Democrats, FBI Fusion Centers, Russia, China & Iran Are On the Same Team & Actively Supporting Iran's Coming Nuclear Attack On US Naval Forces


My day started with unconfirmed reports of a bounty being placed on PresidentTrump's head. What was confirmed is that Iran officially labled the President as a "war criminal". Here was the early morning report as filed on a CSS broadcast. 


This article is admittedly a work in progress as it examines the bounty of $80 million dollars placed on  PresidentTrump's head. This initial assassination rumor was immediately followed by Iran pulling out of the so-called nuclear deal leaving them with unlimited options with regard to nuclear weapons. However, it can now be determined with certainty that entities within Iran have indeed placed an $80 million dollar bounty on the life of the President.

Below are excerpts of Arabic to English translations proclaiming the hit and bragging about attacking American targets. Enouragement for Iraq to expel US forces from their country is mentioned as well. 

English Translations from Arabic-Assassination Threat

In the name of God and from the newsroom ... we start a new week


Iraq does not need global resistance And more entrapment towards chaos He needs a state Sincere institutions, law and politicians have Army, Anti-terrorism agency, Riot device. Federal police. Local police. Internal Security Forces. Diets. Enterprise protection. 
The popular crowd


I do not know if there are other formations
Next, we bring up a deceased master, to form an international resistance
Three missiles in the vicinity of the embassy inside the Green Zone.

Iranian official Zion: $ 80 million equivalent to President Donald Trump's head.


This information has been confirmed and reported on in the mainstream media. 


Arabic Source Material for Threatening Translations

د. زيد عبد الوهاب الاعظمي‏Verified account @zaidabdulwahab

التلفزيون الرسمي الإيراني : 80 مليون دولار أمريكي مكافئة لمن يأتي برأس الرئيس الأمريكي دونالد ترامب.

4:25 AM - 5 Jan 2020

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A Disturbing Set of Complications

So, the bounty has been placed on Trump, but there is much more.

For the past five days, with the assistance of others, including Paul Martin, I have been following the corrupt activities of the FBI (Deep State version) and some elements connected to the Federal Fusion Centers.

Although the investigation is still ongoing, it is clear that Chris Steele and Andrew McCabe were part of the rogue Deep State team that invented the Russian collusion scenario, priot to the election, in an attempt to set the stage for Trump's impeachment should be be elected. None of this is surprising. However, what is becoming evident is that some of the bad actors in Ukraine are connected to the Steele Dossier. Follow this line of reasoning: The Steele Dossier was designed to keep Trump from discovering the Ukranian corruption, which he surely would have. 

Through covert and independent sources, the Ukrainian corruption involved natural gas fraud (public), bbribery of officials, both military (NATO/Russian) and political officials) WMD sales, including nuclear and biochemical, arms shipments, human trafficking and money laundering to cover the profits of these criminal enterprises. Seneca LLC is a shell corporation that was created to create one degree of separation for the Democrats and Republican involved in Ukrainian corruption to have plausible deniability. The communications for Seneca LLC is controlled by FBI controlled Fusion Centers. So what does this have to with Iran? Simple, the weapons systems (mostly nuclear, but also biochemical) are being funneled into Iran through this Burisma, Seneca, other shell corporations into Iran. This keeps the Russians hands clean. Yes, I am saying that Putin is supplying nuclear weapons to Iran though this pipeline. Nobody should be surprised! How quickly we forget about Uranium One in which the Clintons' sold weapons grade uranium to Putin and the money was funneled into Hillary's 2016 campaign through the Clinton Foundation. In July of 2017, the CSS published to memos, one Russian and one from the US State Department, which demonstrated that it was the Russian-collusion-delusion-inquisitor general, Robert Mueller (former Head of the FBI) that actually delivered the first set of highly enriched uranium to Putin. And where was it delivered? It was delivered to an airport in Ukraine.

