Washington Governor projects a “summer of blackouts, destruction, and death” in leaked memo to supporters


 By Lance D Johnson


Washington Governor Jay Inslee sent out an email to his supporters warning about “climate change” and upcoming electricity blackouts. The force-mask, force-vax, lock-down-loving governor became infamous during the Summer of 2020, when he stood by and supported left-wing riots and the denigration of law enforcement. Now, Jay Inslee is projecting a “summer of blackouts, destruction, and death” for 2022 and beyond. In a leaked email, Inslee warned his supporters about electricity shortages coming this summer.

“As the climate crisis worsens, we’re facing the most extreme weather in history,” the email reads. “While Washington state faced the wettest start to the summer in over 70 years, other states are preparing for sweltering temperatures that will catastrophically disrupt our fragile electrical grid.”

“That means blackouts, destruction, and death. Just look at the headlines,” Inslee iterated. “It’s shaping up to be a deadly summer.”

Governor Inslee warns of blackout after agreeing to destroy 8% of Washington’s energy grid

Governor Inslee sent the letter after agreeing to unleash four dams along the Snake River. These four dams account for approximately 8 percent of the state’s electricity generation. Together, the dams provide 8.3 million megawatt-hours of clean electricity. According to Todd Meyers, Environmental Director of Washington Policy Center, this amount of discarded electricity is equivalent to the energy provided by all wind and solar facilities across the state.


Environmental groups are pressuring Inslee and government leaders to unleash the dams to save the Snake River salmon, which is on the Endangered Species List. However, these groups are not taking into account the significant, life-altering costs of cutting 8 percent of the state’s electricity grid.

Governor Inslee and Senator Patty Murry (D-Washington) put out a draft in early June, agreeing that a takedown of the dams is the most efficient way to save the Snake River salmon. If implemented, this plan would cost the state taxpayers upwards of 27.2 billion, as the state finds alternative ways to irrigate and provide electricity for the people. There are no guarantees that the people of Washington State will have reliable electricity. Rates will likely jump and rolling blackouts may occur as the government rations an intentionally-manipulated energy supply. As with any Democratic idea, there is no plan to make an efficient transition, and the people’s livelihoods hang in the balance.

Democrats are planning blackouts in desperate bid to control the population

Jay Inslee’s email blames rising temperatures for “catastrophically” disrupting electric grids and causing death nationwide. It seems that the Democrats are planning and/or weaponizing energy grids to cause a series of rolling blackouts just to prove that climate change is real and that they can control the population a little more. These are the same maniacal tactics that are currently being used by Democrats to collapse the domestic oil supply, to force the population onto a centrally-managed electric vehicle grid.

In a desperate bid to control the population, Democrats want to convince everyone that big government can save us all from an abstract enemy called “climate change.”