese government was concerned because there are approximately 12,000,000 Chinese inside the United States.
  • The Chinese document further alluded to the fact that China , once they ruled over the United States, would be in a position to control the entire W. This would make them the rulers of the planet.

German Publication Illuminates the UN's Participation in the Takeover of the Planet

A self-described reader of The Common Sense Show, presumably from Germany, sent me an article from the German publication, Der Spiegel. Inside this document, it was made very clear that the United Nations under the leadership of tUN Secretary General Gutterres, is transferring economic and cultural influences from the United Nations away from the United States to the Chinese. It is very clear that the UN actions are in line with china's intentions as expressed in the leaked Chinese government document.

The article begins by discussing how China wants to change it's notion of "basic human rights" to its own definition which is now being embraced by the United Nations. In effect, the Chinese are stating that they want to move away from basic individual liberties and give people the earned right to economically participate. This is a very revealing statement when we consider the nature in consequences of the Google-installed Chinese Social Credit System.

Technocracy expert , Patrick Wood, stated on The Common Sense Show that the internet-control system is entirely in place. The system robs people of individual right to self expression on the Internet and the consequences for expressing "unpopular views" not in line would the Communist Chinese Party , can result in an individual losing their home, their right to medical treatment, the right to use public transportation, the right to attend a Chinese University, and the fundamental right to hold a job. Patrick would went on to provide a salient example in that he knew of an incident in China where a woman was visited by Chinese security who were unhappy with a posting she made on a social media site. She apologized and the men left without arresting her and she thought she was in the clear. She was absolutely incorrect and within one month she had lost every right that is listed above . In summary, she became a nonperson. This is a prime example of how the Chinese are redefining human rights and transforming humans rights into the right to economically participate. Oh, and I know that Christians are already saying that this is the beginning of the Mark of the Beast in which "bad behavior" will deny one the right to "economically participate".  Let me make it clear, if you do not express' the appropriate view you will lose your economic right to participate and the United Nations, by default is on board with this tyranny.

We are witnessing this from America's own social media today where people are losing jobs and being deep platformed for expressing conservative and Christian principles.

The following are examples of how the UN is facilitating the Chinese economic and cultural takeover of the planet ass supported by the UN and expressed in Der Spiegel. The article was sent to me in German. The translation contains some idiomatic phrases that are difficult to translate and this results in the language being slightly disjointed. However, idioms, or not, it is clear that the UN supports the Chinese takeover of the world. Please take a look at the following quotes from the Der Spiegel article and your level of concern will rise dramatically.

The peacekeeping missions are a direct global claim to leadership," says an analysis by the Stockholm Peace Research Institute (Sipri). Accordingly, there are three other advantages for the Chinese leadership: To shape the image of a peaceful, "harmony" oriented China around the world Expand non-combatant operations of the Chinese force Training and gaining experience for the Chinese police and the military.

What peacekeeping missions. Let me remind the reader that the CSS has extensively covered the fact that the UN was training the new Mexican National Guard in "humanitarian" missions. If the missions of China, as a peacekeeper was benign, why are the police and the military mentioned in the Der Spiegel quote? Please allow me to remind everyone of the Kigali Principles which Obama signed us onto right before he left office. It is a 29 nation agreement in which the United Nations can direct all 29 nations to intervene in the internal affairs of a nation, by force is needed, in order to "restore order". Whose order? The New World Order. And people wonder why I am concerned about a Red Dawn invasion. 

Increased funding for the United Nations can also have far-reaching benefits for the Beijing leadership. It strengthens its influence on the Administrative and Budgetary Committees. He in turn controls the budget of the Human Rights Committee - which the Chinese want to see cut. The CP wants to explain the sovereignty of states as the most important principle of international exchange. In addition, Chinese leaders are pushing for the definition of human rights to be diverted from individual freedom to the right to economic participation. In a commentary of the state news agency "Xinhua" this becomes clear: The definition of human rights are as different as cultures in which they are embedded. The Chinese concept includes components such as "development is a human right", "combating poverty helps to enforce rights" and "human rights need cooperation". The Chinese government has also campaigned within the United Nations. The Chinese approach is now reflected in several resolutions of the UN Security Council, it said in the "Xinhua" article on. For example, two years ago, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) introduced the concept of human rights through development into the international human rights system. Then the tone becomes sharper: even though the West-defined definition played an important role in the past, it does not make it superior. The West has shown itself "intolerant" to the Chinese interpretation.

This quote does not need much in the way of interpretation. It is clear that the UN is moving away from G20 Western control of the planet to Chinese control. This is absolutely the major reason behind the UN migration pact. The goals is to eviscerate the borders of Western nations with out of control immigration. These weakened nations will be no match for China. China is the agent that has been chosen to usher in the New World Order. These intentions support the Chinese Defense Minister's comments in the alluded to leaked Chinese Government document. Also, the CSS quoted UN officials earlier this year in noting how UN officials were saying that they would be the global ruling authority by 2030. 

There will be a Part Four to this series. Paul Martin has a source that supports this plot to takedown America in the manner described in the leaked Chinese government document. Further, a DEA source confirms much of this and there is an emerging story out of Australia which illustrates that new Chinese spirit of imperialism.