Coming to a Town Near You: Nuevo Laredo: 7 killed in Cartel Border War Zone as Mexican security forces clash with ‘Troop from Hell’ cartel The Mexican Border War crisis continues...

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By Marilyn Rupar

Senior Staff Writer

The Common Sense Show

November 17, 2019 



On Thursday November 14, 2019, Mexico’s security forces under Mexico’s Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), engaged the Tropa del Inferno (Troop from Hell) cartel in three separate clashes in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, according to state security spokesman Luis Felipe Rodríguez. This cartel is the military arm of the CDN (Northeast Cartel). Six of the dead were members of the Tropa del Inferno which operates as an armed wing of the Northeast Cartel, a Zetas splinter group. One Mexican soldier was killed according to sources.

The Mexican military patrols have been in the border city to confront the incursion of this violent cartel. Nuevo Laredo is located four hours from Austin, TX.The open gun battles on the streets of Nuevo Laredo began when the Troop from Hell sicarios (hitmen) began firing on Mexico’s military forces after putting spikes on the road to stop the army vehicles. Initially, the Mexican media reported the reason for the gun battles had to do with the transfer of 75 inmates from the local prison. This claim was rejected by authorities, as the prisoners were transferred without beinginvolved in the clashes.

In addition, Mexican armed security forces fought with the cartel in a Laredo Nuevo shopping mall food court where patrons dashed under tables in fear of their lives as bullets flew. The CDN cartel blew up commercial trucks on a main street in the city during the night.

The CDN /Troop from Hell cartel is widely known for its barbaric dismembering and decapitation of cartel rivals. Twitter has allowed their blood thirsty video beheadings to remain on their social media site without removal.

AUGUST 2019 - 12 CDN members were killed in two separate attempted ambushes of police and soldiers in Nuevo Laredo near the airport. “Police suffered no casualties, but an innocent bystander was wounded by a gunshot.” (Mexico News Daily). The cartels are known for abducting and forcing minors into their sicario (hitmen) ranks. One of the dead in the August event was a 16-year-old named Juanito Pistola whose head was decapitated by gunfire. He had been recruited by the Troop from Hell’s s Army cartel at a young age and has become a folk-hero with a narco rap ballad dedicated to him.

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