The Hybrid of Three Simultaneous Philosphies Are Merging Into One Doctine of Enslavement and Genocide In America As the Deagel Report Projections Will Soon Be Realized

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Most of you reading these words stand an excellent chance of not being here in the next 3 to 7 years. You are living in the beginning of the end. That would be the end of days and nobody is safe. This article describes the three simultaneous paths of subjugation and extermination that is just beginning to consume The United States. 

Most are familiar with the historical adage that “History may not repeat but it sure does rhyme.” America is not living through one parallel of history, we are simultaneously living through three of the most tyrannical historical patterns in the history of the planet. There are three philosophies that intertwine but all three have their distinct and deplorable applications of political power, policies of genocide and imposition of Satanic will upon the people. Broadly, the three below-refenced patter are guiding philosophies simultaneously being emulated by the Deep State/Democratic Partyand they are constituted as follows:

  1. The Bolsheviks-As with any flavor of tyranny, the old must be destroyed so the state can “Build Back Better.” Culture, history, freedom, religious expression and any expression of self-empowerment (ie individual success) is strictly forbidden. Private property is forbidden and, of course, is always subject to confiscation by the government. All glory goes to the state. The absolutism of the power of the State as expressed by the Bolsheviks, commonly called Communism. Where one lives is controlled by the government as are many assigned occupations. Not even a hint of political opposition is tolerated. The state owns the citizen and can subsequently waste lives without remorse of consequence. Worship of the state is the only acceptable religion. The absolute and fanatical devotion to leadership is expected. Therefore, there is a persecution of anyone who MIGHT worship Christ. One quote from Stalin accurately depicts the American loss of self-governance as he stated “I don’t care who votes, I only care who counts the votes.” The Soviets only allowed one candidate, conversely, but with the same effect, the Democrats only allow one result and their voting machines and complicity of bought off, or blackmailed officials is becoming memorialized with the United States election system. As Stalin controlled the voting booth to gain absolute and tyrannical control of Soviet society, the same is happening right now and right here today. Wake up and face the truth America, Ben Franklin's warning "...a Repubic madame, if you can keep it" has been realized in the negative, we did not keep the Republic! You, me, all of us, whether you want to admit or not, are living in an occupied country in which our Democratic masters are in the process of consodidating power. Mass executions of a suspected disloyal subjects is a swift mandate and the courts are not needed. New York is moving in the direction of New Zealand in which seriously ill covid patients can be executed by their doctor. With New York's emerging law of NDAA-style mandatory quarantines of designated (by the Governor) indivduals who are deemed a "health risk", can be indefinitely detaned. Just like New Zealand, which has become a full-fleged Bolshevik state, New York is the first, but won't be the last Blue State to implement a progressive policy which moves the USA closer to genocide. Mark my words, stair stepping into genocide is currently in place in the Ireland, the UK, Austria, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Within the year, most not all will be executing forcible quarantined, most of the detainees will be under false pretenses. New will be executing detainees under the guise of legalized euthanasia in this calendar year. Other Blue States will follow suit. Under Stalin, millions were murdered.Many first world countries are progressively moving toward the goal, but the universal pattern being observed is obvious as the Globalist's playbook is being universally applied and the designation of an uncooperative medical patient is the modern day version of a resister in Stalinst Soviet union, but the result will be the same. There is a second angle in play in New York where White people can be sentenced to death by the New York Health Department as life-saving covid treatment will be dispensed to all non-whites before a white person can darken the door of a covid clinic.  White people are quickly becoming the modern day Jews in the United States and Bolsheviksim and Nazism (see below) are combined in America. Unvaxxed are also the new Jews as there jobs are forfeited for defying Biden mandates. "Win or die" is the creed of this movement. There will never be government concessions to reality. Service to the leader which is dedicated solely to the goals of the leader is the only option and the consequence for failure is death to as many people as possible. When combatting this philosophy and all like it, one can always expect the “Nero Decree” (ie the destruction of all) in the face of familiar which entails
