New meme: “Enemies of Humanity” compares Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook to Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and others

enemies of humanity

It’s time to name the new enemies of humanity and demand that all humanitarian nations of the world work together to halt the complete enslavement of the human race by out-of-control techno-fascists. (OCR) (1)  has been launched as a non-profit project to defend humanity against the tyranny and fascism of the evil, dangerous tech giants that are now systematically silencing conservatives, Christians, Trump supporters and gun owners. OCR will be highlighting new memes that parody the names, faces and companies that engage in online fascism and fraud, putting all of humanity at risk.

Fight against techno-fascism now or we will all be forever enslaved under a “real-world Orwellian nightmare” of surveillance, thought control and speech suppression. Join the newsletter to receive action alerts about techno-fascism and how we can work together to defeat Big Tech’s evil domination of online speech.

This article originally appeared on NewsTarget.Com


1. Online Civil Rights - We Shall Overcome Censorship Injustice