Schiff, Pelosi and Putin Are Partners In Illegal WMD Arms Deals


The following information comes from a variety of intelligence sources who are genuinely afraid for the future of our country. We sit on the edge of nuclear war with Iran which will spread to China and Russia. 

Presently, Iran is in possession of nuclear weapons. At this moment several tactical nukes are pointed at our naval forces off of the coast of Iran. Putin has given Iran permission to strike. 

In 2013, the CIA decided that Ukraine should become the global hub for its illegal arms distribution. Of course side businesses such as child sex trafficking and drug running are a part of this operation. In order to faciliate making Ukraine the Mexican government equivalent of drug trafficking, a regime change had to take place The CIA, using political operatives and snipers overthrew the Russian friendly government and installed a rogue regime. At first, it looked like war with Russia. But outside some token fighting in the outskrts Ukraine, Russia did not put up much of a fight. Why?

Originally, Russia wanted Ukraine as a source of income for its rich natural gas (Burisma) and to serve as a geographic barrier to NATO's perceived imperialism. The CIA wanted Ukraine because there were unaccounted weapons of mass destruction (WMD's) and the potential to become the hub of illegal arms trading was very promsiing. However, a Ukrainian war with Russia would be bery counterproductive. Therefore, Putin had to be dealt with. My sources tell me very similar stories at this point. First, Russia had to pursuaded that Ukraine was not the best geopolitical barrier that could be obtained by Putin. If Putin could be pursuaded to support Ukraine's entry into the global leader of arms distribution, Russia could expand its geopolitical sphere of influence. In effect, Russia will trade Ukraine control for the same in Syria and Iran. However, Russia would have to be pursuaded to all of sudden account for the missing nukes in Ukraine and put them into the blackmarket and ship them to Iran for use againt US imperialism. 

There was one more bone that the CIA and their globalist benefactors would throw Russia's way to pursuade Russia to stand down in Ukraine. Did anyone every question why Russia, without challenge, was allowed to roll its tanks into Crimea, subjugate the land and control their naval base and their oil. In exchange for standing down, Russia gained Crimea's naval base and port without opposition. 

Since the Ukrainian revolution, the country has become the world's leader in state-sponsored arms distribution to war torn areas. Everyone's making money including Putin. And Outin has expanded his sphere of influence far beyond Ukraine and into the Middle East. In a later article, I will discuss the depth of this corruption by state-sponsored arms dealers from Ukraine. They hide the operations for gun running under their natural gas industry, Burisma and Seneca LLC. Enter the American Democrats. The largest arms dealer, a partner with George Soros, Igor Pasternak, facilitated the transfer of nuclear arms to Iran/ 

As a teaser for the next installment in this series, please allow me to leave the public notice of a fundraiser for Adam Schiff's political campaign sponsored by Igor Pasternak in his DC home. Why would Pasternak and Putin need Schiff, because he was the hea do fhe House intelligence committee. 

Eventually, Burisma's subsidiary holdings shipped weapons of mass destruction to Iran and light infantry weapons to the Sudan (according to Amnesty Internationa and Radio Free Europe). Everybody makes money and Iran can now challenge the US naval fleet in the Middle East and Putin is thrilled and Pelosi (also funded by Pasternak), Schiff and Putin are thrilled. More to come in the next installment of this series. 

Please allow me to be clear, Democratic leadership has conspired with Urkainian arms dealers and Putin to arm Iran with nuclear weapons.