  2. The Nazis-Again and to reiterate the most important theme of despots, this philosophy espouses the same dogmatic belief as the Bolsheviks, as with any flavor of tyranny, the old must be destroyed so the State can “Build Back Better.” Culture, history, freedom, religious expression and any expression of self-empowerment (ie individual success) is strictly forbidden. Private property is somewhat tolerated so long as it benefits the ruling party. The fanaticism of the underlying ruling power is expressed in this movement by Hitler and his NAZI movement. Hitler built his domestic power upon the hatred of a particular race, namely the Jews. Today, the Democrats are building their domestic empire on their hatred of a race (White), a religion (Christianity) and the use of the Covid excuse to attempt to ban worship) and the abandonment of the rule of law (eg so-called bail reform, defunding the police, attempts at gun confiscation )! The control of the youth is a prime directive of Nazis.  Governmental power becomes a cult. The school system (ie the Hitler Youth Movement taught children to be racists, sound familiar Critical Race Theory?) and children were educated and brainwashed to be willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to the state. The systematic extermination of all enemies of the state becomes an accepted part of NAZI jurisprudence. Soon, America will discover why Covid incarceration, without due process is appearing in states like New York. It is thinly veiled creation of concentration camps. Execution of a suspected disloyal subject is a swift mandate and the courts are not needed. There will never be government concessions to defeat or changing circumstances. There is nowhere more dangerous than to be living inside of a failing despotic government. All will be sacrificed if necessary in order for the ruling party to survive.  Again, this is often referred to by historians and political science experts as the "Nero Decree" and it cannot be overstated. Service to the leader which is dedicated solely to the goals of the leader is the only option and the consequence for failure is death to as many people as possible. To reiterate, the ascribed status of unvaxxed, described in the Bolshevik category, also overlaps into Nazism. And make no mistake about it, when the unvaxxed genocide fails to produce the conservative, White, Christian desired body count, FEMA camps will become a mainstay of genocide. 
  3. Mao’s Cultural Revolution- Again and for the final time to reiterate the guiding belief of all dictators, "as with any flavor of tyranny, the old must be destroyed so the state can “Build Back Better.'” Culture, history, freedom, religious expression and any expression of self-empowerment (ie individual success) is strictly forbidden. Mao’s brand of totalitarianism is pretty much a hybridization of the Nazis and the Bolsheviks, with one exception, it has stood the test of time. Extremists from the American capitalist society (eg the Bush crime family) financially supported the Nazis and the Bolsheviks. For example, Rockefeller-owned IBM created the punch cards used to catalogue the prisoners in the Nazi concentration camps. Similarily, the outgrowth of Mao has produced social credit which, today in America, is the basis for being cancelled. Soon it will be the calling card for genocide. As much financial support as extreme Leftist Americans provided for Stalin and Hitler, it pales in comparison as to what has been done for China. China, largely a third world country, beset with multiple and critical resource shortages, enjoyed an $800 billion MONTHLY trade advantage before the election of Trump. That cannot happen without treason being committed by key politicians, military leadership (eg Milley), and corporate leadership. Remember, when backed into a corner over the failure of the Afghan withdrawal, Milley slipped and admitted that we would notify his Chinese counterpart if we intended to attack them. He also admitted to insubordination and undermining the chain of command when Trump was President. This is the new mindset of American collaboration with the most evil government in the history of mankind. What separates Maoism from the Nazis and Communists, is the degree of brutality. Under the Nazis, Dr. Mengele performed horrifying medical procedures in which people were basically tortured to death. However, this extreme abuse of medical profession was somewhat contained. In China, if one is on the wrong side of the government, organ extraction, without pain killers, is COMMONPLACE and constitutes standard practice. Government persecution and extreme brutality is a political control mechanism. This is why the Chinese have been chosen to replace America as the new world policemen because it known the CHICOMS will enforce globalist mandates with a brutality that will make an onlooking public shudder in terror. This is a government that invents enemies in order to keep their societal control methods of intimidation in place. Another difference between this brand of totalitarianism, is that they have embraced the old Soviet strategy of conquering a nation through infiltration followed by destruction of key institutios. Most of the heinous post-secondary schools in America have been conquered by China. They embrace Maoism’s political correctness. Mao forbade certain words, we are seeing the same thing here on our college campuses where our young adults are largely being turned into Marxists and believe in the complete power of the state.    

Harvard professor Lieber was arrested  betraying his country to communist infiltrators working in university settings. The Lieber event is exemplary of all three approaches rolled into one. The old Soviet "Scissors Strategy" is in play today in America as our military secrets and technological advances are being compromised by treasonous Americans in key places. The Lieber theme is in play in all 50 states. It forms the basis for control of elections, just to name one event. How prevelant is the control that anti-American, Chinese and Soros backed traitors and Banker sponsored treason is? That will be the topic of the next installment of this series. What will also be covered is how prophetic the Deagel Report truly was. How many Americans will be exterminated? The answer is between 150-250 million Americans will die painful, unnatural deaths by the hand of the emeging one-party rule in America. Remember, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!