The UN and AMLO Are Transforming Mexico Into a Military Enemy of the United States


Dave Hodges and Marilyn Rupar

Recently, I received the following communication from an anonymous Mexican official. He is concerned that his government and military are being taken over by the United Nations. This is not a farfetched claim as it was announced in the media that the Mexican National Guard was being trained by the United Nations.. 

Mr. Hodges,

I have been following your work in relation to Central America both in Mexico and our neighbors to the south. I used to work in different parts of the Mexican government. I will not be more specific at this time for obvious reasons.

I can say that I can I can tell that much of your information comes from the DEA and Homeland Security as well. Much of what you have said is true. There are some claims that I would take exception with. You are placing blame for Mexico's ongoing corruption at the feet of the one you call AMLO. He is nothing but a puppet. He is like your Alexandra Ocasio Cortez because he was recruited to being doing what he is doing. He is handed the script of policies and like a puppet he reads and follows the script and he is willing to do so because he is bribed and rewarded well. 

International forces are now ruling Mexico. Many of the political and media executions are carried out on the orders of these international forces. We became used to American imperialism but this goes far beyond the domination of one nation over another.  The United Nations is attempting to control our military. I know you reported that the American media reported that the UN was training our National Guard in its formative phases. You should know that the National Guard is actively training for martial law near our border with Guatemala. They are not training for martial law in Mexico, but in America. The effort was preceded by recruitment of English speaking soldiers. 

The martial law training is taking place in Chiappas which has been a long term thorn in the side of our government as they have been rebellious through the past several decades. In short, our government is killing two birds with one stone with martial law training and the suppression of the revolutionary forces in Chiappas.

Our government is involved in secret talks with China who I despise. The Chinese built warm water ports in Mexico on the Pacific and have funded our nefarious paramilitary factions related to the cartels. Your Obama administration was also a partner in this. 

I am writing to you because I want it exposed that millions of Mexicans are going to die in what is coming and for what is planned. Our national elite have been told that Mexico will be the leader in a regionalized economic system after the United States has been defeated militarily and economically. I am among several who no longer serve in government who know we have been lied to by our own. Our best path to prosperity is through establishing a working relationship and sound foundation of trade with the United States. For Mexico to become a regional leader in Central America, we would have to develop our oil fields and convert our illicit businesses to a legitimate status. Mexico is decades away from realizing this. I have reason to suspect that some of our leaders are secretly paid to stand down in the internal economic development of Mexico because it would take away from the narco business and too many international interests are making large sums of money from this business. We are also building an army which will invade your country when the time is right. The Chinese are involved with the cartels who will play a role and the United Nations is involved in our political leadership and military restructuring. Our military is being turned into mercenaries for the United Nations.

You have written that in Honduras various criminal gangs are conscripting young boys into their service. The same is happening here with both our Guard and the Federal Police and they are abducting many immigrant males into cartels who work for the military or into the military itself. It is planned that the average soldier in the National Guard will be a brutal person capable of anything. It is the mentality that is needed to enforce martial law and carryout mass executions of your people in the occupation stage. Because Mexico is on the frontlines, Mexicans will suffer the most casualties. Our nation will be the most forward of the invading troops and will suffer terrible casualties. Mexico is being used to serve the purpose of international forces, not our own. Again I want to stress that Mexico does not benefit from a war with the United States but many in government do not see it this way. 

I want to address the relationship between the FP and the National Guard. Yes they are in opposition to each other. However, many of the leaders of both organizations understand that they are being used to further an agenda that is suicidal and they are not submitting to this goal. Many leadership changes have already taken place in both organizations and one assassination in our Migration office over these issues has happened. The conflict between the FP and the National Guard is not quite as pronounced as you reported but certainly the potential for all out war is certainly there and recent events prove this is true. It is just as likely that the FP and the National Guard will combine forces and execute a coup against the current government leadership. This would have popular support among the people but not all of the cartels because promises made to the cartels by the FP and the National Guard would go unfulfilled. 

There is something that I have been expecting to see in your columns. Many of us know that your president is planning an invasion of Mexico over this issue. He would need an incident to take place to make a excuse for the invasion. This is why I believe your nation was not attacked over the July 4 holiday in order to avoid providing the excuse.  The CIA is not the friend of Trump on this planned attack. They are a party to the takeover of our government. 

If I could I would involve people to come forward in government but who keep quiet to stay safe but do not support the takeover of our government and military. It is too hard to know who to trust. If you print this, I believe others will come forward as there is much discontent in our government. Journalists are being murdered in this country who speak out against these alliances. 

Mr. Hodges your people are in danger for the same reasons that my people are in danger. Many of us have sons in the military and we do not want their lives wasted on behalf of these international forces and I am sure you are aware, we have our own deep state interests the same as you do. 

I hope this letter makes it clear that our people need not be enemies. We are both being used and we need to try and stop it before there is no turning back. 

I received this communication on the evening of July 5th. There is a personal reason that this person reached out to me, but I cannot at this time reveal the reasons why. Much of what he said, Marilyn and I are in the process of discovering. The story is in process. 
The inconsistencies and problems within the  Mexican government and aw and military agencies is coming home to roost. How AMLO is going to train 130K - 140K new military forces for the invasion with all the problems and divisions in his National Guard (GN ) ranks over their 'human rights being violated" as they are now claiming. 

The residual outcome of the GN/FP divisions will not be quickly solved as the FP is gradually dismantled over the next 18 months.
Mexico's military and law enforcement operations and agencies are called 'CORPORATIONS. Each one is organized as corporations and do not operate under a clear chain of command as in the US. AS we have learned this is due to the fact that the UN is trying to obscure their influence over these organizations.  Both the GN and FP are crying about their 'human and labor rights' being violated. What is meant by human and labor rights being violated? Does this mean that the forces know they are not serving the interests of the Mexican people? 

The Mexican official's claim that the GN/FP may combine forces to initiate a coup against the Mexican government has some validation. Right now, 500 GN personnel have joined with the FP on key issues.  Ignacio Torres, an Inspector with the GN says his agency agrees with the FP in their protests, and they are joining them, because the GN has many of the same major inconsistencies in their job descriptions and work agreements. Is this "subtle talk" for UN control?

 Torres says the GN has always worked well with the FP. Their offices are near each other in the command center.
 We  (GN) are not allowing access to anyone to take photos.  500 GN personnel are now on 4 hour rotation to close and block the entrance of our command center. It’s  time for all to come together to face and address the  conditions that are inconsistent in both the GN and FP.
Torres said those who are with him in the NG believe they are speaking for their companions in the FP.

Torres went on to say that we have seven divisions in the GN, but the FP only has one division. We are all one and are in support of each other, even though we are from different divisions – even many of the middle aged workers in the GN agree. … It is good that this message is getting out to all of our FP and GN companions.  Subsequently, the former Mexican government official's claim that the GN/FP could combine forces against the government may have validity. 

There is another compelling reason to believe  why UN is training Mexican invasion forces.

The migrants that MX is now arresting and forcing into their invading army are, technically, soldier prisoners and will be executed if they do not follow the commands of the UN forces training them for war. The UN will use the cartels to do the executions. We now know the GN and FP are 'humanitarian corporations' and will be used for martial law, controlling MX cities, towns  and citizens.

Military action may be needed by Trump. Out work has also uncovered some newly discovered FEMA camp material that will be revealed in a future article. 


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