Four Election Night Scenarios: Robert Griswold and Dave Hodges

america distressed

The CSS recently interviewed, Robert Griswold, one of the most respected survivalist experts in the country. Robert has developed a reputation for a no-nonsense, Christian-based approach to analyzing the ongoing Bolshevik Revolution that is picking up momentum as it consumes America. Unfortunately, most Americans have absolutely no clue, no perspective, that enables most people to better and more fully understand that the demise of the US has passed the point of no return.

Most people are too afraid to deal with the truth and in the paraphrased words of Jack Nicholson, "Most Americans cannot handle the truth!" On that note, the interview that I just conducted with Mr. Griswold,will fall on deaf ears with many Americans, because the message does not begincand end with a pollyanish version of a hero coming to the resuce. There will be no rescue, there will be no allies we can depend on, there will be no reversing of the judgment that has come to America. The only hero that is available to us now is Jesus Christ!

My people perish for a lack of knowledge is the theme of this interview. The interview encompasses 4 election night scenarios and we will warn the readers, ahead of time, that there will be no happy ending! Robert speaks directly to the role that Jesus can/will play in providing guidance and protection as we enter the most dangerous time in American history. 

This is a landmark interview that deserves to go viral because Robert Griswold tells it exactly as it is. 

To access the interview, click here

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