Be Afraid America, Very Afraid! She's Back!!! (Part One)

hillary 2020

I get no pleasure out of saying I told you so. I have been married as long as I have because my wife and myself have learned to not utter these words to each other because it leads to contempt. However, since February of 2017, I have said over two dozen times that Hillary was not done trying to destroy America. I said she was a like a bad cold that will never go away. We are on the verge of seeing Hillary Clinton return to center stage as the Democratic candidate. Why? Because the Democrats are so evil, so criminal, that they cannot even fool most of the ignorant in today’s America. How is this true?

  1. Kamala Harris is so corrupt that it can no longer be hidden from the public. Forget the fact that she reportedly and repeatedly slept her way to the top, what Harris is accused of is a lot more serious than her alleged alley-cat morality. The DNC is refusing to fund her any longer because she is a political “dead woman walking”.  CSS researcher, Alexandra Daley, has fully exposed Harris’ criminality on repeated interviews on the CSS radio show. While Harris was the Alameda Country District Attorney, she repeatedly failed to prosecute the low hanging fruit which comprised the blatant cartel drug cases and she also covered up for rampant pedophilia in her district. To compound her complicity in crime, after the fact, she even violated open records requests from members of the media. She is dead in the water and she is nothing now but window dressing for a dead-in-the-water DNC campaign for President.
  2. Bernie Sanders has now been hit with a very serious Federal Election Commission charges. Bernie couldn’t wait to impeach Trump for now disproven Russian-Collusion-Delusion allegations from the multi-year and multi-million-dollar investigation of the Mueller investigation. Bernie has committed the same crime that he accused Trump of committing over Russian influence in our elections. He has hired three foreign nationals, illegal aliens all of them, in his campaign. Stick a fork in Bernie and turn off the oven because he is well-done, finished, bury his political body before it begins to decompose. That’s OK, now that his Presidential campaign is over, he can go on a second honeymoon back to Moscow, where this communist appropriately spent his first honeymoon.
  3. Joe “Biden off more than he could chew” should never have run for President. Anybody who could listen to Biden, in any interview or campaign appearance for more than five minutes, can clearly see that this man is in serious cognitive decline. From the intelligence community they are saying that he actually had an aneurism which has prompted dementia. I find it easy to believe. However, let’s forget the cognitive deficits for a second and let’s move to his blatant corruption. Not only is Biden’s son, Hunter, hopelessly corrupt as well as being a drug addict, daddy Biden is guilty of obstruction. Joe is also guilty of participating in the criminal enterprise of benefitting from the natural gas criminals who raised the rates on Ukrainian citizens by over 50%. Joe Biden was the beneficiary of this unholy alliance with his son. If Ukraine’s criminal enterprise natural gas oligarchs were not in league with Joe, then why would they pay $50,000 per month Joe’s drug addict son? You can learn a lot from who someone plays golf with on the “back nine” which is hidden from view from the prying eyes of the press hanging out in the clubhouse. And when you are quickly transported to the back nine in a golf cart from the helicopter who deposited Joe. Subsequently, we know that Joe Biden played golf with the natural gas oligarchs in Ukraine that his alleged criminal son was involved with. Of course, it was just golf. Oh, by the way, Adam Schiff was involved, deeply involved with the same degenerates. We are going to have a lot of fun exposing the details. IF you think yesterday’s article contained damning revelations against key Democrats, you ain’t seen nothing yet. And by the way, like Jeffrey Epstein, I also have dead man switches. Joe Biden is just as guilty, probably more so, than his son, Hunter.
  4. Then there is the first Native American to run for the office of President, Elizabeth Warren. Wait a minute, her claims of being a Native American were exposed as being fraudulent. However, her claims of being a Democratic Socialist are accurate. Immediately following her announcement that she was a candidate for President, she announced her wealth redistribution program. Warren stated “we are going to take money away from the wealthy…by gunpoint if necessary”. Wow! This extreme gun control advocate is intending to use guns to enforce her communist economic policies related to wealth redistribution. Have you ever spent more than 30 seconds listening to Warren speak? Who needs Nyquil when one has Elizabeth Warren in the room? In short, Warren has lost any credibility she ever possessed, and she is not electable. In a debate with Trump, he would obliterate her on national TV.

Enter, or should I say, re-enter Hillary Clinton. Will the third time be a charm? Will she, this time, in her third attempt, capture the Presidency that has so thankfully alluded her? Here she is with daughter Chelsea (not sure why she's appearing on The Late Show with her mother). In the video, at the bottom of the article, Hillary presumes facts not in evidence. For example, she says "we know he (Trump) colluded with the Russians to alter the election". Hmm....I though the Mueller report exonerated Trump. Regardless of Hillary's inane ramblings... she's back...this is her informal campaign announcement. Why? Because the Democrats have no chance with the previously mentioned candidates. Like an old dog that can no longer walk, these four Democratic Presidential candidates need to be put down, politically speaking, and it is time to go to the bullpen and bring in the Democratic ace, Hillary Clinton. Can this Democratic Wonder Woman save the communist day? Here is the new leader of America's Bolshevik Revolution, Hillary Clinton. Part two of this series will fully expose what a Hillary Presidency would look like. Be afraid America, very afraid. 

What? You say you are not afraid of Hillary? If not, please consider the following:

  • What a Clinton Presidency will mean for Christians
  • Do you really expect to keep your gun?
  • Do you expect to maintain parental authority over your children?
  • Do you expect to ANY freedom of expression on social media?

She's back! Be afraid America, very afraid! Here is Hillary's informal campaign announcement:

Part Two of this series will examine what a Clinton Presidency will look like and it is not say the least. Hillary's rise to Presidency will usher in America's entry into a full-blown Bolshevik Revolution and all that this event would entail.