Major League Baseball (MLB) won this week's award for hypocrisy! They require a fan to show an ID to pick up their pre-purchased game tickets at Will-Call, but theya re opposed to preventing voter fraud by showing a valid ID prior to voting.

When Georgia passed reasonable eletcion laws designed to repeat the 2020 Election fiasco of voter fraud, MLB promptly punished Georgia by moving the All-Star Game slated to be played in Atlanta in July of 2021.



Let;s go a little further shall we. Please allow me to ask you a question America: Have you taken advantage of your tax exemption provided for you in sweet-heart deals that you negotiated with Congress in exchange for generous campaign donations to the campaigns of these politicians-for-sale?

What? You say you don't have a tax-exemption and you have to pay full taxes to the federal government? That's right, MLB pays no tax on the $$$ billions $$$ of dollars that they make off of tax-paying Americans. It is surprising that most Americans are not aware of the tax exempt status of all professional sports. They all make billions and they pay absolutely no tax. Not only that, these billionaire owners engage in shady, behind-the-scenes deals with state and local officials to force us, the non-tax-exempt citizens to pay for their stadiums with increased taxes. Now, MLB thinks they have the right to dictate total politics. 

Let's take a look back at November of 2020. Who won (ie stole) the election? Who is was behind the voter fraud? The answer to question is the Deep State, their Democratic Party minions and the election apparatus installed by Democratic operatives designed to steal the election. One of the things that I think America will find interesting is that more illegal votes were counted in China than anywhere else and we know this thanks to the great presentation, with documentation, of Chris Kitze on The Common Sense Show.TV. 

Let's put this voter fraud into perspective. Communist China benefitted the most by helping to expel Trump. They are being positioned by the global elite to be the new world's policeman replacing the United States. Their currency has doubled in value, compared to the dollar since the election theft in January that removed Trump from office. Let's not forget that China loosed the covid virus on America in an election year. We already have proven that top Governmental officals in the state of Georgia allowed their family members to receive bribe money to help the Democrats steal the 2002 election in Georgia, just like they did in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin and California. The payoffs to the Georgia families included Georgia Governor Kemp. We also know the Democratic Party is now the US based center for Bolshevik communism. The penetration of the communists included the control of Swalwell by a female CHICOM prostitute and Feinstein's Communist Chinese spy personal driver for 20 years. When the payoffs to the top officials commenced by China to swing the Georgia election, people began to talk and people began to die. Senator Loeffler's aid got to close and he was murdered. The Governor's family began to talk and the boyfriend of the Governor's daughter was blown up with thermite and the coroner called it an "accident". Oh, by the way, the police investigator into the latter murder committed suicide 3 days after the murder, in the middle of the investigation. 

Now, the people of Georgia want to correct the conditions that led to election theft and Major League Baseball is siding with American traitors and the Communist Chinese by moving their All-Star game. IF we had an executive branch that was not totally criminal, the MLB Commissioner and the team owners would be headed to prision for violating "Trading with the Enemies Act," as well as abject treason. 

This leaves only one question to ask: Why would any loyal America ever attend another Major League Baseball game again?