I want to be clear in that Putin, the Democrats and corrupt Ukrainian officials have working together all along to unseat Trump and overthrow the U.S. 

Tomorrow, I will begin breaking this down into a timelined scenario. Here is what we are left with. 

The Democrats (Hillary/Comey/Mueller/Biden/Obama/Kerry/et al) are involved with Putin to give him uranium. Putin is using the Ukrainian corruption pipeline to send WMD's, including nuclear weapons, to Iran. Putin has given permission to Iran to use nuclear weapons against the US fleet in the Middle East. The Federal Fusion Centers are controlling the flow of information and keeping all other law enforcement from investigating this corruption. All of these groups are acting in a spirit of treason to overthrow the US government and simultaneously plunge the US into World War III as a distraction away from the corruption in Ukraine. 

In the next article, I will tie in Red Dawn and domestic terrorism. The lights are indeed going out. Ebola is being brought to our shores and our Naval Fleet will be attacked by Russian, China and Iran. 

So one can see the history of the corruption. The following documents tie together Hillary, Mueller and Putin. This group is linked to Ukraine, which takes a side turn to Iran. How all this fits together in the next article. 


Here is more from Wikileaks, Julian Assange, tweeted a released State Department cable, which clearly and irrefutably proves that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered former FBI Director and present Special Counsel, Robert Mueller to deliver a sample of stolen Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) to Russia in 2009. (Editor's Note: This is why Assange will never leave prison alive). 


WikiLeaks‏Verified account @wikileaks


WikiLeaks cable Robert Mueller delivering highly enriched stolen Uranium to Russia in 2009… h/t @apblake

5:02 PM – 17 May 2017

There is more chicanery. Look at the memos that were previously published on the CSS


