Mark Kelly EXPOSED by Project Veritas; lying to voters and "playing both sides" 10-31-20


 by Ethan Huff


In an attempt to swipe more votes from independent and Republican voters, Arizona Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly’s campaign field organizer admitted to lying about the political hopeful’s positions.

Undercover video footage – watch below – shows Evynn Bronson from Kelly’s “Mission for Arizona” campaign openly admitting that deceit and lies are being used to try to win the election for Kelly.

“What if I came across a Republican, and they, like, ask me if Mark Kelly is pro-life?” the undercover Project Veritas journalist asked Bronson.

“Yes,” Bronson immediately responded. “I would say, ‘Mark Kelly is pro-life but also pro-keeping the government out of our healthcare.’ I don’t know, something stupid like that.”

“Even though he’s not pro-life?” 

If Arizona voters knew just how liberal Mark Kelly really is, most would never dream of voting for him

Bronson would go on during the conversation to admit that Kelly is too far-left to win the election with honesty. His extreme positions would “scare away a lot of those independents,” he admitted.

“And that’s 40 percent,” Bronson then added, noting that Kelly “can’t win with just Democrat votes” so “he has to play both sides.”

e undercover journalist then responded.

“Absolutely he is not pro-life,” Bronson retorted. “And then I’d go to something like, ‘you know after his wife was in a shooting, [Kelly] values life so much.’ It’s just a shame.”

Right now, Bronson says, about 40 percent of Arizona voters are undecided about whether they are going to vote Republican or Democrat this election. This would seem to be a very sizeable question mark for the outcome of the election, which is why the Kelly campaign is resorting to dirty tactics.

Kelly cannot just come right out and admit to all the “very liberal” policies that he actually has in store for Arizona, Bronson further admitted, “even though you think he’s going to do them anyways.”

“He’s not going to say anything outright about what he’s going to do unless it will garner support from Independents and some of the moderate Republicans,” Bronson further said. (Related: Last year, Project Veritas got a Pfizer official to admit that Fauci Flu shots [covid ‘vaccines’] contain ingredients made from aborted babies.)

Without those independent votes, Kelly simply does not have a chance of winning a Senate seat in Arizona – at least not without massive voter fraud, which after what we saw in 2020 is not necessarily out of the question.