How An Ex-LA County Sheriff's Deputy, Turned Pastor, Rescues Sex-Trafficked Girls From the Cartels In USA-Joseph Travers-CSS


How An Ex-LA County Sheriff's Deputy Turned Pastor Rescues Sex-Trafficked Girls From the Cartels In USA-Joseph Travers-CSS


Joseph Travers has 40 years of experience as a former law enforcement officer, private investigator, and police and fire commissioner for the City of Oceanside, CA.  Ten years ago Joseph Travers  read an article about a missing teen girl and a group of retired Terror Hunters aiming to end child sex slavery in the news: “I was reading an article from the Orange County Register, “Retired Terror Hunters Hope to End Child Sex Slavery” (in foreign countries),” said Travers. “This brought to mind the news I heard recently regarding a missing 17-year-old girl who left her parent’s home in New York. Brittanee Drexel was last seen in a hotel video in South Carolina on April 25th. Where was she?”.  Tragically, this girl was sexually abused and murdered. This article touched Travers heart and subsequently set into motion a series of events which compelled him to figure out how he could stem the tide of child sex trafficking, mostly associated with the drug cartels.

After networking with professionals who had backgrounds in the military, the legal profession and business, these selfless indivudal formed the group, Saved In America, which is now a nonprofit organization that works conjunction with local law enforcement to rescue trafficked children.

Many of the participants in Saved in America are ex-Navy Seals as they began their operations back in 2014, they’ve since successfully found and returned more than 300 children to their parents, by using a network of former police officers, former military and private investigators who focus on offering their services free of charge to parents.

Here is the story of this organization who saves children from the drug cartels.