In my years covering the attempted takedown of the United States, I have never seen such simultaneous high-drama as we are seeing now. Amazingly, Biden still does not have access to the nuclear codes. 

On April 19, 2021, my day started at 3AM.  My phone began ringing off the hook. As I reported yesterday, I received multiple reports that this past Friday, Biden was denied entry into the Pentagon. Biden was allegedly told that that the order came directly from Gen. David H. Berger, Commandant of the United States Marine Corps and a ranking member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and that General Milley was no longer in charge.

I clearly stated on Paul Preston’s show, later that same morning that there was clearly smoke to this fire regarding the Marine Corps and Biden. However, I was not entirely confident in the details of the report. I am now!

Four hours later, both Paul Preston and myself are convinced from different sources that this event did indeed take place. Additional facts have come to light as well.

It is now coming out that Putin and Trump secretly met two weeks ago. Putin has aligned with Netanyahu against Biden and his intention to arm Iran with nuclear capability. Both Paul Preston and myself have been informed that Putin informed Trump that he had stationed several nuclear submarines off of the Eastern Seaboard off of the United States. Putin is waiting for the fields of Ukraine to dry out and then the Russian tanks are crossing into Ukraine. If Biden interferes America will be nuked. Subsequent to Paul Preston’s revelations, I have learned that many C-147’s have landed in Ukraine. Is Biden giving Ukraine nuclear capability? We also know that the Biden is being blackmailed by Ukraine over Burisma, so this is a completely plausible story.

The opposition to Biden has grown beyond the Marines. The entire military is feeling betrayed and they are realizing their ultimate fate at the hands of the CHICOMS that are stationed both on our Northern and Southern Borders. Both Paul Preston and I have learned that Trump is operating under a form of Continuity of Government. World leaders are moving against Biden as well as they know that the Great Reset means the destruction of their nations. Some fear a purge of world leaders is desired and needed to implement the new order coming from the World Economic Forum.

While Trump is prepping several world leaders, he appeared on Hannity to prep the American people. His entire agenda was to demonstrate where Biden is taking this nation. This was a patriotic call to arms.

When one considers what is happening with the insurrection and incitement to riot by Maxine Waters, it is clear to see that here job is get race riots started by forcing a mistrial in the Chauvin hearing. Hence, as I have already stated, Biden could call on his friends at the UN to invoke the Kigali Principles. This would be instant civil war!

More facts have come to light as well. Over the next few days, two court cases loom large in California. Both cases ultimately could decide the fate of California’s 55 electoral college votes. Newsom clearly used illegal ballots and all 22 million of these should be thrown out. If these votes are thrown out, then Biden cannot remain as President. However, and as discussed with a Federal LEO, who is going to enforce the rule of law? The only answer would be the military and perhaps this is why Putin is allowing America a few short weeks to get their act together.

Also, on center stage, is the Maricopa County forensic audit. I have no idea what is happening except that I have learned that there have been attempts at interference already in the process.

Putin has expressed concern that he fears being attacked by China. One of his major fears lies in the fact that most of Putin’s tank commanders are Asian. Some are fearful they may not be entirely loyal to Putin if push comes to shove with China.

There is the 800 pound elephant in the room. Why is Biden so determined to have Russia and the US engage in a war? The answer is simple. If Russia and America lie in ruins, China has full reign to become the undisputed world policeman through the lack of opposition. China cannot project military power on a global scale. However, without opposition, it becomes a moot point.

In light of everything printed here, does the fencing around the White House make sense now? People ask me if Israeli and Russian soldiers will assist the America military to remove Biden? I have no information on this and I frankly doubt the US would ever accept this. However, tactical and logistical support is something else entirely. 

This is the stuff that military counter-coups are made of. Civil Wars have started for less as have world wars. This story has many dynamic and moving parts and it is impossible to make accurate predictions. One thing can be said for certain, the United States will not look the same come September, or sooner.