You Better Listen to This Before Leaving Your Home-CSS-Bob Griswold


I recently interviewed Bob Griswold, the man I call "King Prepper". He is hands down, the most knowledgeable prepper that I know. I presented him with different scenarios that have been in the new recently. 

If you recall, there have been several catastrophic scenarios that we need to be concerned about that have even made their way into the mainstream media. 

Antifa and the Cartels

Thanks to the Sanchez-Paredes drug cartel, the largest in the world and they are essentially the Peruvian army and the Peruvian bank, the cartels are now intermingled with ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist organizations. This has greatly multiple the danger to every American. 

On July 4, 2016, then FBI Director, James Comey, stated that there are ISIS cells in every state. The threat is omnipresent. In the recent news an FBI report was leaked to the public and the FBI stated that they had temporarily stopped a joint (George Soros) Antifa and Cartel/Terrorist joint operation to murder as many Americans at the border including LEO's. Very soon we will see the illegitimate business opportunities of drug running, child-sex-trafficking an gun running to be sideshows. Murdering Americans and destabilizing America will quickly become the main threat. 

The CIA Announces That the Deep State Will Increase the Violence and Exponentially Multiply the Threat to Trump

The subtitle speaks for itself. What will the country do if there is an illegal coup against Trump? What if he is  assassinated? Will it be safe to walk outside your house? Will it be safe to be inside your house? How should Americans prepare?

The CIA stated that false flags are coming. Ron Paul, yesterday, stated the war in Venezuela will start based upon false flag attacks. Is it safe to go out in public after listening to Ron Paul?

Do we really think the Deep State is just going to accept defeat? Isn't it more likely that they will do anything to maintain power?  

Surviving an EMP Attack

The CSS has reported, several times, that massive generators are being shipped around the country. We have had dozens of listeners confirm this with their own personal sightings. 

President Trump has warned the public about an EMP event and  he has even signed an Executive Order to that effect. DHS has said Americans must be prepared to be off the grid for up to 6 months! Can it be any more clear that these people know a lot more than they are saying?


For the reasons listed above, I interviewed survivalist expert, Bob Griswold and ask him for advice on how to prepare for such events. Listening to this interview could save your life. The interventions require an investment of time and money, but they are completely doable by most Americans. As the title says, do not leave your house before listening to what Bob Griswold has to say about surviving what is coming. 

Please share this interview far and wide, it could save a lot of lives!!!