State Department Memos 2009 AMBASSADOR BEYRLE E-MAIL D. 08 MOSCOW 521 Classified By: EUR/PRA: KATHLEEN MORENSKI PER E.O. 12958: REASONS 1.4 (A) AND (G). 1.   (SBU) This is an action request: Embassy Moscow please see para 6 and 7; and Embassy Tbilisi please see para 8. 2. (S/NF) Background: Over two years ago Russia requested a ten-gram sample of highly enriched uranium (HEU) seized in early 2006 in Georgia during a nuclear smuggling sting operation involving one Russian national and several Georgian accomplices. The seized HEU was transferred to U.S. custody and is being held at a secure DOE facility. In response to the Russian request, the Georgian Government authorized the United States to share a sample of the material with the Russians for forensic analysis. Director Mueller previously planned to deliver the sample in April (Ref A), but due to a scheduling conflict the trip was canceled. Embassy Moscow LegAtt informed the FSB prior to Mueller's intended April delivery and received confirmation that the FSB would take custody of the sample after the Director's plane landed. EST Moscow also informed Rosatom of the planned transfer and that the U.S. placed a high priority on completing this transfer (Ref B). Once the LegAtt told FSB counterparts the April trip had been canceled, Ambassador Beyrle informed Igor Neverov (Ref C), who said that he understood but was disappointed the trip was postponed. The September 21 visit provides again an opportunity to deliver the requested ten-gram sample from the seized HEU in order to obtain cooperation from the GOR on this nuclear smuggling case and to eventually establish a more productive mechanism of U.S.-Russian cooperation on nuclear forensics. 3. (S/NF) While there was a reasonable exchange of information with Russian security services at the time of the 2006 seizure, we have had poor cooperation investigating the diversion of HEU, which the United States believes was stolen from a Russian facility. Russia did not respond to papers that then Acting U/S Rood provided Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov in December 2008 reiterating the USG position that Russia should pick up this sample in the United States. Further, when asked for an update on their response to our proposal, Ryabkov told us in early 2009 in Washington that there was an interagency dispute over who would come and pick up the material. 4. (S/NF) Given Russia's reluctance to act so far, FBI Mueller's delivery of this sample will underscore to Russia our commitment to follow through on this case. While some details related to the sharing of information on smuggling networks may be too sensitive to discuss, delivery of the sample could enable us to discuss whether Russian authorities investigated the diversion and prosecuted anyone. Moreover, we hope it will spark discussions on mechanisms to exchange information and material on future incidents of this nature, particularly in light of the commitments made in the July summit U.S.-Russia Joint Statement on Nuclear Cooperation regarding strengthening our cooperation to stop acts of nuclear terrorism. Posts should note that DOE/NNSA's April 2009 determination authorizing distribution of the sample to the Russian Federation only for attribution of the sample in support of a criminal investigation is applicable to the proposed September 21 delivery of the sample to Russia. 5. (S/Rel Russia) Background con't: On April 16, the FSB verbally confirmed to Legatt that we will have no problem with the Russian Ministry of Aviation concerning Mueller's flight (although we probably won't see paperwork until shortly before the trip). The FBI is requiring that the sample be turned over to a Russian law enforcement authority (i.e., FSB) as opposed to an intelligence service (i.e., SVR) or technical authority (i.e., Rosatom). A representative from the responsible Russian Law Enforcement authority, who will accept custody of the sample, must be identified and verified ahead of time. That individual will be required to have signatory authority to accept the sample. Appropriate arrangements need to be made to ensure the transfer of material is conducted at the airport, plane-side, upon arrival of the Director's aircraft. Post should also remind the GOR that this is the material about which the GOR gave the USG nonproliferation assurances in 2008 in a diplomatic note from February 2008 (Ref D). 6. (S/Rel Russia) Action request: Embassy Moscow is requested to alert at the highest appropriate level the Russian Federation that FBI Director Mueller plans to deliver the HEU sample once he arrives to Moscow on September 21. Post is requested to convey information in paragraph 5 with regard to chain of custody, and to request details on Russian Federation's plan for picking up the material. Embassy is also requested to reconfirm the April 16 understanding from the FSB verbally that we will have no problem with the Russian Ministry of Aviation concerning Mueller's September 21 flight clearance. 7. (S/Rel Russia) Post is requested to deliver the following talking points: --We wish to inform you that FBI Director Mueller plans to arrive in Moscow on the evening of September 21 with a ten-gram sample of seized HEU, which you requested for nuclear forensics analysis. --We regret that the April visit by Director Mueller could not take place due to a scheduling conflict. We would be grateful once again for the Russian Federation's willingness to receive the sample and facilitate the logistics for its pick up. --As before, we require confirmation that a representative from a responsible Russian law enforcement authority will be available to accept custody of the sample and have signatory authority to accept the sample. --We require that the transfer of this material be conducted at the airport, on the tarmac near by the plane, upon arrival of the Director's aircraft. --We place a high priority on completion of this sample transfer to facilitate your forensic analysis of the material. --Further, with the delivery of this sample, we hope to collaborate more closely on promoting a more effective relationship between our law enforcement organizations to counter illicit trafficking of nuclear materials. --In particular, such efforts were underscored in the July Summit joint presidential statement on nuclear cooperation regarding our commitments to strengthen cooperation to stop acts of nuclear terrorism. Securing vulnerable nuclear materials and improving nuclear security within our two countries is our highest priority. -- It is our hope to eventually establish a more systematic mechanism to facilitate U.S.-Russian cooperation on investigations into nuclear smuggling cases. We continue to believe that Russia should be concerned by the prospect that HEU was diverted from one of its facilities, and should actively investigate the incident. 8. (S/Rel Georgia) For Embassy Tbilisi: No action is required at this point. As before, State will send instructions at the appropriate time on alerting the Georgian Government when the transfer of the seized HEU is immanent and in Russian custody. 9. (U) Department thanks Post for its assistance. Washington point of contacts are Mike Curry, ISN/WMDT, 202-736-7692 ( and Nate Young, EUR/PRA, 202-647-7278 ( Please slug all responses for EUR, ISN/WMDT, and T. CLINTON




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