The New Axis of Evil: Democrat Leaders & Muslim Brotherhood & Deep State Holdovers & Radicalized Iran-NOBODY IS SAFE!!!


There needs to be one over-arching statement made at the beginning of this article. A few years ago, Trevor Louden documented (ie Enemies Within) 80 Democratic members of Congress who belong to front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood and/or the American Communist Party. This was confirmed by Cynthia McKinney and Alan West. This fact is undeniable and needs to be considered as major parameter in this article. On final thought on this point, look at the conversion of former CIA Director Brennan. 

As the world is all-too-aware, the Pentagon says the U.S. military has killed General Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force, at the direction of President Donald Trump. The attack was motivated by the strong evidence which implicated Soleimani in the attack upon the U.S. embassy in Iraq by Iranian controlled forces. 

Here is Representative Michael Waltz's reaction to the death of Soeimani.

The Assassination of Soleimani Is Understated

The effects of the assassination of Soleimani cannot be overstated. He was highly revered and a man of immense power and he possessed a reach that frightened Americans at the highest leels of power in our government and military.

Look at the following tweets in reaction to to Soleimani's assassination as well as the text Soleimani sent to General Patraeus, then commanding General:



 The attack was justified but the Douglas MacArthur of Iran was just assassinated and there will be very serious consequences



Drone Assassination Strikes to Become Common

After the assassination of Soleimani, the world is waking up to the fact that drone assassinations are about to become very common and ulitimately, nobody is safe. This believe is in clear evidence in Communist China.

On December 30, 2019, The Common Sense Show published a broadcast in which I noted a reported that stated that the CHICOMS were uncoupling from the US GPS system. Initially, I thought this was odd because the CHICOMS were able to save a lot of money and effort by piggy-backing on the American system. Although this move by the CHICOM government was one day before the Iranian attack on the embssy in Iraq, this move by the Chicoms speaks strongly to the fact that their security systems are certain under review and moves are being made to protect CHICOM leadership. 

In the pubication, I wondered outloud if this move by the CHICOM government was a protective manuever that would better protect their military, corporate and governmental leaders and leave them less vulnerable to attack through GPS targeting. As providence would have it, it appears that this was a correct assumption and this notion has direct bearing on every world leader including President Trump.

A top General in the Taiwan military died mysteriously in a Blackhawk helicopter crash. Soleimani is assassinated. The Chinese uncouple from the American GPS. Some would interpret this as war is expected and leaders will be targeted. No leader is safe and that includes Trump.

Ominous Implications

There is one bit of good news to consider: Iran will not be launching a ground war. This form of retaliation that we can rule out unless Putin is ready to go to full scale war and it does not appear to be the case. The Iranian people are in a passive state of rebellion with its government, who periodically shuts down the internet. Because of the lack of popular support from its own people, Iran cannot sustain any kind of ground action given the lack of support from the people. 

The net is filled with dire predictions of suitcase nukes and bio attacks being initiated by Iran. There is no need to elaborate on these disaster scenarios, they are everywhere. What is not everywhere is that it is entirely possible that key Democrats and Deep State holdovers from the Obama administration could very easily be aligned. 

Have the Democrats, QUDS and the Deep State Combining Forces?

The obvious conclusion is that nobody is safe inpublic. Any kind of terror can be expected. What is different about this time is that world leaders are not safe. 

It is clear that leaders are less safe and this leads tot he unfolding of mamy fluid scenarios. 

What we can expect is that the insane leadership in Iran is looking for a way to target President Trump and other political/military leaders. I have published accounts of several conversations I have had with many federal LEO's. They do not believe that Trump will be assassinated in the "traditional manner" should impeachment fail. To a person, they all reason that the people will not find the lone-nut-assassin explanation to be believable one more time. The most popular theory going forward with regard to taking Trump out has to do with initiating a mass casualty event in which the President is collateral damage. The event does not look like an assassination, but that is indeed the net effect hidden within a mass casualty event. This solves a lot of problems. The Deep State is rid of Trump. Iran continues selling oil for gold to the BRICS and the Democrats get out from underneath Ukraine! Don't think it is possible, it is, I have already covered this possibility expensively. 

This is not about being a Muslim. This is about senior White House officials having strong ties to a terrorist organization, who in turn, have ties to ISIS.

Deep State holdovers all allied to Iran and the Democratic Party. Maybe there really are conspiracies. 

We know that Obama appointed multiple members of the Muslim Brotherhood to sensitive positions in the U.S. government (eg DHS, FBI). It is assumed that many of these would-be Deep State holdovers would still be in their positions of power. If they collaborated with the radicalized Iranian government, one would have a plausible assassination event to be concerned about. My hope is that by publishing this suspicion here, we make this event less likely by shining the light of day upon it. 

Let me be clear about the possible aligned enemies of Trump and the American people:

1. Democrats

2. Iranians

3. Democrats who are aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood

4. Deep State resources