The NBA Discovers That Woke Is Broke As America Rejects the Message of Hate From the Social Justice Warriors

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More than the polls and the biased opinions of social media and the mainstream media, America is beginning to see numbers that indicate that Trump is likely to win re-election and the numbers are coming from a most unlikely place, the NBA!

 Overwhelmingly, America is rejecting the woke Social Justice message from the left. The marquis player of the NBA and its biggest hypocrite, LeBron James, could not get elected to dog catcher. In my lifetime, and with my extensive basketball experience, I can state without equivocation, the LeBron James is the most unpopular star player that the NBA has ever seen. More on this later. 

The NBA chose to boycott its own product, the NBA playoffs, and nobody cared. And when the NBA realized that so few people cared, they quickly returned to work! Take a look at the following research on the ratings of the NBA:

Sports Media Watch research found that the rating for ABC's Lakers and Trail Blazers between the Lakers and Trail Blazers declined 23% the network's playoff opener last year between the Clippers and Warriors. Social Media Watch also reported that the Clippers-Mavericks game on ABC was down 45% in ratings.

Let's look at some comparative ratings

1. Tucker Carlson averages 4.5 million viewers per episode. 

2. Hannity draws 3 million viewers per episode. 

3. For the showcase matchup in the playoffs involving the LA Lakers, they drew 1 million.The next game in the playoffs drew under 1 million. 

The "woke" NBA and WNBA players  wear social justice messages approved by Black Lives Matter. Nobody dare say, Hong Kong Livers Matter or FAllun Gong lives matter, or Jesus says All Lives Matter. Nobody is arguing that our country should not look at the lethal use of force by police officers. In fact, Senator Rand Paul, who he and his wife were almost murdered by Black Lives Matter rioters, were only spared because of the quick reaction of the police. Amazingly, Rand Paul sponsored the Breonna Taylor Act which prevent no knock raids. Reform is happening and police officers who abuse their authority are being dealt with in the legal system. But that is not enough. The Constitution and the culture must be destroyed by the cancel culture movement of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Interestingly, NOBODY is saying that Black Lives Don't Matter, they indeed to. However, this appropriate message of civil rights is clouded by the violence of BLM and Antifa in the streets. Such violence delegitimizes the position of these groups. Add in NBA hypocrisy, and middle America is rebelling. 

Take a look at these tweets froma media watchdog and a citation of President Trump's position on the wokeness of the NBA in which they are bleeding money:


NBA Central



TNT's average viewership is down 40% since 2011-12. While ESPN’s viewership is down about 20% in that same time frame. "Ratings disaster of a season, with the NBA’s most-watched game of last week trailing golf, NASCAR and wrestling." (h/t


/ The Athletic)


See new Tweets


Aaron Rupar


Asked for his thoughts on NBA players going on strike following yet another police shooting of a black man, Trump says, "I don't know much about the NBA protest. I know their ratings have been very bad."




 For three years, the Democratic operatives (eg BLM, Antifa, Democratic mayors and governors) have been planning subsequently launched a multi-front series of strategies designed to unseat Trump and his populist movement.

In order to accomplish this goal, the Democrats have cleverly managed to throw this country into a state of profound upheaval. The national debt will soon cross the $30 trillion level. Forty percent of America’s renters cannot afford to pay their rent. Education is total disarray and our nation’s youth are floundering. Food inflation and the beginnings of famine are looming. Rioters from BLM and Antifa run freely through the streets, with complete impunity, attacking and maiming law enforcement officers (LEO). Innocent civilians are being attacked in their homes by the riotous thugs. Communities are beginning to consider legislation that pays reparations for slavery, something that ended in the 19th century. With mixed race status for many, how does one even contemplate such a task? What if one’s ancestors did not live in the United States during the slavery years, LeBron, should they have to pay? And what happens with people like LeBron James who has more money than any of us? Should you have to pay reparations? I am baffled about how LeBron can call the present system "racist" when Lebron has so clearly become one our society's wealthiest men.  LeBron has granted himself the permission to be outspoken on the critical issues of the day as he supports Black Lives Matter, while people who have a different opinion than he (eg the General Manager of the Houston Rockets for supporting the Hong Kong freedom fighters) are silenced. LeBron wants the country to kneel for BLM, however, when the Rockets General Manager called for freedom for the people of Hong Kong, he was brutally attacked by LeBron James. Why? Because the Chinese NBA market constitutes the single biggest market share for the NBA with an estimated 80 millions fans. And please consider that James supports the group Black Lives Matter, but Chinese lives don’t matter, expecially the people in Hong Kong. Well, LeBron, the people in Hong Kong are kneeling for their cause, why are you joining them?  You won't unless they support your NBA bottom line, financially. Here is the story about how LeBron James brutalized an NBA employee for supporting the freedom of the people of Hong Kong. Remember, there are an estimated 80 million NBA fans in China. Perhaps LeBron should trade himself to the Beijing Bombers and live under their social credit system. 

The hypocrisy of James is obvious for all to see. What LeBron James does not realize is that his fame is being used to prop up and represent a philosophy that seeks to destroy America. If James wishes to be a spokesperson for a movement that is terrorizing innocent citizens through violent rioting and destroying careers for those that won't kneel, perhaps he should put his money where his mouth is. LeBron, take all of your Communist Chinese derived NBA money and put every nickel of it into causes that benefit the groups you purport to support.  Perhaps James should use his Chinese NBA money, derived from a government that has wrongfully imprisoned over a million Muslims and routinely practices live organ extractions of its political prisoners, executes Christians and uses the Chinese blood money to actually do some good. I support LeBron James desire to improve the lot of Black people. However, I really have to doubt his sincerity when he turns his back on millions of Chinese people. Don't their lives matter, too? What LeBron and so many on the left do not realize is that for any system of government to work, all people must be respected. Where one of us is not safe, none of us are safe. LeBron has failed to learn that lesson of history.

People like LeBron James do not realize the damage that radical leftist groups are doing our country as they support mayhem and violence. Perhaps his goal is turn the American government into a totalitarian regime like what we find in Beijing. There is nothing restorative about rioting, looting, burning and murdering. James, and others who support the overthrow of the United States government are not even considering what is coming should these “revolutionaries” be successful in ushering in a new era of government. Has anyone even considered what will follow the demise of the "racist" Constitution?

Both the NBA and the WNBA are both pushing voting. Interestingly, a recent finding discovered that only 20% of these players are even registered to vote. And on more question for these leagues: The five year old boy that was shot in the head for daring to ride his bike through a neighbor's yard has received no MSM press. The boy was white. If the boy was Black, would we be having a different discussion because it fits the victimization image of the Left that is being used to tear down the culture of the United States? Americans, from all backgrounds are rejecting Social Justice. The country knows we can work for racial equality without burning down our cities and harming innocent people, This is why many people, including several Black people are disgusted by the NBA, LeBron James and wokeness of social justice warriors. Trump is going to win unless the Left assassinates him. 

Woke is Broke!

Mathew 23:3

So practice and observe whatever they tell you—but not what they do. For they preach, but do not practice.