Yikes: A THIRD of Democrat voters want to impeach Biden


by Steve Watson Infowars.com

Less than half of Democrats surveyed strongly oppose the idea, with a total of 32 percent expressing support for impeachment.

Overall, a majority of 53 percent back impeachment, up from 50 percent at the beginning of the year:

Support for impeachment is even higher among independent voters:

However, voters have little confidence that such a scenario could unfold:

The survey found that a third of Republicans said it was unlikely that the GOP would vote to impeach.

Back in January, Senator Ted Cruz announced that he is of the opinion that the Republican party could bring impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden, should the GOP win control of the House again in the mid terms.

During his own Podcast, titled “The Verdict,” Cruz said “I do think there is a chance of that,” reasoning that “Whether it’s justified or not… the Democrats weaponized impeachment.”

Cruz continued, “They used it for partisan purposes to go after Trump because they disagreed with him. And one of the real disadvantages of doing that… is the more you weaponize it and turn it into a partisan cudgel.”

“You know what’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” Cruz urged.

“I said at the time when we had a Democratic president and a Republican House, you can expect an impeachment proceeding. That’s not how impeachment is meant to work, but I think the Democrats crossed that line,” the Senator added.



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