If One Wants the Truth on Ukraine and the Deep State's Intention to Start WW III, Then Take a Close Look At Victoria Nuland


Victoria Nuland works for the most dangerous mafia in the United States, the Deep State. Through four administrations, she has held a variety of positions and has been thrust, probably against her will, to fix various Deep State scandals ranging from Fast and Furious, Burisma, Clinton Foundation arms deals run through Ukraine and whole assortment of scandals. Originally, we would have branded her as a conservative since she was appointed to the Bush administration. However, circumstances have propelled her into being a major fixer for the Deep State. I believe her life hangs by a thread. If one wants to know what the Deep State is up to, watch Victoria Nuland, the present Undersecretary of State. 

Nuland's Deep State Associations

Current Under Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland is an insider’s, insider. As posted on the CSS, last week, Nuland gave testimony to the Senate Intelligence Commiteeand admitted that we have operated a Bioweapons lab in Ukraine. She said that "we created anticipated bioweapons that our advesaries would use..." If one is creating weapons for research on enemy arsenals, they are still CREATING BIOWEAPONS!  And all of this happened near the Russian border and the world wonders why Putin is so angry! This is public record. Nuland is a person of interest for global, Great Reset connections and the history of Burisma and American corruption in Ukraine and its connection to the World Economic Forum!!!

Because of her previous positions, prior to becoming the current Undersecretary of State, her nefarious positions have traversed four (Bush,Obama, Trump, Biden) separate administrations, she knows where all the bodies are buried, literally and figuratively. And at the present moment, Nuland is a bigger threat to the Deep State and the revelation of their illegal antics than even Hillary Clinton. In fact, Nuland's previous Senate testimony, in 2015, could have sent either Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to prison. As I describe in a later paragraph, Nuland was compromised and forced to participate in the event that led to the fake Russian-Collusion-Delusion Mueller investigation. In that event, she Was forced to testify before the Senate, but former Attorney General Jeff Sessions protected her AND Nuland's allies to keep Hillary out of prison. Jeff Sessions, the former AG, and his top assistant, Rod Rosenstein WERE THE OPERATIVES THAT ALLOWED THE INFAMOUS DOSSIER TO FADE AWAY.   had previously speculated that Nuland would not survive to testify. However, I did not account for her Deep State ally, Jeff Sessions and how he protected her.

Victoria Nuland is a former State Department official, became ambassador and is now back with the State Department. She is a utility player and they plug her in to all crisis situations. In that capacity, Victoria Nuland allegedly was the conduit between corrupt and Deep-State serving FBI officials and the former British spy who wrote the illegal and Deep State motivated anti-Trump Steele dossier. Nuland was involved! This document represents both fraud and subsequent illegal FISA surveillance of a private citizen when candidate Donald Trump was running for President. Nuland previously testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on this matter and on the Fast and Furious scandal in which she provided clean up for the Obama administration. Coincidentally, Nuland had help from Deep State Fixer and Cleaner, Rod Rosenstein's wife, Lisa Barsoomian. She was and is involved in the Great Reset and Burisma's role in this endeavor. This brings in Hunter and Joe Biden, Mitt Romney Nuland, John Kerry's stepson and Devon Archer (Unter's best friend who is in prison for his role in Burisma and will not likely come out alive) and SHE IS is a career political bureaucrat and among her many positions, such as the George W. Bush administration's U.S. Ambassador to NATO, she knows all the players and is in a place to get World War III started! Last week, when Nuland admitted in her Senate Intelligence Committee hearing that the US had operated Bioweapons labs, believe her and she purposely understated the involvement! This is why the media is calling for Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard to go to prison for treason for their role in revealing this to the public! There is more...

