Stanford University instructor made Jewish students stand in a corner while downplaying Holocaust and calling Israel a “colonizer”



According to CBS News, the instructor, who has not been named by the University, has been removed from teaching duties after reportedly made Jewish students stand in a corner with their belongings while he delivered a rant belittling the genocide of millions of Jews in the Holocaust.


CNN spoke with Rabbi Dov Greenberg, executive director of Rohr Chabad House, Stanford’s Jewish community center.


Greenberg, who said he spoke with the students involved in the incident, said they are “not doing well” and are afraid to face backlash or bullying on campus.


According to Greenberg, the students said the instructor tried to justify the actions of Hamas and asked the students how many Jews were killed in the Holocaust.


After one student answered “6 million,” the instructor then said more people have been killed by colonizers and said, “Israel is a colonizer.”


The instructor then illustrated his point by asking some students to physically go to the back of class. “That’s what Israel does to Palestinians,” the teacher said, according to Greenberg.


According to Greenberg, the instructor further stated that “Hamas is a legitimate representation of the Palestinian people. They are not a terrorist group. They are freedom fighters. Their actions are legitimate.’”

Stanford provided the following statement:


We have received a report of a class in which a non-faculty instructor is reported to have addressed the Middle East conflict in a manner that called out individual students in class based on their backgrounds and identities. Without prejudging the matter, this report is a cause for serious concern. Academic freedom does not permit the identity-based targeting of students. The instructor in this course is not currently teaching while the university works to ascertain the facts of the situation.



Meet Ameer Hasan Loggins, the Stanford instructor who told Jewish students to stand in a corner while belittling the Holocaust and calling them "colonizers." His bio includes:

-A Bachelor’s and Masters degree in African American Studies from UC Berkeley.


-Currently earning his…


— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) October 13, 2023

Stanford is one of many college campuses across the country embracing anti-Israel demonstrations.


31 Harvard University student groups signed a letter blaming Israel as “entirely responsible” for Hamas’ barbaric slaughter of innocent Israelis.


University of Wisconsin students cheered Hamas killers chanting “Glory to the Martyrs!” at pro-Palestinian student protest.


Indiana University, Arizona State University, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill all held pro-Palestinian rallies.



The following campuses have had anti-Israel demonstrations and antisemitic incidents happen over the last 72 hours.

University of Michigan,

Stanford University,

Harvard University,

Drexel University,

Columbia University,

University of Wisconsin, Madison,

New York…


— Yoni Michanie (@YoniMichanie) October 12, 2023

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