Former Governors Ducey (AZ), Kemp (GA) and Present AZ Gov Hobbs, Set the Stage for CHICOM-Assisted Election Theft In 2020


 The Russian revolution, that can be accurately described in two distinct parts: (1) The February Revolution;  and, (2) The Bolshevik Revolution.

The stage was set for Russia to leave the Tsarist control of Nicholas which will eventually culminate in the establishment of the most brutal form of Marxism ever witnessed on the planet. The murder of Nicholas was the trigger event for this Russian transition of power.

This United States has just gone through its Tsar Nicholas murder moment when Donald Trump had the 2020 election stolen by the following groups: 

(1) International funding and support from the global elite that must remove American self-governance as well as America’s economic prowess and military strength; 

(2) Well-funded and key operatives of a joint political movement consisting of Democratic Party/RINOs led by such notables as former president Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Pelosi’s nephew Gavin Newsom, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Susan Harris, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, General Milley, et al: 

(3) Well-funded Soros controlled judges appointed by Bill Clinton and Obama stand guard over the emerging communist palace in Washington DC; 

(4) Well-funded Soros prosecutors and key political figures controlling their respective county elections (eg County Clerk and Recorders, County Board of Supervisors) were all put into place in order to complete the overthrow of Donald Trump and the American populist movement; 

(5) Rank and file Democrats manning large (Blue) city polling places that could be counted on to carry out ballot stuffing practices made possible by the Chinese flu we call Covid 19 which changed election practices and allowed a Dementia-ridden President to unseat a President that received almost 2 out of 3 votes to be defeated in the biggest voter fraud in world history. 

The use of electronic voting machines in largely Blue cities and states allowed for further remediation of the true election results. There will not likely ever be another free election in America because of these two practices controlled by the extreme Left (ie Bolshevik wing of the Democratic Party) in which any conservative vote is neutralized by mass cheating. In post-revolutionary Russia the placement of key officials, often through mass assassinations and the replacement of key Bolshevik personnel were placed in power positions and this will lead to Russia’s second (Bolshevik) revolution which is described below. In present-day America, these revolutionary power brokers are the mainstream media, fascist-motivated Fortune 500 corporations who will benefit from extreme government control which will eliminate all small business capitalist-style competition and this is why you see corporate America going along with the mandatory jab as a prerequisite for employment and the embracing of insane “woke policies”. Without the Chinese involvement, there is no Covid19 and related election changes which allowed for massive voter fraud. The Chinese benefit because they are one step closer to replacing America as the world policeman.

The Russian Revolution’s equivalent of America’s conglomerate of voter fraudsters was the 1917 Wall Street establishment who poured money into the Red Revolution and who needs voter fraud in Russia when assassinations will do quite nicely?

In my work on uncovering voter fraud connected to the 2020 stolen elections consisted of my discovery of compromised  key American-elected officials, that were subsequently controlled by both George Soros and Communist China. When election audits were conducted, they were also compromised by the same officials who were under foreign Chinese/Soros influence. Please allow me to briefly review the Arizona situation and let it stand as the playbook for compromised elections across the Country:


  1. Former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey who’s original last name was Roscoe as in the Roscoe crime family in Ohio, is the quintessential stooge. Ducey’s private business made its fortune, initially, in Communist China. Many believe that Ducey is beholding to the CCP. It was a Ducey who refused to allow the Arizona State Senate to convene in a special session to challenge the 2020 election results until after the January 6th certification date. Ducey, when speaking before the National Governor’s Association meeting in 2017, actually promised that Arizona would deliver rare-earth minerals needed by the Chinese military. This is as treasonous as Hillary’s Uranium One scandal in which she sold highly enriched uranium to Putin. By the way, the Arizona governor sits on the Board of T-Gen, a company intimately involved in vaccines. All of this made Ducey the perfect stooge.
  2. Former Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, a devout Marxist-Communist, was largely funded by George Soros interests. In her 2018 campaign for office, Hobbs, on video, promised to use her office to get Democrats elected and the tone was set for massive Arizona voter fraud.
  3. The man who would be needed to deliver indictments for voter fraud, etc., Maricopa County Sheriff, Paul Penzone, was clearly compromised by being funded to the tune of $2 million by George Soros to replace Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a staunch conservative who supported Trump. Penzone’s office is dripping with cartel influence and we all know that means China is calling the shots. Penzone lied to the public about possessing key election fraud evidence in order to keep the election auditors from obtaining key evidence of election fraud. In a just society all of the abovementioned officials would be on trial for not just election fraud, but also for treason. Welcome to the new Amerika, as this is the MO for the entire country.

