Have Three Bioweapons Unleashed On the United States?


The present virus mystery is a mystery wrapped inside of an enigma. The path to understanding what is behind the present and so-called Coronavirus is difficult to make sense out of this. However, there is one thing that I am growing more convinced about as time goes on. This is a bioweapon. Why would I say this? Ground zero in China is the Chinese equivalent of Ft. Dietrich, MD.  What would knowledgeable Americans say if Ebola’s release into America was at Ft. Dietrich. We would all recognize this false flag for what it is and be screaming as much at the top of our lungs.

This so-called Coronavirus is a bioengineered weapon. The Chinese need a large scale population reduction in order make financial ends meet. The CCP would benefit greatly if millions of their own people could be eliminated as it would eliminate a lot of pressure on social service and the astronomical number of mouths to feed.

This report is a status report which identifies and analyzes the best available data on this so-called virus at this time.


Most of the people who have followed me for any length time know that I have two sources in the DEA. One has had extensive experience with the CDC in areas of Hepatitis B and C, which can be drug related. From their CDC sources, very quiet sources are saying that major mutations are embedded in what is spreading through China.

 I have learned that the intended virual projected mutations are as follows:

  1. Swine outbreak
  2. Swine spreads to humans
  3. Human to human contact is now occurring
  4. The human version of the virus mutates and spreads back to swine.

Why would we see these multiple mutations and why would this designer virus mutate so it could begin to re-infect swine? Initially, this made no sense to me either until it was pointed out to me that the viral invasion of the United States would center in large urban areas and most rural areas would be relatively unaffected as long as people began to self-quarantine. Then the light came on. This last mutation is designed to attack rural areas as well. However, there is another purpose as well. The last mutation will generalize to other animal populations and create food shortages.

The killing of the food supply would provide the Deep State with some decided advantages:

It would eliminate a guerrilla army, acting in opposition to any force that would overthrow the country, to limit the food supply of any patriot guerrilla army. This was actually practiced in Jade Helm 16 with crisis actors. 

The generalization of specific animal deaths to other animal populations, makes a great deal of sense. When Mao took over China, he collected all the guns and forbade the people from raising and hunting their own food. Instead, Mao wanted the Chinese people to depend on the weekly government shipments of food to the people so that they could better be controlled. There is evidence that this is happening here.  On January 13, Paul Martin and myself did an interview where we identified a virulent pathogen that were killing deer, elk and moose. For a guerrilla army, this would be devastating.  Further, it would allow a group of Bolsheviks, who just overthrew the United States, to control the people by turning food into a weapon. 

  • Also, the timing of this bioweapons attack is very suspect. Impeachment is failing and the Deep State and their minions, the Democrats, are floundering and Trump has a smooth path to re-election. That cannot be allowed to happen because in his second term, Trump could appoint 2 or 3 Supreme Coiurt judges and this makes issue a time-sensitive issue. 
  • There is also great confusion about what kind of bioweapon we are looking at. Confusion is an ally of the perpetrators. 

Both my source and a senior federal law enforcement source have told me the same thing. I am told that this weapon is the pneumonic plague, ebola and the Coronavirus all wrapped up into one simultaneous release

I am getting multiple reports that we are going to get hit with the Pneumonic Plague and Ebola. It is obvious to myself that the Chinese have been preparing to release these outbreaks since November of 2019. In November, the NY Times reported that the Pneumonic Plague Is Diagnosed in China. Two cases of the fatal and highly infectious illness, which is related to bubonic plague, were found in Beijing, prompting fears of an outbreak.

I have also learned that a third virus has been introduced into the United States and it is the Coronavirus as advertised. My source feels this is a cover to distract and confuse pathologists as to what they are truly dealing with until it is too late.

This is a smoking gun revelation. 


Even the Council on Foreign Relations, just yesterday, expressed a concern about the nature and severity of this virus.


As I stated, this is a status report and the story in its final form is yet to be written.