Tucker Carlson and Dave Hodges Clearly Demonstrate the Need for Immediate and Complete Civil Disobedience


This article is an unplanned departure for the multipart series which exposes the globalist takeover of America and how dire their intentions are for our culture, economy and personal safety. The longevity of every American is at risk whether they be liberal, conservative or even hopelessly ignorant. 

I feel that the Lord spoke to me and directed me to a take one-day diversion and venture into the massive lies being told to the American people and shed light on these deceptions.

Over and Over It Is Has Been Demonstrated That We Cannot Trust Government Statistics

This article takes a multidisciplinary approach in order assess the validity of a total shutdown of America and whether or not, it is having any effect. It's not that this virus is not deadly and that it is not highly contagious. However, we will never have anyway of knowing because the government has clearly been hijacked by Big Pharma (ie federal employees in the CDC, NIH, etc) who have demonstrable financial ties to outside groups (eg Bill Gates Vaccine Factories).

Finally, An Ounce of Truth From the Mainstream Media 

Tucker Carlson came out, in a 7+ minuted presentation of the validity and efficacy of coronavirus lockdowns, and sounded more like Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show than he did a Fox News broadcaster. In the following broadcast, Tucker Carlson debunks several myths associated with the lockdowns and mass quarantine policies across America in the following areas:

  1. Presently, 8 states do not have mandatory shelter-in-place lockdown orders. There infection and subsequent death rates are far less than the nations who do. 
  2. There have been research studies, which are adjusted for population density per square mile and the conclusions are sitll the same. States and cities that have lockdowns fair no better than states and cities that have draconian lockdowns. 
  3. The most severe lockdown rules, with dranconian consequnces, have the highest rates of infection, even on an adjusted population-per-square-mile density regression analysis. In LA, the mayor has donned his swastika armband and has forbidden people to go outside. LA has the most unreasonable and dramatic quarantine laws in America and yet they have the highest rate of infection per square mile. 
  4. Carlson emphasized that these quarantine policies are about politicians thirst for absolute power. They have tasted blood, so to speak and they love it. 

It is safe to say that a Carlson retraction is coming, or he will be seeking employment elsewhere. 



In the following video, I produced this morning, I take Tucker Carlson's arguments and compare them to a 6 point analysis of the deception being presented to the American people. First I want to be clear, I am not saying the virus is not deadly and I am not saying that it is not contagious. However, I am raising points that demonstrates how badly the American people are being misled. 

Here are the 6 points:

Expanding On Carlson's Critique On Lockdowns-What He Did Not Say

  1. The fallacy of the CDC and COVID-19 team diagnoses is omnipresent. As the CSS has pointed out before, the three phase approach to get a community out of lockdown is flawed because they have confabulated the figures related to CV-19 with an obvious piling on approach by counting "flu like symptoms". This is deceptive and it is designed to increase the numbers in order to justify the lockdown. After all, is this about the flu or about COVID-19? Don't say both, because we have never had a lockdown over the flu. Then there is the issue of "presumptive diagnoses". This is where a doctor can presume that anything that when a death is not the product of a gun shot or a car accident, the cause of death is COVID-19. Even CDC documents, published here on the CSS, speak clearly to this point. What does the word "Presumptive" mean?  It means that one is engaging in speculation. Yet, these approaches are being allowed to confabulate the total data which is intentionally designed to exacerbate the totals as an execuse to keep up locked down. 
  2. The box store hypocrisy is criminal. A small business owner cannot open his hardware shop, but the box stores operate with impunity. Have you been to an open Walmart or Costco lately? There is no real social distancing. People, without gloves handle the same objects and touch the same surfaces and we know that COVID-19 lives on different surfaces for varying lengths of time. It can accurately be said that if we apply the logic of the COVID-19 team to the box stores, they are indeed factories for the spread of COVID-19. Interestingly, a church could increase its number of services and maintain easily enforced social distancing and be much more safe than the box stores, however, they are discriminated against and a different set of rules are applied to Christians. This is not happening in Mosques, nor should it be. I am just pointing out the extreme hypocrisy that political prejudices that are in play and that have absolutely nothing to do with science. What's good for the box store goose, is clearly not good enough for the Christian and small business gander in a case of rules for thee but not for me. 
  3. Without question, the most draconian enforcements are happening in Democratic controlled municpalities and states. I have arrived at the conclusion that these Democrats are part of a strategy that will cause America to hate life and subsequently blame the Republicans and the cost will be enormous at election time. The Democrats, as it is self-evident, plan on erasing all Constitutional protections in their version of a Bolshevik Revolution. 
  4. The Deep State and their puppet masters, the so-called gobalists, have their motive as well. As Ronald Reagan pointed out, "America is the last bastion of freedom". The globalists need to take down the last bastion so they can install their New World Order, both politically and financially. As an American, you have a target on your back. Whether that target is made by an embedded terrorist (eg MS-13) or a Red Dawn invasion, or the CHICOMS, it does not matter. America, you have been targeted for political, economic and physical destruction. Americans should be added to the list of endangered species. 
  5. I recently had a and discussion that I am not fully ready to discuss. However, I will soon be disclosing some very disturbing information about the Pentagon, specifically, and about the military in general. However, suffice it to say, that Jade Helm 16 is being played out right now in the deep recesses of power with regard to our military establishment. The primary damage was done to America when Obama fired almost 400 command officers and replaced them with "globalist thinkers". 
  6. Finally, it is important in warfare that one identify their primary enemy. From Representative Massie (R) to Ron Paul, and from a plethora of current events that a mass famine is coming across the planet. In fact, yesterday, the United Nations stated that a famine of "Biblical Proportions" is coming to the planet, the starvation danger is self-evident. If we do not immediately go back to work and produce and ship food, we are assuring ourselves that this famine is coming much sooner (perhaps weeks) rather than later. It will first come in the form of hyperinflation and then an absolute shortage. I cannot guarantee that an immediate return to work will stave off the starvation. However, there is a fundamental question that we need to ask. At the end of the day, which is more deadly for the human race, the COVID-19 virus or a mass famine of Biblical proportions? 

America we need to ask ourselves a question. Do we want to die on our acquiescing knees or on our feet? There is still time to decide, but the time to decide is now!

We need to secure the sound of marching feet. We need people of all backgrounds, conservative, liberal or ignorant to joint our coming civil disobedience. We must declare our independence and go back to work immediately. The globalist collaborators cannot throw all of us in jail and we own 430 million hand guns and we have 7 million veterans of fighting age. The time to defy this illegal lockdown of our country is now. Today, Shelley Luther is defying the shutdown of her Dallas business, the Salon a la Mode. America needs to join her. If you have a small business, you need to reopen today! If you know of a business that is "illegally" open today, we need patronize that store. As a country, if we have even the smallest chance of success of saving our country and our collective futures, civil disobedience must happen now. In a couple of weeks, it will be too late. 

Here is a video to share with liberals and the ignorants. This is the time to approach them because they are just as miserable as the rest of us.