When Obama was elected he retained this good Deep State servant and assigned Nuland to serve as the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs in the State Department. In her latter political capacity in the Obama administration and according to the book Russian Roulette, Nuland  played an irreplaceable role in the development and the distribution of  Christopher Steele’s fabricated negative campaign research on then PRIVATE CITIZEN  and presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016. Nuland’s most damning and self-incriminating role in this scandal consisted of giving permission for an FBI agent in London to meet with the former U.K. intelligence officer who handed over the fake and false dossier. In legal terms, Nuland is guilty of aiding and abetting a fraud, malfeasance of office, violating Federal Elections Commission policies (ie a felony), and the violation of the Hatch Act which prohibits federal employees from becoming involved in elections. If justice is served, Nuland is in a lot of trouble, perhaps even more trouble than former Assistant Director of the FBI, McCabe, or former FBI special agent Strzok who was escorted out of the FBI Building. Nuland was in the middle of this crowd. So why is she still employed by the US government and why is she still walking free? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that Nuland was protected by Sessions and the extensive reach of the Deep State. Now, she has surfaced again and is playing a pivotal role in getting World War III started with Russia. Nuland's shift in duties is payment for services rendered by the Deep State to keep her out of prison over the dossier issue. In the present moment, Nuland appears to be a traitor to the United States. But remember, her loyalties lie with George W. Bush. Nuland was originally a conservative, however, she was retained by Obama and she was subsequently used, unwittingly, in the dossier issue. This is wehn she joined the dark side! It is obvious that she was set up to be the patsy and take the fall and would have if Sessions had not intervened. Today, because she is caught between a rock and a hard place, she is part of the plot to force Putin's hand to start WW III.  The position she was put in during the dossier revelation compromised her and she is being blackmailed every step of the way. Now, she has a new job, start World War III and she has a new boss, and along with the fringe elements of NATO they are trying to start World War III. She has evolved into Klaus Schwab's swamp creature! If you are enjoying this dirt on the Deep State's go-to-person on Ukraine, you will love more history on Nuland!

Before leaving this aspect of the story, please watch the Tucker Carlson Tape in which Nuland's admission of US involvement with bioweapons labs in Ukraine is admitted to. 

Meet Arkancided FBI Agent, David Raynor

One of the more recent cases of Arkancide has a direct link to Victoria Nuland and Hillary Clinton. Please allow me to posthumously introduce you to Arkancide victim, David Raynor, a Special Agent for the FBI. The night before Raynor was to testify against Hillary Clinton an improbable murder-suicide happened. Something tragic happened the day before this agent was to testify against Hillary Clinton about her 33,000 emails and her role in the coverup of Fast and Furious  and Burisma dealings.

According to the police report, Special Agent David Raynor was “stabbed multiple times” and “shot twice with his own weapon,” and this crime scene finding was repeated in the local media reports. The official report on the death of Raynor and his wife was that Raynor allegedly murdered and then Raynor allegedly  turned his gun on himself. This story has more holes than the Vince Foster "suicide". Please review the previous sentences in this paragraph and ask yourself who commits suicide by shooting themselves, TWICE! Further, both the husband and the wife had multiple stab wounds. So are we to believe that the couple engaged in a mutual knife fight as the wife inflicted stab wounds to this FBI special agent before being stabbed to death herself and then the agent shot himself twice and the both bodies were found outside the home? Bravo Sierra!

The couple was involved in a contentious divorce. What a great cover story that makes. But please pay attention to this....Raynor’s tragic death comes just one day before he was due to testify before a US Federal Grand Jury. Raynor was widely expected to testify that Hillary Clinton acted illegally to protect Obama administration crimes while covering up the Fast and Furious scandal and she ran guns through Ukraine!


Almost nobody was covering the importance of Victoria Nuland's impending testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee last week. The Deep State's media hoped nobody would pay attention that Nuland would be forced, in sworn testimony, that the US operated bioweapons labs in Ukraine, thus giving Putin the moral high ground in in starting a war with Ukraine.

Nuland is an insider's, insider. Because of her previous positions, traversing four separate administrations, she knows where all the bodies are buried, literally and figuratively. And at the present moment, Nuland is a bigger threat to the Deep State  but she's safe for now as they need her to provide as much cover from the truth to the extent that she has control over.  

By the way, the CSS has learned that the Carlyle group is involved in Ukraine's dealings. And what do we know about them? They like to, and they do start wars! All of this us just tip of the iceberg stuff. Stay tuned!  Nuland may want to hire someone to start her car.