RED ALERT: Internet to be “policed” by communist China under new UN crackdown targeting online speech

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With Russia’s help, communist China has convinced the United Nations to pass a new resolution that threatens to further restrict online free speech in the name of fighting “cybercrime.”

The General Assembly has agreed to set up a new committee of “international experts” in 2020, the job of which will be to establish “a comprehensive international convention on countering the use of information and communications technologies for criminal purposes.”

In essence, Russia and China are hoping to police the global internet by redefining the term “criminal.” Since criticizing the government is considered a “crime” in China, as one example, this new resolution would apply the same “criminal” standards to other countries like the United States – and human rights advocates are deeply concerned about this.

Currently, the United States, Japan, and several other nations are bound by the 2001 Budapest Convention, which details a code of international rules for curbing real crimes like copyright violations, fraud, and child pornography. But if this new U.N. resolution is adopted, it could nullify the Budapest Convention and turn the U.S., Japan, and the others into communist “utopias” just like China.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has warned that the nation sponsors of this new UN resolution are “a rogue’s gallery of some of the earth’s most repressive governments, pointing also to countries like India and Iran, both of which in the past have interfered with the internet access of their citizens and residents.

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“If the plan is to develop a convention that gives countries legal cover for internet blackouts and censorship, while creating the potential for criminalizing free speech, then it’s a bad idea,” warns Louis Charbonneau of HRW.

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Controlling the internet is “inimical” to American values, warns U.S. official

There are many ways in which China is trying to backdoor its censorship policies into the West, including by partnering with Google to build an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven control matrix that manipulates the information that Google and YouTube provide to users. China has also been caught bribing colleges and universities in the U.S. to implement communist curriculum and other programs designed to brainwash the next generation of American leaders.

The former Soviet Union engaged in many of the same tactics, it’s important to note, which is why modern-day Russia’s partnership with communist China in strong-arming the U.N. into passing this egregious resolution has many freedom advocates concerned about its implications.

“It is precisely our fear that (a new convention) would allow the codification at an international and global level of these types of controls that’s driving our opposition and our concerns about this resolution,” a U.S. official is quoted as saying.

Any U.N. treaty aiming to control the internet is “inimical to the United States’ interests because that doesn’t tally with the fundamental freedoms we see as necessary across the globe,” this same official added.

The last thing this world needs is communist China controlling everything that people are allowed to access online. But Apple doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, seeing as how this Silicon Valley giant partnered up with communist China to develop a new internet censorship tool that prevents people from using virtual private networks (VPNs) to bypass censorship restrictions.

“The United States financing the U.N. and remaining in that sick, demonic world organization is like a cancer patient injecting [himself] with fresh, malignant cancer cells,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter in response to the news.

“The U.N. has already destroyed Europe with mass third-world immigration, has kept Africa from ever developing and in a permanent state of war, assisted the communist Chinese in its global domination plans, and drained our resources for NOTHING! GET OUT! CUT IT OFF AND LET IT DIE!”

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