Unlke the Frog with Cognitive Dissonance, Are You Going to Jump Out of the Boiling Pot While You Still Can?


In my role as an investigator and interviewer, I am constantly talking to economists who truly have handle on what is going on. What have I learned? I have learned that most Americans are dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to the economy, myself included until I started paying attention. Most people have no clue. Is it their fault? Yes and no. Real money principles are not taught in school, but one would think that by a certain age, people would ask questions because we are playing in such a rigged game.

The purpose is of this article is to shed light on some of the following concepts:

  1. The state of the American economy and how the intelligent person will distance themselves as quickly as possible.
  2. The realization that the American empire is over. Just like Rome the Bread and Circus is among us. The NBA, NFL and MLB are now open for business (so much for the Coronavirus threat).
  3. Discuss which businesses are actually making money. Millionaires are being created in the middle of the lockdown. If only the people knew….A new and much smaller economy is emerging that is replacing the large and failing economy.
  4. What investment opportunities provide the most hope in the new and emerging economy
  5. How “incorrect” political views and food are two major, life-threatening dangers that will soon confront most Americans.  
  6. Americans will be controlled by mandatory vaccines and food shortages.

The State of the American Economy

Anyone who saves money and keeps it in a bank is doing exactly what the globalists want. The dollar is not real, it is dead, it is a zombie. Let’s look at some economic facts and please keep in mind that this is only the sampler plate:

  1. No nation’s economy has ever recovered from  a debt to GDP ratio of 90%. Thanks to the 2009 bailouts, the credit swap derivatives ponzi schemes and the Great Lockdown of 2020, followed by the stimulus money, the new debt to GDP ratio is 115%. America is done; All that is left is for the debt and the value of the currency to completely unravel.
  2. If you are keeping your money in the bank, you helping to fund the decline of the US because you are helping to fund your own demise. Your money is worthless. Yet, we are told work hard and save. Richard Nixon took America off of the Gold Standard in 1971. He did that so the Deep State interests of the day could print endless amounts of money. That has made your money worthless.  The dollar is fake. You are working for fake money.
  3. Gold, silver and perhaps bitcoin is real money. Gold is God’s money. It has held its value for 6,000 years. Why aren’t you taught this?
  4. Stocks are fake! Why is Warren Buffet selling his bank stocks? Buffet is buying as much gold as possible. There are niches in the stock market where people can make money with the right strategy but these opportunities are few and far between. We have become a market of stocks not a viable stock market. Bezos and friends know this fact and this is why good ole Jeff is the world’s first trillionaire.
  5. America is $30 million dollars in debt and we are cruising to an altitude of $36 trillion in debt. No nation can survive this debt given the fact that the entire tangible value of the planet is worth about $80-90 trillion.
  6. As a benchmark, the state of pensions for police and fire personnel is noteworthy. Before the lockdowns, the pensions have been raped by the elite. For every $100 owed in a pension, there was actually $16 dollars in the pension. Today, after the lockdowns, the amount has shrunk to $6! There are no pensions left! Social Security is almost gone. Medicare is hopelessly broke. There is no money for welfare, infrastructure repairs and most of all, our military budget is ready to collapse and this will put every American at severe risk in this country as the CHICOMS and the Russians are licking their chops.  
  7. What about banks? Have you ever played dominos?
  8. What about real estate? Have you ever played dominos?


Who Is Making Money On the Present Crisis?

Is anyone making money during the lockdown? The answer is yes. However, and unfortunately for our military security, none of the “new” economy has anything to do with manufacturing. Americans are making absolutely nothing!!! Look at military history and then you tell me what that means.

Here are three areas where tomorrow’s millionaires and billionaires are being created:

  1. Online creators on the net are experiencing an average of 22% traffic since the lockdowns
  2. Gamers profits are at an all-time high with as much as a 75% increase. E-sports are exploding. Even ESPN is getting into covering this industry.
  3. Delivery companies,  often who serve food, are exploding. Amazon is hiring hundreds of thousands of workers.

What do these businesses have in common?

