The Critical Reasons Why Trump Wants to Buy Greenland

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This is the first part of a multi-part series which examines why President Trump wants, so desperately, wants to buy Greenland from Denmark. This series will also cover why the new government of Denmark wants nothing to do with the idea. As a by-product of this series I will, once again, expose the 2010 false flag event when the Gulf Oil Spill took place and how this event’s long-range consequences constitutes a major threat to the planet. Possession of Greenland is paramount in addressing all of the threats discussed in this series.

 This series will specifically cover the following:

  1. The attempts of the global elite to hasten the onset of an ice age that will kill billons.
  2. The Russian North Pole military threat.
  3. The Russian North Pole economic threat.
  4. Why the ungrateful Danes, who the United States defends with our citizens tax dollars, will not sell Greenland.
  5. President Trump’s objectives in buying Greenland which puts the US in position to solve these problems.

Earth Changes

The planet is undergoing dramatic change and both of these threats emanates from the North Pole. The threats are both man-made and also come from nature.

About 15 years ago, it was called to my attention that true north was changed by one degree on every runway in North America. Why? Because the true north is moving as the world is experiencing the very beginnings of a new mini-ice age. Northern Europe including the Russians are greatly impacted by this event. The reasons for the shifting pole has a two-fold effect on all of us. First, the world is overdue for another ice age event and we are witnessing the very beginnings of another one.  Now, the North Pole has become so destabilized that true north is fluctuating 60 kilometers every year. The problem has become so severe that a committee meets once a year to declare the location of true north.

Second, the so-called Gulf-Oil Spill has terribly disrupted the moderating Gulf Stream which mitigates much of the extremely cold weather coming out of the North Pole. This will be the focus of this part of the series. After years of research and using deductive logic, I have concluded that the false flag event, the Gulf Oil Spill had multiple goals, among them including the changing of our climate and prematurely bringing on an ice age, through changing the Gulf Stream, which will result in the loss of life for billions of people in the long term.

Northern Europe’s Extreme Recent Weather Has a Simple Explanation

This extreme weather has brought Northern Europe its most extreme weather in recorded history. In my academic career and since the Gulf event, I have had several scientists and lay people tell me that one day the Northern Europeans will one day have to migrate to Africa to survive. I have had some foreign exchange students also tell me that some of their professors say exactly the same thing. I have been suspicious for a long-time that the contrived, and it was clearly contrived, Gulf event was a form of predictable weather war waged upon Russia, by the United States, and the rest of the effects on the rest of Northern Europe is merely collateral damage.  In other words, Gulf event changed the Gulf Stream and dramatically worsened the weather for the Russians. However, as I have become more knowledgeable about the consequences of this event, I believe that this event is also a major and intentional depopulation event. By the way, if one doubts the logic presented here, please refer to my seven-part series entitled, The Great Gulf Coast Holocaust. Even the late Jim Marrs often quoted my work on the Gulf event in his literary work and books. Jim told me he was captivated by the multiple goals at work and some of these goals included:

  1. As I covered in my previously published 72 pages, the event was, in part, designed to produce energy-industry profits prior to the event. For example, I documented that the owner of the oil rig that was blown up, Transocean, entered a put option on their soon to be plummeting stock on the very morning of the event. Both Goldman Sachs and BP sold their stocks off on the investment about two weeks prior to the same event. And the new CEO of Goldman Sachs, at the time of the event, the late Peter Sutherland, was a long-term BP CEO whose reign only ended 11 months prior. Coordination between BP and Goldman Sachs was needed to orchestrate the movement of money prior to the event and Sutherland, a Trilateralist and Bilderberg member, was the conduit. Further I published the fact that then President Obama had two sizeable investments in Vanguard 1 and Vanguard 2. He avoided the subsequent stock loss by manipulating his position in the market. But more importantly, Obama made money on the use of the banned Corexit which has so greatly impacted the health of the Gulf and ultimately destroyed the all-important Gulf Stream. This paragraph is only the short version of the profit incentives for the Gulf false flag event.
  2. The Gulf Event was designed as a depopulation event. Eventually, the globalists want the Gulf Region to be an energy hub with only a smattering of human developments. I have covered this event, but the media buried the fact that the entire environment of the Gulf is unhealthy, and in the long-term is lethal to humans who reside there. The highly toxic substance, Corexit, was used to submerge the oil from the surface in order to minimize the fines being administered by the EPA on BP. However, as Dr. Wilma Subra pointed out, that oil, when combined with Corexit, becomes 52 times more deadly. Wilma Subra conducted random tests on Gulf residents and found some very disturbing results. In some cases, the cancer-causing agent, Benzene, she found that the levels in Gulf residents was 65 times higher than expected. Subra said in a now censored Youtube video “the Corexit is in the air, it is in the water, it is in the food we eat and it is in us”. Jesse Ventura interviewed S. I. Reis of the Army Corps of Engineers on his show, Conspiracy Theory, and she admitted that there was a plan to totally evacuate the gulf of people and that plan would cost $30 billion dollars. This event was a deliberate relocation and depopulation event. Later, the Army Corp of Engineers abandoned their evacuation plans. However, the Corexit remains and will, in a generation, result in very high morbidity and the deaths will be premature.
  3. In the interest of space, I will cut directly to the primary reason that the Gulf event was purposely caused to happen. It is along the same lines as Fukushima, but it is much more severe. If one subscribes to the Transhumanist goals that selected elite on the planet want to exterminate the commoners and create a race of beings that is a combination of man and machine, then the ultimate goal of the Gulf Oil Spill will be completely understandable. However, if the concept of Transhumanism is foreign to one’s world view, this will sound like nonsense. First, the obvious needs to be stated, Transhumanism will give the “elite” virtual immortality and mankind, as we know it, will be no more. This is the primary motivation for the Transhumanism agenda, which consists of depopulation as a precursor to Transhumanism implementation on a large and universal scale. Also, this is why every lifestyle that does not result in live births is celebrated and heterosexuality is condemned in the elitist and Transhumanist-controlled media. The destruction of the Gulf Stream is hastening the effects and timetable of a deadly ice age. This is not the only depopulation strategy being implemented. We have just recently learned that Fukushima’s radiation is far worse than anyone knew. Of course, there are the chemtrail effects of aluminum and barium following the skies for us to ingest and develop such conditions as Alzheimer’s before our time, not to mention we have lower crop yields as a result of blocking the sun by a factor of 18%. Additionally, the consumption of GMO’s, which leaves the gene envelope open, which can and often does result in opportunistic and deadly organisms entering into our cell structure. And then, of course, there is 5G. Can anyone say “brain cancer?” Depopulation of the planet is the globalists number one goal. 

