Why Mitt Romney Must Prevent Joe Biden From Testifyng in the Senate Impeachment Hearings


Why the Democrats and the Republicans do not want the Bidens to testify is tied to the fact that ultimately, Romney confederate, Cofer Black will be exposed. Witnesses are not deserved in the Senate, but I would like to see them because it would blow the lid off the Congressional and Senatorial corruption that exists with regard to Ukraine and their cess pool of criminal activities.  

It is my belief that America will never be vindicated and validated in the modern era and if people like cartel-darling Nancy Pelosi, Ukrainian arms dealers servant, Adam Schiff, and one of the world’s most notorious criminals, Hillary Clinton, don’t go to prison for their treason and other felonies committed against the people of the United States. However, there is a impediment to these prosecutions. The mafia-like criminality associated with many top politicians, such as Mitt Romney, are so embedded into the American framework, that corruption and criminality are two of the mainstay characteristics of the present political landscape. In other words, being a serial criminal is the expected norm for many politicians. And there is nobody more deserving of going to prison than Mitt Romney.  

Mitt Romney BEGGED for Donald Trump’s support when he decided to run for the open Senate position in Utah. Trump campaigned for Romney. Then why did Romney suddenly turn on Trump? This is where the investigative work of Alexandra Daley and myself come into play.

On the CSS radio show, Daley and myself presented clear and irrefutable evidence that Romney’s National Security Advisor for his 2012 Presidential Campaign, Joseph Cofer Black, sits on the Board of the same Burisma Holdings that was being investigated for corruption back in 2014, yet  Vice President Joe Biden and the criminal Obama Administration demanded any criminal investigation into Burisma be shut down. Why? Because Burisma was/is their mechanism for illegal arms dealings throughout the world. Romney’s criminal associations are not his only transgressions. Romney has long been rumored to be the recipient of hush money paid to offshore accounts for his complicity in leading investigations astray. In this sense, Romney has become a Democratic operative within the Deep State. As Daley and myself pointed out, Romney’s criminal trail becomes very conspiratorial when we also include that former CIA Director, John Brennan, a  9/11 co-conspirator and his Deep State partner, Cofer Black, is still the link that issued the passports to the 19 Saudis that hijacked the planes on 911. The central thread that ties together Romney, Brennan and Black is Burisma. Opening up Burisma, as Daley and I have exposed, is the key to revealing the depth of the depravity and criminality of most Democratic leaders as well as the Republican, in name only, Mitt Romney.

Ukraine is the center of corruption, with regard to illegal arms dealing and also serves as the Democrats’ shadow organization for corrupt activities such as child-sex-trafficking and drug running.  

When Donald Trump became President, the Ukrainian corruption became a case of inevitable discovery by Trumpif he were to be elected President. This is why Obama sponsored illegal spying, through the Fusion GPS, into Trump, then just a private citizen. The Democrats and Romney began to develop plans to remove Trump in order to prevent the inevitable discovery of the depth of Ukrainian corruption. So why did Romney want to shut down any investigation of Ukraine’s role as well?  That’s the question that got this investigation started and it’s earth-shattering. Romney’s National Security Advisor, Cofer Black, sits on the Board of the same Burisma Holdings that was being investigated for corruption back in 2014, and the Vice President and Obama Administration demanded be shut down. Why? Because Burisma was/is their vehicle for corrupt practices in Eastern Europe. This is the Pandora Box that had to be shut down. This led to the Russian collusion and now the quid pro quo related to Ukraine and the impeachment trial.

And CIA Director, John Brennan’s 9/11 Deep State partner, Cofer Black, is still the link to all that goes on there. In fact, I can state unequivocally that Burisma is at the heart of Ukraine corruption.   I know this matters greatly to Mitt Romney as he is not yet done with politics. If Black is prosecuted, it will reflect on Romney. Romney wants to run for President again in 2024 and he needs to distance himself from Cofer Black, John Brennan as well as the Bidens. 