First of all, the people making money during the lockdowns are the owners of internet businesses. Yes, they are not working for worthless dollars. They are working for themselves. However, if they merely bank their money, or over-invest in the market (aka stay in the system), as prevailing strategies, they will give away all of their money at some point, because the dollar is in the process of crashing. However, these internet entrepreneurs are the oil barons of the 21st century and if they buy gold and silver they will be the new rich. This is where the future wealth is along with the medical industry, however, that market is locked up and reserved for the old money crowd.

What is really interesting is that even if the economy was to go back to normal, and it will not, this is the trend of the future. Brick and mortar stores are history and are on life-support. This is often called the Amazonfication of the economy. Did you know that there are over 20,000 third party Amazon sellers making over $1 million dollars per year? E-books and DYI materials are the primary products fueling this move. Retail can make no such claims. There are some important lessons here. First, the old economy is dead. Working for someone else is a fool’s errand and saving fake dollars is dumber than dumb.

There is no question that one needs operating capital and that includes cash. However, you will some day lose that money and it will shrink in value each and every single day. Keep a month’s supply of cash so you can pay your bills. You would be wise, again, to invest in gold and silver and then hide it. I expect as the digital currency becomes a reality as a response to the world’s fiat currencies failing, hording gold and silver will be outlawed as it has been before. However, just like previous gold ownership laws fade away when the elite have transferred the middleclass wealth to their accounts, the prohibitions on precious metals will be lifted.

There is one additional element that I have learned in my collective conversations with various economists. If one did save money, prior to the lockdown, there are huge opportunities available in areas such as real estate. However, I recommend that you let the stimulus payments and eviction prohibitions pass before endeavoring to invest. Due to the eviction moratoriums, many upper-middle persons are going broke because they mortgage payments on properties are not producing income from renters, but this will pass. Remember the Federal Reserve has acquired 33% of the mortgages in America and when they reach the saturation point, these eviction moratoriums will end. Investing in tents may be a good investment in 2021.

How will the elite keep you under control? They will promise Universal Basic Income. How long do you think that these Fabian Socialists will honor this commitment to the “useless eaters”?

When the fake promises end, they will control the masses through food shortages, mandatory vaccines and all of this will add up to slow-burn genocide!

Food Shortages

Have you noticed spot shortages in food, particularly meat? Have you noticed shrinkflation is here? Packaging is getting smaller to hide the food inflation being caused by a contrived shortage. This is a planned and contrived shortage. When COVID-19 hit, most of the meat packing plants closed. This was a false flag event. The National Guard could have been brought in, in hazmat suits if need be, and kept the plants running. Instead, farmers were forced to kill millions of cattle and chickens and the shortages occurred.

The supply chain is in chaos, bad weather has destroyed millions of farm acreage in America and nobody is paying attention.

My advice is to store food and hide food and do the same with your guns and ammo for all the apparent reasons.

Mandatory Vaccines

Any Bill Gates vaccine brings misery and potentially death. Before you make the easy choice and give in and take a vaccine, you may wish to consider the long-term consequences. Many researchers have exposed the Gates agenda. You may wish to review before succumbing to the pressure. You really need to get rural. It is not a guarantee of survival, but your odds go up dramatically/

Do you know why farming communities are generally independent and resistant to tyranny? Because they live remotely, they are not prone to real controls because their lives are not under scrutiny as they would be if they lived in cities. Using this principle, one would be better off going off grid. Raise your food. Start an internet business based on DYI and/or gaming. Along these lines, homeschool your children. When the debilitating vaccines are made mandatory, you are only vulnerable if you are totally in the system where they can keep you from buying and selling. This should be every American’s goal and become as invisible as possible.


Things are not going back to normal, ever! Read Revelations and you will see why!!!

One would be wise to remember that the Bible commands to head to the hills for safety. I will raise beats and corn before I take a vaccine. I will head to the hills.

Also, adaptation is the order of the day. It is too late for me, however, if I were all of you, I would say stop posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as you are putting a target on your back and that of your family. I am not saying give up, but losing your life over your words is not worth it. When the civil war comes, you will be forced to decide and then your defiance takes on a more meaningful position.

Resist everything for now. If you can end the facemask debacle, you keep the globalists one step away from completely subjugating you. While you are fighting the good fight, make plans to become invisible, particularily if you are a Christian. You are fight for your life and nobody in government is on your side.

And then, there is always Jesus. Read between the lines.