Will there ever be accountability for Mass Murder by Covid "vaccine"?


Paul Craig Roberts

ABC Refuses to Air RFK Jr. Comments About COVID-19 Vaccines 


Here we have more conclusive proof of Tucker Carlson's reporting that ABC, NBC, CNN and the rest of the whore media are loyal to their profits and not to truth.  The presstitutes are paid millions of dollars in Big Pharma advertising for the purpose of suppressing all truth about Covid and the alleged vaccines.  No independent medical scientist that I know of supports a word of the official narrative.  All who are not employed by Big Pharma,  have no grants from Big Pharma, and have no consultancies with Big Pharma understand that the mRNA "vaccines" are more deadly than the Covid virus.

The whore media keeps telling us that Covid killed millions of Americans and we must all have shots and endless boosters to stay alive.  In effect, the media whores are killing people for profit.

Almost the only people who died from Covid were the elderly with prior morbidities who were denied treatment until it was too late, and then the corporate medicine hospitals killed them with ventilators.  Corporate medicine, totally controlled by Big Pharma, prevented their doctors from saving lives with known cures such as Ivermectin and HCQ.  The media whores wrote that Ivermectin was horse medicine and that HCQ was unapproved by the FDA.

Both medicines have been in use for decades and have a perfect safety record. Both are widely used in Africa as preventatives against river blindness and malaria.  Both have been successfully used in many countries as preventatives and cures for Covid.

ABC, NBC, CNN, NYTimes, NPR, WashPost, lied through their teeth, killing large numbers of people for the sake of their advertising revenues from Big Pharma.  FDA, NIH, and CDC are marketing agents for Big Pharma.  They don’t regulate the industry.  They protect the industry.

Anyone who relies on the presstitute media is guilty of brainwashing themselves.  It is a crime that fear was used to cause Americans  to murder themselves, their families and children.  

If Americans can so easily  be deceived  and driven to self-destruction, how can the US continue to exist?