The Witchhunt Is Finally Over, Let the Real Criminal Investigations Begin

mitt romney

The Senate Impeachment trial just concluded at 2:30PM Mountain. A total of 67 votes were needed to convict. On Article One the vote was 52-48 in favor of acquital. On Article Two, the vote was 53-47 to acquit.  

The entire vote in the Senate Impeachment Trial was completely partisan except for the vote of Mitt Romney on Article One. As CSS researcher, Alexandra Daley, and myself have found, Mitt Romney is up to his eyeballs in corruption with regard to Burisma and all that variable entails. It is ironic that when Mitt Romney ran for the Senate, he begged President Trump for his support, which he offered. No good deed goes unpunished. 

Never before in American history has the vote for conviction based impeachment charges, ever been so partisan. Except for the criminal Romney, with much to hide, the vote was strictly a vote of Republicans vs Democrats. 

At a time when this nation faces a crumbling infrastructure, our enemies spending more on the military than is the United States, our corrupt healtcare costs are crushing the economic life out of their collective family budgets, corporate influences through campaign donations continue stealing the legislative authority to the detriment of the common man with no end in sight, major corruption and in many cases treason continues unabated in both houses of congress, and much, much, more of the people's work has gone undone for three years while the "globalist, Deep-State" forces completely own the Democratic Party. And this is the reason why our government has been spinning its wheels and not getting anything done because the Democrats are fulfilling their mandate to remove Donald J. Trump.

What most American people do not know is that Donald Trump is really not the target. These dark forces of tyranny are not really after Trump. He is merely in the way of these nefarious forces real goal. The real target of this investigation is YOU, the American people. Donald J. Trump is merely in the way. They want your guns, so you cannot defend your liberty when these Bolshevik forces take away your religion, your freedom of speech, your right to assemble, your right to a fair and unbiased trial, etc. We are living through a time when these forces are Soveitzing the United States. Let us not forget Trevor Loudon's work, Enemies Within, clearly demonstrated that 80 Congressmen were members of front groups for the American Communist Party and the world's largest terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the work of the Deep State minions, the Democrats. 

Every aspect of our culture is under attack. The family is the topic of derision. Real men are chastized and men are now expected to be feminine. It is a prima facia precept that all white males are sexist, racial bigot and are responsible for every evil in society. We have Democrats, both politicians and professors, who apologize for being white. This is the work of the Deep State minions, the Democrats. 

Every lifestyle that does not result in procreation is honored and has frequent celebrations and parades. Any lifestyle that promotes  a health family, a Chrisitan family is mocked, scorned and often legislated against. This is the work of the Deep State minions, the Democrats. 

We now live under various pseudo-scientific myths such as we now have 97 genders and transgenders really do change their chromosomes and DNA when they have gender reassignment surgery. If one's goal is population reduction, this is an effective culture prohibition. This is the work of the Deep State minions, the Democrats. 

In the New York State Legislature, when they approved post-birth abortion (murder), the Democrats gave themselves a standing ovation. We are a nation under judgment because we have murdered over 60 million babies. This is the work of the Deep State minions, the Democrats. 

Our military and its leadership was in total chaos until Donald Trump was elected. This is the work of the Deep State minions, the Democrats. 

Under Obama, America had 5o million Americans on food stamps. Donald Trump has greately reduced this number. The welfare state is the mainstay economic policy of the Democrats.  Again, this is the work of the Deep State minions, the Democrats. 

To bring this full circle, the major non-democrat invovled in the Burisma corruption is Mitt Romney. For example, his national security adviser, Cofer Black, today, sits on the Board of Directors of that corrupt corporation. The rest are Democrats. 

The entire impeachment process was about obscuring past Democratic Party corruption with regard to Russia and Ukraine. Hillary Clinton steals 25% of America's uranium supply and sells it through the Clinton Foundation to Russia with the active participation of Robert Mueller (ie Uranium One). The moment that Donald Trump steps into the Oval Office, he is charged with colluding with the Russians. This was classic Rules for Radicals which is to accuse your enemy of what is you are doing. And that is exactly what happened with the phony Russian-collusion-delusion. By the way, Hillary Clinton dedicated her graduate thesis to Sol Alinsky, the author of the Rules for Radicals

The day after Mueller's proclamation that he could not find evidence for Russian colllusion against Trump, the impeachment investigation commenced. And again, the President is completely exonerated in the subsequent impeachment trial. 

There will be another attempt to attack this President, and another, and another. To the American people, if you want the government's work to get done on your behalf, it is time that voted out the House Democrats so their obstructionist behavior can continue. 

The real criminal in the Ukraine scandal are almost all, except for Mitt Romney, Democrats. There are finally rumblings that indictments are underway. Things are quietly happening across the country. The President and the Attorney General are beginning to make their move with very definitive actions against Democratic campaign financing and foreign money. This has the potential to Pandora's Box and this will be the topic of the next installment in this mini-series. 

For the time-being, the witch hunt is over let the real criminal investigations begin!!!