China Is Employing a "Death by a Thousand Cuts" Strategy Against America's Military

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As Steve Quayle said in a recent interview on The Common Sense Show, the United States and China are at war. China is busy implementing their war strategy and that strategy involves every continent on the planet. 

Let us begin this strategy with a discussion of the obvious. The coronavirus attack on America was a combination of a Deep State/Democratic Party Minions/Chicom bioweapon attack upon the United States designed to destroy our economy and our long-term ability to wage war.

The intent of the attack, as we have learned was not wipe out America (yet), but to destroy America's industrial might. And when the nation's industries are brought to their knees, the American government will not be able to convert peacetime industries to wartime industries in order to carry on a war against Chinese agression.. Why? Because America's peacetime industries lie in ruins and a conversion to a prolonged war effort has been lost due to the lockdown of our country under the ruse of the universal threat of the coronavirus. The industries of America were the real threat. 

The Chinese brag that they can put 100 million men on the battlefield. America has a standing military of 1.3 million soldiers. Without a ramping up of American men and material, China will wear down America and eventually conquer, exterminate American citizens and occupy the mainland of the United States as Wei Fenghe, China's Defense Minister stated last summer. 

The Chinese economy has no remaining ability to compete on a global scale. Further, China has been handed the role of world policeman by the ruling elite on this planet. Becuse of a lack of economic resources including food, China is facing civil war if they do not begin to acquire resources. Therefore, the Chinese have been put on deaths ground, in a no-win position. Either they conqure America for tis resources, or they will fall due to a civil war.  

China is militarily moving on several areas and countries. Why? It is obvious that China is provoking a military response from the United States. However, this is an old Chinese strategy in which a country's military is worn down before conquering their enemy. China is obviously preparing to start so many regional conflicts that the US will be worn down. 

The Chinese strategy is going to prove effective because as I point out in the following video. the Federal Reserve states that the United States is about to experience a 30% drop in GDP. This will prevent America from converting peactime industries into wartime industries.  Again, this is more proof that this is clearly a death by a 1000 cuts strategy being implemented by the CHICOMS. 


It is difficult to believe that the CV-19 lockdown of America, which destroyed our industrial base was not intentionally the result of a Deep State-CHICOM-Democratic Party plot to make America vulnerable to invasion. 

Just How Active Is Chinese Military Aggression?

The Chinese have increasingly become militarily aggressive in recent years and here is a partial list of their imperialistic advances that the CHICOMS have recently engaged in:

  • The Chinese have attempted to disrupt work trade by falsely claiming the China Sea belongs to China.
  • The Chinese have constructed artificial, heavily fortified Islands in order to compensate for a lack of aircraft carriers.
  • The Chinese have engaged in border skirmishes with Indian troops on their mutual border. Now the CHICOMS have infiltrated inside of India as deep as 100 miles, or more. 


  • The Chinese military has constructed a military base of operation inside of Pakistan. President Trump just announced that he was cutting off $300 million in military aid to Pakistan. The reason for the cut back in funding was not announced, but it is easy to connect the dots on this one.
  • The Chinese have attempted to insert themselves into the Syrian conflict but, to date, have been unsuccessful.
  • The Chinese previously fired on an American naval plane with a so-called shot across the bow in the disputed South China Sea.
  • After years of mindlessly following the UN Migration Pact in which the Australian government completely capitulated to unrestricted Chinese immigration, just like the Democrats want America to do with millions of Latin Americans trying to cross our southern border. the government thought they were getting cheap labor and a docile population that would be easy to control. That has not proven to be the case. And now, at the highest levels of the Australian government, they are publicly questioning the wisdom of giving Chinese nations unfettered access to their institutions of higher learning. Before watching this report, it should be noted that if one is taking over any culture, taking control of the education system is one of the first places to begin. The Chinese invasion of Australia is aimed at destroying the existing culture.  

  • The CHICOMS are protecting Maduro and his mineral assets in Venezuela. 
  • In Central America, the United States has been indifferent to the infrastructure needs of Central America with more than 60% of Central America’s roads being unpaved and 70% of Central America's sewage is released in an untreated state. The power grids are not reliable and the US has done nothing. However, in 2008, the Chinese showed up and began to build AND control the infrastructure of the 7 country region.  However, with infrastructure development, came a mountain of debt for these Central American countries and as a result, they are hopelessly indebted to the Chinese. Of course, if one controls a nation's purse strings, they also control the politics and the military. Can you say Red Dawn? There are some 56 port deals at various levels that China's working and that has strong military implications with regard to the logistics needed to launch a major invasion south of the American-Mexican border.

    From Business Insider:

    China has "deployed some assets" to the region,...and that's picked up consistently in the last couple years. They're also increasing their military engagement, Spanish-language schools, training, training centers, and gifting of gear to various countries."

    Do we have your attention?

  • The CHICOMS have invested in infrastructure projects in South America, just the same as we see in Central America and are calling in the loans in order to gain control of a country. Ecuador is a case in point. 


Everywhere we turn the CHICOMs are making their imperialistic aims are felt on every continent. It is becoming increasingly clear that the Chines are employing a "death by a 1000 cuts" strategy. The Chinese are purposely creating hotspots around the world that are designed to spread American forces so thin that we cannot effectively respond and eventually we will not be able to defend our country because of the lack of industrial resouces. The Chinese will merely attack on multiple fronts as they make us expend precious resources to defend the likes of Taiwan, the Phillipines, Vietnam, Australia, Japan and South Korea. 


Why can't America just ignore China's imperialism? The answer is simple, we need the trade relationship from nations that China is putting in harms way. Taiwan for example, accounts for 6% of America's overall trade. The failure for America to respond to Chinese aggressions would hasten a further destruction of the American economy due to lost trade. Not responding to the Chinese aggression is not an option and the Chinese know it! The Chinese may attack our allies, but make no mistake about it, America is the real target. 

Seven million veterans of fighting age better lock and load. In the next article, I will demonstrate how close we are to being invaded.