The America People Are Rebelling Against Corrupt Healthcare and Politicians-Ronnie McMullen-CSS

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I recently interviewed Ronnie McMullen, popular talk show host and owner of the most popular natural healthcare entitties...Get the Tea. 

America is waking up to the fact that most elected leaders and head of the Big Pharma corporations do not have the best interest of the people in mind when they make their all-powerful decisions over our healthcare and ultimately our longevity. This new-found awareness is leading to paradigm shift among the American people. This interview was about this fact.

This was a fascinating interview, one that should really go viral. Among the many topics we discussed in the interview, included the psychological studies which demonstrates the high prevelance of sociopathy (ie mental illness in which there is no remorse for bad acts committed against the general population) which is prevelant in our elected leaders. The rate of sociopathy in elected leaders as a group is higher than the general population, CEO's of major corporations and even the prison population as a whole! We talked about the implications of such findings in today's world, and in particular, the handling and treatment of the Coronavirus.  

Also on the menu for discussion was the nature of the people that run Big Pharma and ultimately control medical school education, much to the detriment of your health and longevity. The two forces, elected leaders, who answer to the call for more corporate campaign contributions, and those that control the synthetic medical industry, combine forces and frequently do not act in the best interest of the public as they serve the bottom line.

Until one understands the selfish, greedy nature of those that rule over us, we cannot fully understand how leaders can rule over their people with such depraved indifference. When one understands this depraved nature, then we can fully appreciate what the Chinese government is presently doing to its own people with regard to the Coronavirus crisis. And if one doesn't think that this evil spirit will not be present here in America, under the same circumstances, then one is not paying attention and these people should be the first to hear this enlightening interview.

How many people actually know that it was Congress that gave Monsanto the right to continue to poison millions of unsuspecting Americans for decades until America stood up and said, ENOUGH!? The same can be said about GMO's, diabetes medications, chemotherapy, etc. which have been forced down the throats of millions of unsuspecting Americans everyday without one shred of valid and replicable research or consumer safety considerations.  This growing awareness of this depraved moral indifference is why American is going natural with regard to its diet and in particular, its healthcare. This new-found spirit of personal responsibility is why people are making new choices such as electing a populist President. That same spirit of redicscovered independence is leading to a profound shift in our national decision-making when it comes to healthcare. 

America should ask itself a question: If America spends 10 times more on healthcare than the next 10 nations combined, then why is our lifespan 51st in the world and people in third-world Cuba live one year longer than we do? Why do we have a higher infant mortality rate than Guatemala?

As reckless "death by doctor" totals approach 700,000 victims per year, and faulty diagnoses endangers tens of thousands of patients, one might want to consider checking out Ronnie McMullen's company, Get the Tea, who has been helping people with serious conditions gain control over the maladies for years.  The CSS highly recommends these products as an alternative to greedy, under-performing system that entraps millions.


Americans need to sleep better, eat better, exercise more and be very careful about the pharmaceuticals that it takes. It is because of these kinds of considerations, is why I have had a personal paradigm shift in my approach to healthcare and diet. I go natural before I succumb to synthetic medications which have devastating side-effects.

This was one of the better interviews conducted on the CSS for quite sometime.