What does this have to do with the President’s intention to buy Greenland? In this regard, the President will be able to address three significant threats to the people of our country and ultimately all of humanity: (1) The Russian military threat at the North Pole; (2) The Russian economic threat that comes from the fact that they will dwarf America’s economy with their North Pole booty; and the most important of all the threats is (3) The hastening of an ice age by the elite through weather manipulation and subsequent depopulation. I have been told that the Gulf Stream issue may have an experimental solution that the President plans to employ off the coast of Greenland.

How Important Is the Gulf Stream and What Is the Current State?

Scientists are raising alarm bells after two studies found that the Gulf Stream—an ocean current key to regulating Earth's climate—is the weakest it's been in 1,600 years, the Guardian reported.

Scientist Stefan Rahmstorf. "I wish I knew where this critical tipping point is, but that is unfortunately just what we don’t know." If the stream dies, scientists say, its equatorial heat would stop reaching the North Atlantic—plunging Europe into bone-numbing winters and affecting weather worldwide. Even subtler changes "could wreak havoc" on the Atlantic Ocean's "delicate ecosystems," Smithsonian reports.

Four months after the “spill, this analysis appeared from Dr. Gianluigi Zangari stated the following:

Oceanographic satellite data now shows that the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico has stalled as a consequence of the BP oil spill disaster. This according to Dr. Gianluigi Zangari, an Italian theoretical physicist, and major complex and chaotic systems analyst at the Frascati National Laboratories in Italy…

…Although at first glance the Loop Current appears confined within the Gulf, scientists define it as an “element of an extremely complex, open system”: as all other “elements” of the so-called “Earth System”, are not separable from the others.

These various “elements” of the Earth System (i.e., atmosphere, landmasses and so forth) are so strongly correlated to one another that at some point, they become indivisible.

Why is this important to all life on the planet? The Gulf Stream is a strong interlinked component of the Earth's global network of ocean conveyor currents, which drive the planet's weather systems.

 For this reason, Zangari's concern is that should the Loop Current fail to restart, dire global consequences may ensue as a result of extreme weather changes and many other critical phenomena..

It should be noted that there are several articles on duckduckgo’s search engine that addresses the Gulf Stream problem. However, not one article about the impact of the Gulf Oil Spill’s impact on the Gulf stream appears on Google’s search results on page one. On duckduckgo, related meteorological data appears about the Gulf Stream as a consequence of the Gulf event.    

The North Pole is taking on an incredible role in the future of, not only the United States, but the future of the planet.

Is Mitigation Possible?

 The ice age threat is the most serious threat. However, it is a long-range threat. I have been searching for mitigation strategies and the most consistent answer I get would be to chemtrail a local area among the former path of the Gulf Stream off the coast of, (surprise), GREENLAND.  The idea is to heat up the water and this will once again re-invite the Gulf Stream to its original location and the weather can be mitigated in the short-term. I was told by a source who refused to be identified because of the classified nature of this project. I was told that the mere printing of this will greatly anger people out of DARPA. My hope is that by printing this information, this will shake the trees, so to speak, and others will come forward.

Isn’t it ironic that the biggest threats to our ecosystems and our lives, Fukushima and the Gulf Stream damage, are completely ignored by the Democratic candidates for President who are intent on taking your cars and anything else that uses energy? Meanwhile, they seem obvious to the major threats that we all face.  

The other two threats mentioned in this article regarding the Russian colonization of the North Pole are immediate and the President is correct in addressing them.