What Will Thanksgiving 2021 Look Like?


We have a tale of three Thanksgivings, 2019, 2020 and 2021. This article will specifically focus on Thanksgiving in 2021 and how it will be dramatically different than today. 

In 2019, we have relative and comparative calm for this Thanksgiving holiday. If the Democrats feel that they are going to lose the 2020 election, they will unleash hell on earth. We will see massive false flag terrorist events and even an attempt at a civil war. However, as ugly as it could get, America could survive to still have a Thanksgiving, albeit a different Thanksgiving, and we can recover from the liberals nightmare that they will bring to the country. However, if the Left wins the 2020 election, they will undoubtedly bring us the worst combination of Stalin, Hitler and Mao. Here is what Thanksgiving in 2021 will look like. 

If the Democrats Steal the 2020 Election, What Will the 2021 Thanksgiving Look Like?

If the Democrats (ie the Bolsheviks) win the 2020 election, our Thanksgiving in 2021, will be dramatically different than it is for today's Thanksgiving celebration. You can count on the false flag attacks to continue until the violence spreads, there is a main event like a 9/11 and then the UN will declare an emergency and enter the country in force. 

What will that day look like?

When the UN shows up, do you think they are going to be handing out donuts and cookies? The Kigali principles and past UN actions speak clearly to what is coming. Because the UN would be going public in the midst of an artificially created crisis, you can very well count on the following 17 principles. Please pay attention to the fact that I have made notations where the former Obama administration has attempted to support everyone of these UN imposed martial law principles.

  • 1-Mass roundup of political dissidents.These will most likely be declared as terrorists and enemies of the state and will be linked to the precipitating false flag event,This will be the unfolding of Red and Blue Lists as spoken of by Steve Quayle for the last couple of decades. The NDAA will provide the pseudo legal authority to snatch key Americans out of their homes and off of the street.
  • 2-Dusk to dawn curfews which are designed to keep the people from congregating and planning in concert to overthrow the omnipresent tyranny.
  • 3-Rationing of essential resources as specified in Executive Order (EO) 13603.
  • 4-The seizing of personal assets such as food and water as specified in EO 13603. There will be no Thanksgiving for you and your family!
  • 5-Control over all food and water as specified in EO 13603.
  • 6-The prohibition of weapons of any kind including guns, knives or chemicals which can be turned into explosives. It will become a capital crime to possess a weapon of any type.
  • 7-The confiscation of property, homes and businesses as provided for in FM 39.4 and EO 13603.
  • 8-Arrests without due process (NDAA).
  • 9-Massive “papers please” checkpoints with intrusive searches. Travel to your holiday destination will prove impossible. 
  • 10-Forced relocation of suspected American dissidents as specified by the Civilian Inmate Labor Program and the Civilian Conscription Program, under the Secretary of Labor, in EO 13603. This will mark the introduction of slave labor in American in which the conscripts are called (unpaid) consultants. 
  • 11-Forced conscription into various labor camps and even into the military (EO 13603). Also medical martial law policies could be invoked in the advent of the introduction of a pathogen which is being provided by arriving immigrants on our southern border. 
  • 12-Outlawing of free speech. Following terror attacks in the Obama administration, former AG Loretta Lynch promised federal crackdowns on those speaking out against Muslim extremism in any form. We are now seeing similar rhetoric coming out of Congress with regard to political criticism. Chuck Schumer is introducing such a bill. 
  • 13-The installation of massive surveillance programs and the establishment of snitch programs which would mark the rebirth of former Secretary of DHS, Janet Napolitano, in which neighbors are encouraged to “say something, if these see something”.  The new red flag laws fit this profile where your neighbor can make up a story about you and you will be raided and your guns taken. The NSA police state surveillance programs speak for themselves. It is highly recommended that every American go see the Oliver Stone movie, Snowden
  • 14-The total control or elimination of religion. The Bible is already being characterized as hate speech. Today, one who is Christian is cast as anti-gay/transgender, anti-government, etc. There will be no church service in the 2021 Thanksgiving. 
  • 15-Control of the media. Except for the total eradication of the alternative media, this has already happened. ICANN and the FTC rulings will finish the job. 
  • 16-Executions without due process of law (NDAA).
  • 17-Total suspension of the Constitution as this is essentially complete in light of actions such as EO 13603 and the NDAA. I did not even mention the multiple of sexual assault allegation made against UN troops in other venues. Most conservative Christians will be afraid to travel to their holiday destination for fear of being profiled, targeted and then arrested. CHICOM justice will be in effect. 

This is the model for martial law in America. 

My advice to America in the 2019 Thanksgiving, is to enjoy your family gatherings as much as can. Savor the moment, because such days like this may be limited.  Happy Thanksgiving in 2019.