There is much more to my Arizona examples, but this is the pattern all across the country. Once a person understands Maricopa County, Arizona, it is easy to find the same patterns in Fulton County, Georgia and nearly every state across America. By the way, Georgia Governor Kemp has strong Communist Chinese ties which parallels Ducey’s compromised status. It cannot be overstated that this type of fraud happened all across America and it led to the Great Steal of 2020 and this was the equivalent to the Russian Revolution Part One.

In 1917 Russia, as stated, political assassination was the answer to America voter fraud. Communist Chinese Wuhan flu and the establishment of subsequent voter fraud practices was the equivalent of 1917 Wall Street supporting the Russian Revolution. The methods associated with installing a communist government were different but the intent and the result are the same.

As the Russians replaced Nicholas, this was only the first part of a two-part revolution. The stage was now set for a second revolution which will end with Lenin establishing the Marxist-Communist rule that would control Russia for 70 years.   

The February Revolution began on March 8, 1917, when starving demonstrators overran the streets of Petrograd, the capital of Russia at that time. The revolutionaries consisted of huge crowds of striking industrial workers, the protesters resisted the police and refused to disperse despite a large loss of life.

On March 10, the strike spread among all of Petrograd's workers, and the irritated masses destroyed police stations. Today, in America, we would call Petrograd both Seattle and Portland and the domestic terrorist activities, AS WELL AS THE PALESTINE COLLEGE CAMPUS SOROS-SPONSORED PROTESTS.  These are the Petrograd’s workers  . The Petrograd workers were funded by Wall Street interests (ie Warbug, Rockefellers). Today, the street revolutionaries are funded by George Soros organizations and Chinese controlled American politicians at all levels of government.

On March 11, 1917, the troops of the Petrograd army garrison were called out to neutralize the uprising without much effort. On March 12, the revolution triumphed as the Petrograd garrison surrendered and joined the cause of the demonstrators. This led to establishment of Lenin as the first communist leader of Russia. America has indeed completed assassination of Nicholas, through the removal of Trump through voter fraud. This culmination of 1917 events is analogous to the 2021 George Floyd inspired “Defund the Police” movement and the compromising of county prosecutors, again, by George Soros campaign contributions (eg Illinois Attorney General Fox). Just like in 1917, America has just completed its first part of the communist revolution and stage two is ready to commence.

As the original Russian revolutionaries were replaced and murdered in second part of what will be labeled the Bolshevik Revolution, America is about ready witness a second revolution and the co-conspirators of the election theft and the establishment of communist party practices are about ready to be replaced by the extreme Left of the Democratic Party. Biden, Harris, Schumer and Pelosi are nearing involuntary replacement. AOC and the so-called squad are the modern-day Bolsheviks and they are poised for a takeover that leave most Americans wondering how they lost their Constitutional Republic.

It is not difficult to predict that this modern-day takeover will happen in mere months and it will not likely be a peaceful transition and whatever violence is needed to effect a regime change in this second American communist revolution, will soon be transferred to the people of America. Those of you who laughed at the assertion that there were FEMA camps ready to be turned into concentration camps, will soon regret your skepticism.

How will Biden and eventually Harris leave office and make way for the American Bolsheviks?