Here's Why We Could be Headed for Another Dark Middle Ages


 Chris MacIntosh

Trends are changing. In the 1930's it was wearing spectacles. Remember Pol Pot?

Now, it is any of the following: having a barbeque with friends on a Sunday afternoon, (meat eating being a planet murdering activity), taking Johny to football or Sally to ballet in a… deep breath, car (driving being a planet extinguishing activity).

'Maybe try walking' as climate extremist group Tyre Extinguishers suggest

Climate change extremists have deflated "hundreds" of tyres on SUVs in the wealthy Melbourne suburb overnight, with notes left on windscreens informing owners that their "gas guzzler kills" and suggesting they try taking public transport instead.

I don't know, but when I think about these people sometimes I just want to point them to the sky as I'm quite sure God sends messages.

The abject failure to think is astonishing. The answer, they tell us (aside from bug eating), is electrification. So to these dimwits, let's just consider this. The reality is that humans mined 700 million tons of copper over the last 5,000 years. The same 700 million tons will need to be mined over the next 22 years to meet energy transition targets using wind, solar, and electric vehicles.