Alien Disclosure Taking Place At Branson This Week


This past Saturday, I popped into a recent UFO conference in Phoenix with my former news director, Annie DeRiso. I got to hear the presentations of two individuals that you will hear in Branson this week. Wow! I was mesmerized at the quality of the presentations by Chase Kloetzke and George Knapp. I walked away feeling like I had witnessed history and when you see these two at Branson, you will be overwhelmed at their expertise and scientific command of the subject. 


Chase Kloetzke

Chase Kloetzke is the Deputy Director of Investigations and Special Assignment Team Manager for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Known for her investigatory prowess and forensics expertise, Chase is one of the world’s foremost experts on the UFO phenomenon. She is also a retired employee of the Department of Defense where she worked as a Master Trainer and held the position of Physical Force Readiness: Program Developer. Chase is personally engaging and can command the room. But from this person who would be everyone's friend at a social event, she is a deadly serious researcher. I personally come from academia and was very impressed with her professionalism. 


George Knapp

George Knapp has been the only journalist to take a hard look at the UFO issue at the risk of his professional reputation. Knapp turned the world onto Area 51 and produced what is still considered one of the finest UFO documentaries ever produced, UFOs: The Best Evidence. Knapp has brought with him an air of credibility to the UFO subject. He is also unafraid to expose frauds in this field and has worked closely with NIDS on the Skinwalker Ranch. Personally, I was spell-bound by George. He is so fact-drive and his facts related to the UFO phenomena are many!!! I was so very impressed with his knowledge of how far the government is openly expressing interest in the UFO field. This is no longer the field of investigation that is accompanied by the giggle factor. George's presentation is not for the faint of heart. 

But Wait, There's More

In recent weeks, I was fortunate enough to personally interview LA Marzulli, Mike Adams and Steve Quayle. All three of these researchers add to the professionalism and knowledge of the ET phenomena. Here is summary of the credentials of these three truth-seekers. 


LA Marzulli

L. A. Marzulli is a prolific author, lecturer and filmmaker. Best known as the host of the celebrated Watchers Film Series, in which he travels the globe investigating the enigmas of UFOs, ancient prophetic texts, the Nephilim, elongated skulls, and other high strangeness. Marzulli is a popular speaker at conferences and churches worldwide, and a frequent guest on television programs and radio interviews. I recently interviewed LA on the CSS and this interview will give the readers just a glimpse of what is to come in his Branson presentation. 


Mike Adams

I have personally interviewed Mike Adams for the past several years. Mike Adams, aka the “Health Ranger,” is the publisher of, and author of “Food Forensics.” Natural News empowers consumers with factual information about synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, hormone disruptors and many other items. Mike Adams will unveil stunning new evidence that planet Earth is being terraformed to annihilate the human species and many native lifeforms in order to prepare the planet for “reseeding” by non-Earth entities.


Steve Quayle

I have interviewed Steve more times than I can count. Steve Quayle is a world renown researcher and author who has published over ten books on a wide variety of subjects ranging from ancient giants, to the UFO phenomenon, to the Nazis and Antarctica, to the rise of transhumanism. Since his days as a popular radio talk show host, Quayle has been arming his audience with the knowledge to prepare them for the heart-stopping realities that are coming upon the Earth.


Can't Attend? It's Still Not Too Late to Catch All the Great Presenters at Branson

There is still more! There is a whole panel of experts who are presenting that will certainly keep me glued to my seat!

You may not be able to attend. However, you can take advantage of the live stream opportunity. Many of the topics discussed by Steve and Dave in this interview will be covered in much more depth at the upcoming Branson Conference (March 13-15). There is still time to attend and if you cannot be there in person, there is an available live stream opportunity that is offered for a very low price. In addition, for those that subscribe to the live stream, they will have unlimited access to last year's excellent conference on Transhumanism. You don't want to miss this one-time event with a gathering of tremendous guests that will greatly add to your understanding of this phenomena that is finally capturing the attention of governments and even the MSM!  This topic has definitely gone mainstream and this conference provides one the opportunity to be exposed to cutting edge information. 

I am personally looking forward to meeting all of you as I will be covering the conference from a media perspective. Additionally, I will be a panelist on Sunday, September 15 with Steve Quayle and Paul Begley.