U.S. farmers issue DIRE warning




Raging inflation, growing geopolitical instability, and the climate scam all threaten to create the perfect storm where the United States experiences widespread food shortages and causes the U.S. to become a third-world nation.


If we continue down the path we are on, soon we will be begging other countries for food.


Is this really the position we want to be in as a country? I know I don’t want to be begging other nations for food.


Our situation is made even more perilous due to the continued purchases of U.S. farmland by China—the number one adversary to the United States.


Here’s what John Boyd Jr., Shad Sullivan, and other American farmers had to say about the looming food crisis:



Fox News spoke to the concerned farmers, who explained:


“It’s the global elites — claiming that climate change is ruining the world and that we must implement sustainability: which is just production and consumption control across the world,” Sullivan said.


“We see it going on all over — because of this, we’re becoming vertically integrated, in our system.


The beef cattle industry is the last bastion of freedom.”

Podcast host Nick Deluliis writes: “DOE says Biden admin paused new LNG export facilities because “We need to take into account the economic consequences for American consumers, American farmers and our American competitiveness.” How bold: to justify in the name of 3 things climate policies look to wreck.”



Newsweek featured this related story of now-famous farmer Amos Miller, who had his farm raided by the authorities:


Amid the January 4 farm raid and subsequent lawsuit, Miller has garnered support from Republicans across the country, including prominent figures like Donald Trump Jr. and Representative Thomas Massie.


Conservatives have argued that the actions against Miller represent government overreach and some have criticized law enforcement for cracking down on Miller rather than dangerous criminals.

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