Another "safe and effective" Product People Have Been Deceived into Accepting for the Last


By John C. A. Manley

I can understand why.

Already, classic novels are being scrubbed and edited to cater to far-left ideologies (if they haven't been outright banned altogether). Re-woking TV shows to make them more "inclusive" doesn't sound all that far-fetched.

But, yes, it was just a joke (I hope) put on by the pseudo-woke gang at In the same article, they propose a rather dystopian episode of Gilligan's Island:

"When a box of seeds washes up on the island the castaways set to work making a vegetable garden. Little do they know that Gilligan had used the top of the box marked 'GMO seeds Made in Wuhan, China' to make a stool. Gillllligaaaannn! The Skipper transforms into a woman, the millionaire and his wife die, Ginger and Mary Ann mutate into bats, and the Professor comes down with Down syndrome. Will Gilligan, the only person on the island who doesn't eat vegetables, be able to save his friends and then not be murdered by them?"

This brings up a point of a division that I've long noted between "liberals" and "conservatives" which, in recent years, has been sent into an ideological tailspin.

Traditionally, I've observed conservatives quite supportive of genetically modified organisms and the use of herbicides and pesticides in agriculture; while liberals were typically the organic granola-eating Gaia worshippers.

GMOs and pesticides were almost akin to fossil fuels, with the conservatives saying we can't live without them, and the liberals saying they are destroying the planet.