How 63 Days of Hell Has Destroyed the Most Powerful Nation on Earth

distressed flag

Will the real Donald Trump please stand up? America is heading towards the final curtain call.  Head for the exits America, this game is over. 

However, the view that Donald Trump was a globalist plant and has always "been one of them", is moronic. Please allow me to remind of what this President did when he took over:

  • Trump took on the Republican establishment and won the Republican primary.
  • Trump defeated the election-stealing tactics of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton
  • Trump refused to attack Syria against intense Deep State pressure to do so.
  • Trump refused to attack Venezuela against intense Deep State pressure to do so .
  • Trump refused to attack North Korea against intense Deep State pressure to do so.
  • He killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership which would have destroyed the soveriegnty of the United States
  • He took on the New World Order's designated 21 century world policeman, China, and reversed a long-standing, one-sided trade relationship. China has never recovered. 
  • Trump opposed China's attempt to takeover the South China Sea.
  • Trump incentivized American based manufacturing to return to America by using a blended approach consisting of tax incentives and high tarrifs for continuing with the globalist destruction of the United States economy.
  • Trump set into motion the achievement of America's lowest unemployment rate in the history of this country for Blacks, Latinos and women, despite being called a racist, on a daily basis, by the mainstream media. 
  • Trump removed control of the Long Beach Port from the CHICOMS.
  • Trump's economy achieved a 3.5% unemployment rate!
  • The Democrats could not find a candidate to stand up to Trump as of January 2020.
  • Trump survived the "Russian-Collusion-Delusion"
  • Trump survived a politically motivated impeachment!
  • Trump's rallies were drawing 20,000 per event, while the Democrats were drawing dozens. At least that was the case until 63 days ago. 


What happened to our President in the last 63 days as he has done the following:

  • In 63 days, Trump has allowed a fraudster criminal with blatant conflicts of interest, Anthony Fauci, run the American economy into the ground. Fauci is alignned with depopulation architecht Bill Gates.
  • In 63 days, American unemployment has reached at least 35%!
  • In 63 days, the President allowed the box stores to thrive and small business to be decimated. Small business employs the most Americans of any sector of the economy. 
  • In 63 days, Trump has turned from defending civil liberties to abusing them like no President since FDR and perhaps even Lincoln!
  • In 63 days, Trump has allowed local Democratic dictators to abuse the Constitutional rights of Americans with impunity. He could have cut off federal funding. He could have charged these governors/mayors, for their 14th Amendment violations through the DOJ.
  • In 63 days, Trump has allowed a nobody, Fauci, to dictate the medical course in dealing with COVID-19, which meant ignoring any promising treatment whose spelling did not begin with the letter, VACCINE!
  • In 63 days, Trump went from trying to reform Big Pharma to becoming their most powerful ally. 
  • In 63 days, Trump has gone from a President who attempted to defend civil liberties to perpetuating history's biggest abuse of citizen rights.
  • In 63 days, Trump has participated in the evisceration of the middle class!
  • In 63 days, Trump has embraced mandatory vaccines. 
  • In 63 days, Trump has announced that he intends to enforce medical martial law upon the country with Operation Warp Speed. 
  • In 63 days, Trump has announced his intention to violate Posse Comitatus by using the military against the people for the benefit of Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Big Pharma.
  • In 63 days, Trump has allowed the destruction of the American economy and culture through the destruction of personal intimacy with unproven social distancing!
  • In 63 days, Trump has cost himself the 2020 election. By doing so, Trump has guaranteed the completion of the Democrats Bolshevik Revolution against the people of the United States.  

The President did not come into office as a globalist. However, he is leavng office as the President that handed over America to the globalists. What happened? Please consider the following:

  • Have you considered how different America will look one year from now with the Bolshevik/Social Justice Warriors/Democrats in charge? Hint: You will own nothing including your own body!
  • How many of you will still be alive in the next 24 months?
  • What will happen to the lifespan of Americans with mandatory vaccines which can, in no way, be scientifically valided in such a short time frame?
  • How will America be conqured? We know by whom, but how?
  • How many of you will spend your golden years, not in an assisted living center,  but in a live-in facility called a FEMA Camp?
  • Do you know about the planned food shortages for this summer? Do you know that many, and eventually most food processing plants have closed, or will close? 
  • Do you know that the National Guard could be assigned to keep the food processing plants open and avoid the coming famines?
  • Do you have any idea that in the not-so-distant-future that there will be blue-helmeted Chinese on your street?
  • Do you know about Chinese Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe and his announced intention to kill as many Americans as possible with bioweapons before sending hundreds of millions Chinese colonists to occupy America?
  • It took over 200 hundred years to build America into the greatest and most free nation in the history of the world and it only took 63 days to destroy it! Stop blaming Trump, he was playing in a rigged game and the people did nothing to help him in the moment of crisis!   

We have met the enemy and he is us! The only question remaining is this: Do we go down on our feet or cowering in the corner?