The War Has Begun! How Far Will It Go? The Doug and Dave Intel Report

ukraine russian war

The Doug and Dave Intel Report covered, perhaps, what will become its most important broadcast with regard to the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine.

The interview was recorded mere hours after the outbreak of hostilities. It is clear that at the time of this interview, Russia was involved in the traditional taking out of command and control operations. 

At minimum, we are witnessing the reconstruction of the former Soviet Union which is Putin's self-declared main goal. However, Putin desperately needs to create buffer zones around its nation in perparation for greater conflicts (eg China).  Doug and Dave strongly feel that Biden could have averted the conflict by promising to remove American missiles from Ukraine that were pointed at Moscow and promising to never admit Ukraine  into NATO. Biden wants war,because his globalist puppet masters wants a world war.

The interview did not limit itself to the early hours of the conflict. We also discussed the potential for the conflict to spread into a World War. 

The interview can be accessed by clicking this link


Doug Thornton's show archives from American Vindicta, can be accessed by clicking this link

Dave Hodges show archives, from The Common Sense Show, can be accessed by clicking this link


Footnote: In the early hours of the conflict, Putin issued a statement to the Ukrainian military that is very telling on its face in which Putin called for Ukrainian soldiers to put down their arms and return home and no harm will come to them. 

Further, and this information is double-sourced and one source gave the information on The Common Sense Show.TV,, it has been discovered that Brazil, Mexico and Russia met in Moscow last week to discuss an alliance against the NWO and possibly China is they are asked to do the bidding of the World Economic Forum and friends. More on this report later. 

It should also be mentioned that Trudeau dropped the Emergencies Act because he could not get the votes in the Senate. Americans are asking could what happened in Canada happen here? The answer is that it could far worse. The CSS will be publising a series on how bad our version of the Canadian Emergencies Act could get. Please keep in mind that with advent of war and the Trucker convoy enroute to DC, we have entered the false flag zone, and when we consider Ukraine, we have entered the False Flag Zone and we are all frontline participants.