Michigan Head Coach Reveals "Mini Revival" Took Place Among Players...


 By Anthony Scott

University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh's impact on players in the Wolverine's football program is much deeper than the game of football.

During an interview with Christian sports commentator Jon Root, Harbaugh revealed that 70 of his players had been baptized over the past season.

Harbaugh told Root, "There's a spiritual mission to our team."

Root reacted to the incredible news from Harbaugh by expressing that the baptism of 70 players in a single season signifies the occurrence of "a mini-revival" within the team.

The Michigan Wolverines, under Harbaugh's leadership, went 15-0 this year and were National champions after trouncing the Washington Huskies.

Per CBN:

University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh revealed a stunning stat last week while joining the 51st annual March for Life Rally in Washington D.C. The coach of this year's college football championship team said 70 of his players had been baptized over the past season.

In an interview with faith and sports commentator Jon Root, on the sidelines of the pro-life rally, Harbaugh shared the surprising news.

"There's a spiritual mission to our team," Harbaugh said. "I'm inspired by them…[it's] inspirational. The young players on our team are incredible examples."

There are more than 100 players on the roster for the 2024 College Football Champs. Root said that indicates "a mini revival" has been underway this past season with more than half of the Michigan Wolverines declaring their faith in Jesus by getting baptized in 2023.

Several of the players are outspoken born-again Christians who aren't afraid to talk about their faith in Christ.