YouTube censoring evidence of Ukrainian troops embracing Nazi symbols



However, remember the “Nazi” Boneface? Turns out he is a fake Nazi and, according to information obtained by Laura Loomer (and I can confirm her source is legit), Boneface is a Confidential Human Informant being run by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Boneface has never been in Ukraine, despite his claims to the contrary. And he is not a CIA asset and the CIA has not paid him a dime to travel overseas. DHS has been trying to use him to keep tabs on the American Nazi movement despite his documented criminal past. I will write in detail about this tomorrow.


Lest you think that YouTube rejects all Nazi content, think again. YouTube is quite happy to allow a documentary on rightwing American Nazis. No problem. Here is one example:




Now look at the following video. This is genuine footage from Ukraine. Americans need to ask themselves a hard question — do we really want to continue to spend billions of dollars propping up a regime that is supported by die-hard Nazis? 



Ukraine’s cyber warfare unit is not sitting still. They are churning out provably false information to try to discredit anyone who claims that there are active Nazis in Ukraine. How so? Let me show you one of the images sent to Laura Loomer to ostensibly prove Boneface was in Ukraine. Take a look at the following two images. The top one is allegedly Boneface standing next to a civilian corpse in Ukraine. But it is a sloppy photoshop. Look at the mouth in the top image. The tattoo on the upper lip matches one on the upper lip of Boneface. But that image is a forgery. Look at the second image. That is the original. Notice the different angle on the mouth.


This image is being used by elements of Ukrainian intelligence to discredit Loomer and anyone else who buys into the fantastical tale of Boneface’s claim that he was fighting in Ukraine. He has never been there.



Here is Roger Stone’s interview of Laura. She goes into some important details about Boneface and his ties to the U.S. Government. I do not have a problem with U.S. law enforcement using informants to penetrate genuine Nazi organizations. But I do have a problem when the U.S. Government handlers are facilitating criminal activity and tacitly supporting Ukraine’s efforts to discredit the evidence that there is a living, breathing Nazi element at the heart of Ukraine’s Government and military. More tomorrow.




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