What Happens When the People Fear the Government? Robert Griswold and Dave Hodges


I recently interviewed Robert Griswold and we discussed a number of topics including:

  • Thecowardly compliance of much of the American public to the illegitmate authority of the state who subsequently decided winners (Walmart) and losers (small businesses and churches) in the present so-called crisis. 
  • The people acting out of fear in mindlessly obeying unconstitutional orders from the government.
  • The false flag coup even against Maduro designed to neuter Trump's anti-Red Dawn invasion efforts. 
  • The coming election which will be filled with fraud. 
  • Life under the Democrats
  • The state's villification of the Christian Church
  • The lack of courage displayed by most Pastors, sho do not come to emulating the spirit of the disciples,  in the face of the lockdown. 
  • How Trump is blowing his rel-election chances
  • Basic equipment and resources needed for survival.


Bob Griswold can be reached at Ready Made Resources   Or simply call Bob at 1-800-627-3809

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