Stunning Revelations About the True Nature of the Organizations That Are Destroying America


The attempt to eviscerate the republic of the United States is beginning to take shape. To the average person, they see a montage of unrelated events which are making life miserable.

The intent of this terrorist-inspired barrage of unnatural events on the American people is as follows:

  1. To destroy law and order as well as promote extreme social instability.  
  2. Remove the Constitution as the ruling authority.
  3. Release inmates to swell the ranks of Antifa’s terrorists as well as promote an atmosphere of extreme societal danger.
  4. Remove executive control of the government from the President to Big Pharma.
  5. Remove the military from under the control of the President, thus making a coup or assassination much more likely. This is the same strategy used on JFK before his assassination where JFK lost control of the Joint Chiefs as well as the CIA. JFK never had control of the CIA. And part of the revolution is being directed by the CIA and the Mossad with regard to Antifa and Black Lives Matter.
  6. Promote depopulation strategies through 5G and mandatory CV-19 Bill Gates vaccines.  
  7. Covid-19 has created so much fear among the masses that we see people wearing face masks while driving along in their cars. This is the greatest psyop in world history!
  8. The cumulative effect of these events is to weaken America until and external attack can succeed. The military has fallen into the trap of believing that Trump is their enemy when in actuality, the military is playing right into the hands of the globalists. In the final days of the overthrow and subsequent invasion of the United States, the military and political leaders of this country will be executed. I call it the “Brown Shirt Effect” in which traitors to a previous regime are case aside when they no longer serve the role of “useful idiots”.  If you think  I am forecasting the execution of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and all the Joint Chiefs, you are correct. Nearly every revolution casts aside their original supporters because of some of them will invariably get cold feet as they witness the unfolding of the massive purge that will eventually consume America after it is conquered. In short, Brown Shirt traitors cannot be trusted, they can only be used until their mission is complete. It is very likely that you will share a FEMA coffin (made for four people) with the likes of Cuomo and Pelosi.
  9. In ravaged areas of America, both present and future, we will witness the rise of the Somalian-style war lords as we descend into a state of complete anarchy which will provide the excuse for the United Nations to enter our country with a multi-national force under the pretense of following the Kigali Principles. In occupied Seattle, we are already seeing a war lord ruling over the occupied territory.

The strategies of control have morphed into an identifiable pattern. There is no way that the following sequences, which overlap, could be the result of random events:

  1. The coronavirus, which to illegal and unconstitutional lockdowns, has destroyed the economy and wrecked millions of American lives. The destruction of the economy has a national security component to the event. In a prolonged war, peacetime industries must be converted into  wartime industries in order to replenish war supplies. With America’s economy in a tailspin, we have lost the capacity to fight Russia and/or China in a prolonged conflict.
  2. As soon as the lockdowns began being eased, and not coincidentally, America went directly into race riots. Clearly, the George Floyd incident provided the impetus for Black Lives Matter and Antifa to spring into action. The terrorists from Antifa launched a well-orchestrated and massive set of riots all across this country, primarily in Democratic Party controlled cities, where the Democratic mayors and governors committed criminal negligence by forcing all levels of law enforcement to stand down in the face of the mayhem and murder. This has produced the beginning of the end for America. America is being drained of her strength.
  3. Now that the race riots have somewhat lessened, we have another false flag brewing. Fauci has announced a “second wave” and it will again be used in many “blue” areas to subjugate the masses which putting the finishing touches upon the country. Between these three phases of attacks upon the American people there was never any respite. This is because these attacks were artificially controlled from a central authority.   
  4. The dissident groups are all externally controlled by outside, globalist forces seeking the destruction of the United States. Most know that Antifa is the product of crisis actors hired, many of them are the prisoners released under the COVID-19 scare. Black Lives Matter is masquerading as an independent civil rights group. Nothing could be further from the truth. The NAACP is a civil rights group. However, BLM is an arm of the Democratic Party and their political agenda cannot be separated from America’s new Communist Party. Much of BLM donations go to "ActBlue" has several entities under the overarching name ActBlue.  The terms and conditions of the charity arm of the organization mention “Campaign Finance Laws”:


When you research the expenditures of the ActBlue PAC, all of their contributions are directly going to top DNC campaigns and candidates:



Thanks to the chief researcher for the CSS, Alexandra Daley for uncovering this hidden gems contained within the Democratic Party.

There are some notable events which have taken place in the past 10 days:

  1. The occupation of the center of Seattle in which the police were ordered to evacuate. This allows Seattle to become an open hub of international travel. At one time, the embedded CHICOM troops that illegally entered the United States, came in undetected through the Long Beach Port, which until recently, was under the control of the CHICOMS.
  2. The announcement that Colorado is about to pass a mandatory COVID-19 bill which will mandate required “RE-EDUCATION” of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children with the future (does not yet exist) coronavirus, Bill Gates induced vaccine.

In the next installment of this series I will deal with the topic of "re-education camps" and what they entail. 

As Steve Quayle says "what is coming is no longer coming, it is already here".  I have written about these coming events based on previously available documentation and now this documentation is being operationalized.