What Will Follow the Manufactured Race War In America? Paul Preston and Dave Hodges discuss the coming Phase 3 Mass Casualty Events

mass casualty event

I recently wrote an article in which I identified 6 phases being followed by the Deep State and their Democratic party minions which will result in the destruction of America and the death of tens of millions of Americans.

I have repeatedly accounted for the fact that abject treason is common and the destruction of the Constitution and its Constitutional liberties are one of the main targets. Genocide against the American people will be end game goal. 

In the present progression of the attack upon America, we are presently in the second phase with massive civil disruption and violence in which a racial civil war is being perpetrated. The coming 3rd phase will be characterized by a series of mass casualty events. This is something that Paul Preston and myself have discussed on prior shows. However, the present context provides much clearer picture of what is coming in Phase 3. Domestic terror on the level of the Oklahoma City Bombing can be expected as will assassination carried out by Antifa and MS-13 that was let into the country in large numbers beginning 7 years ago.

In the following interview, Paul Preston, the President of the New California 51st State movement and I discuss the planned mass casualty events in America.