A Globalist Candidate For Mexico's Presidency Could Cement Control Of The Continent

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EDITOR'S NOTE:  We are facing a dire consequence south of the border. The following article was written by one of my colleagues, Pastor Sam Honnold. He details the potentially devastating events south of our border, which could, indeed, come north and greatly impact America. Pastor Honnold has given The Common Sense Show the exclusive on this important development which is being ignored by the legacy media! The audience can follow Pastor Honnold by clicking this link. At this site, you will be able to access his daily podcast as well as support his ministry!


The US Deep State is perturbed that Mexico has been escaping its orbit during AMLO's presidency, and is determined to install a puppet president in 2024 to head their southern neighbor. The many political parties have mostly aligned into two opposing camps, but an independent backed by CIA money and propaganda machinery could upset a fair contest. If such an independent could get the blessing of Donald Trump, even better. All that has now occurred.

In the first half of AMLO's presidency, an insurrection against him was attempted. Bushite warmongers in the CIA would like to have exploited the bitter feud between Trump and AMLO. The head of this insurrection was Governor Francisco J. G. Cabeza de Vaca of the northern State of Tamaulipas, bordering Texas. Accusing AMLO of being a communist soft on crime, he presented himself as an alternative. He counted on the support of other narco-governors and sympathetic military officers. Standing by were his militarized state police, a veritable private army, likely built with CIA money through the Merida Initiative that he requested personally from George P. Bush. Cabeza de Vaca would continue the war on drugs that had cost so many lives while trafficking only increased. He would fight against AMLO's purported communism and be the security partner the USA desperately needed. Providentially, Trump didn't take the bait. He backed away from Cabeza de Vaca, eventually becoming a friend and close partner of AMLO.

The truth of Cabeza de Vaca's corruption gradually became known. He was stripped of his immunity to prosecution by an act of congress and became the most wanted fugitive in all of Mexico. When his party was voted out of power just last year, he went into hiding to escape imminent arrest. Four months later he appeared publicly in Houston, Texas. His good friend, Bushite Governor Gregg Abbott, apparently shielded him from prosecution, extradition, and even immigration law! He made a bid for the Mexican presidency from beyond the Rio Grande. His tweets, news appearances, and billboards were having an effect, but he would have to set foot in Mexico to file his candidacy, risking arrest. His brother, Ismael Cabeza de Vaca, a sitting federal senator, requested the ex-governor's identity documents at the municipal palace in Reynosa. He was turned away by the MORENA controlled local officials. Clearly, the ex-governor would be apprehended should he come in person; he thus could not file as a presidential candidate.

Francisco Cabeza de Vaca tried one “last trick” as governor, according to news outlet CodigoMagenta. He hand-picked a candidate to succeed him as governor that he and his PAN party could support...someone that he could count on to protect him as he ran for president from within Mexico. He decided to bring out of the shadows an official that had been nearly invisible, Cesar “El Truco” (The Trick, or Trickster) Verastegui. Truco held the position “head of government” in Tamaulipas, a powerful law enforcement official. Not hardly seen in his official capacity, the rumor was that Truco was a notorious drunk, put on the payroll as a henchman for the governor and not expected to work. In a 2022 jailbreak where cartel members were freed from custody in an armed assault, El Manana faulted Truco, stating that he controlled the mayors of the surrounding cities and other public officials. Nevertheless, Truco ran for governor that same year. Despite voter intimidation by menacing gunmen, locked polling places, and other attempts to the contrary, Truco was defeated at the polls. A warrant was then issued for his arrest. Clearly, the insurrection needed a new face.

In 2023, The “Sound of Freedom” movie made its debut, bringing into the spotlight the true, dark underworld of child trafficking so prevalent in Latin America. Free from political encumbrance, the Mexican-born producer took the reels on tour, screening the movie for the governors of his native nation, along with their staffs. He far exceeded the success of Cabeza de Vaca, who traveled in the height of COVID-19 quarantines to meet with almost half of Mexico's governors—15 out of 32, inviting them into his insurrection. The Producer met with nearly all of them, introducing them to an area of crime they must stand firm against. As law-enforcement officers, a crackdown on trafficking would be noble in some respects. For a Bushite warmonger, this could be the new gravy train, just like the ongoing war on drugs. The Producer then went truly international, screening the movie for presidents of sovereign nations like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Chile. It was at Mar-a-lago where he privately screened the movie for Donald J. Trump, who introduced the Producer as “my friend and perhaps the next president of Mexico, Eduardo Verastegui.” Yes, VERASTEGUI, the nephew of Cesar “El Truco” Verastegui.

He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers...” -Daniel 11:24a

Like Cabeza de Vaca and his uncle “Truco”, Eduardo is from Tamaulipas, Mexico. He started performing while still in his teens before his breakout as a heartthrob in the “telenovelas” (soap operas), then transitioning to film and directing. His young start and meteoric rise in showbusiness parallels that of US Disney stars, and Eduardo shares the same indicators of sexualization and Monarch programming. Shadowy elites desire persons under mind control to perform for them; perhaps the greatest role of all is as a marionette president. Often the survivors of horrific abuse are the ones bold enough to battle against it, and their efforts are to be lauded. These are things that should not be in modern, civil, or Christian nations. Nevertheless, those victims with suspicious associations and ongoing signs of mental fragmentation should not be trusted in positions of political or military power.

By Sam Honnold October 20, 2023