Burisma Holdings is the hub of U.S. Democrat activities to corrupt both Ukraine and American politics and there is proof.  Cofer Black, joined the CIA in 1974 and rose to be Director of The National Counterterrorism Center, before joining Mitt Romney’s campaign.

Standing in the way of Romney’s Presidential desires is the fact that Burisma Holdings is the centerpiece of U.S. Democrat activities that serves corrupt both Ukraine and American politics. Romney’s political ambitions took a hit when Zelensky became Ukraine’s President and he would not play ball with the Deep State. And the walls are really closing in on Mitt Romney, because former Ukrainian prosecutor, Viktor Shokin has filed criminal charges against Joe Biden for his role in covering up this corruption. The longer that this goes on, the more the Romney-Cofer Black connection will become a detriment to the ambitions of Mitt Romney.

So who is this Cofer Black? As we revealed on the CSS, Joseph Cofer Black, joined the CIA in 1974 and rose to be Director of The National Counterterrorism Center, before joining Mitt Romney. This brings into the Romney associates sphere of influence the Bidens, John Kerry’s step son, et al. Daley and myself made an excellent case that Black had ample warning to head off the 911 attacks and did not because that was not what is Deep State handlers wanted. If Romney was to ever, once again, run for President, this would come up.

Black was also the Head of Counterintelligence who somehow missed the 9/11 attacks when the evidence was right there in plain sight.  And the 911 material is damning to Cofer Black and ultimately Mitt Romney.

Alexandra Daley revealed the following through her own research and through that of Freedoms Outpost:

“According to Freedom Outpost, Brennan was the CIA station chief in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, when the 9/11 hijackers were given visas to travel to the United States.

“In September 2014, a whistleblower named Greg Ford, a former military intelligence officer, told Ground Zero Radio’s Clyde Lewis that the CIA had objections to the approval of those visas but Brennan actually overrode them.”

The second in command of the CIA station was directly quoted by the whistleblower as saying, ‘No way, absolutely we are not going to stamp those visas.’

But CIA Saudi station chief, John Brennan, overrode the officer in charge and ordered the visas to be stamped and issued. They came, they learned to ‘take off’ an airplane but said they were not interested in ‘how to land.’ Cofer Black ignored the reports about this strange behavior, and he became a pivotal figure in Romney’s election bid in 2012.

Freedom Outpost also stated, “If it weren’t for John Brennan, 9/11 may never have happened.” 

Cofer Black was in a supervisory position over Brennan and he allowed this happen. This unholy alliance continued to their associations with Burisma.  If I were a betting man, I would bet that the impeachment trial will never see witnesses, because this would come out.

So how do the Republicans and Democrats keep a lid on this material? Well, they hire a plant. Here name is Ronna Romney McDaniel. Yes, she is related to Mitt Romney. In fact, McDaniel is the head of the Republican National Committee and she just happens to be the niece of Mitt Romney.

McDaniel as the head of the RNC has control of much of the Republican purse strings. Mitt Romney desperately needs to not have the Biden’s testify in the Senate impeachment hearing. McDaniel, with her long purse strings is in position to make sure this never happens.

If the Bidens testify, then Cofer Black and Brennan testify. That cannot be allowed to happen because this would serve to wake up America as to the elvel of criminality that exists inside of our own government. 

The impeachment trial will soon be over....No damning witnesses and Ukrainian corruption, along with Democratic Party and Mitt Romney complicity will continue unabated. The Bidens will not testify. Subsequently Cofer Black and Mitt Romney will not testify. Everybody will walk. Nobody will ever go to jail. There is one caveat. The former Ukrainian ex-prosecutor, Viktor Shokin,  removed under pressure from Vice President Biden, has brought charges against Joe Biden for obstruction. This could be the undoing of Mitt Romney and the Democratic Party. I hope Viktor has someone to start his car and test his food.