“We’re going to sue every last one of these motherf—ers...” Referencing the New York City NAZI Storm Troopers Enforcing the "Papers Please" Vaccine Mandate In Restaurants

nyc nazis

For the record, police, judges and the military, alike, are duty-bound to disobey unconstitutional mandates of any type. If they do not in the case of forced vaccinations, they are in violation of not only the Constitution, they are guilty of the principles and policies set forth in the Nuremburg Codes.

The New York City Gestapo is in full swing as they are saving their city from certain destruction by arresting four diners for failing to "show us vaccination papers please." Mark my words, ladies and gentlemen, this is coming to every community in America and an arrest warrant has your name on it!  This will be in effect for the 3rd booster shot, the 33rd booster shot and all the way through to the end of our life which will be coming a lot sooner to people than they realize. 

Alaskan Senatorial candidate, Kelly Tshiba   stated that Biden's "business-busting, common-sense-canceling, defense-decimating, energy-annihilating, gun grabbing, illegal-immigrant-inviting, liberty-loathing, mandate-marching, parent-punishing, socialist-supporting, America-obliterating radical agenda” without the help  of RINOS like Mitch McConnell.


No jab, no job and soon there will no health care. Look at New Zealand, soon the Gestapo described below will be coming for you in your home and taking you to a Covid Concentration Camp just as they are also doing in Australia!

The Incident

Comparing the police to ‘Nazis’ , 4 people were arrested at NYC restaurant. The original video of the incident can be viewed at the link below in the twitter summary of the incident. 



The very next evening, several people were arrested for attempting to protest the original Gestapo arrest. Which was held in front of a local NYC Applebees


Althea Rowe issued a state on behalf of the Cheesecake Factory where the incident took place, as the director of public relations, as she stated the typical collaborator Nazi inference that Achtung! We were just following Orders as she uttered "...simply complying with the local ordinance concerning COVID-19 vaccine requirements“. Correction: That would be the illegal and unconstitutional mandates for mandatory vaccines. Further, it is unconstitutional to make a business an active agent of the state when they are forced to use their own personnnel to enforce illegal mandates at the expense of the business. "Field Marshall" Rowe went on to say how UNFORTUNATE this incident was. Yes, it is UNFORTUNATE when a business like the Cheesecake company conspires to undermine the Constitution and paticpate in the arrest process of individuals who have done nothing wrong!  Before choosing the Cheesecake Factory, one might want to reconsider before donning their swastika armband and rushing to get the experimental vaccines and their booster shots which are proven to be ineffective. 

TO DEMONSTRATE THE ABSURDITY OF THE EVENT,  Radicalized and Marxist Black Lives Matter even  staged a New York City protest against the mandate in October.  Perhaps BLM will come to realize that the Marxist-Communists running this country are a bigger threat to all African Americans than are white people who categorically protrayed as anti-black and inborn racists. It is time for people to come together across all political ethinic and religious and stand up to the NAZIS who have stolen our country. 

Final Thoughts

Do you really think you can vote the 4th Reich out? Think again, the Democrats/Deep State now own the election process, just ask anyone residing in a graveyard. As Steve Quayle has stated several times in our many interviews, THERE IS NOT PHYSICAL SOLUTION TO A SPIRITUAL PROBLEM! Mathew 22 is a good read to determine what is coming next.