The US Govt’s desperation to keep ‘the truth’ hidden reveals how treacherous our own ‘government’ has become and why 2024 will be the most dangerous election in our lifetimes




We got a glimpse of how our bureaucratic overlords view the voters in 2016 when the DoJ, FBI, and CIA worked to influence the election. When their gal failed to win, they continued their efforts to unseat our electoral choice. But all of that was just a warmup for January 6, when they took things to a whole new level. 


When pipe bombs were discovered outside the Democrat and Republican headquarter buildings in Washington D.C., it triggered a nationwide investigation. Thousands of MAGA supporters were intimidated interviewed by FBI agents for the suspicious behavior of being in the same zip code as the bombs on January 6 -- oh, and attending a Trump rally.


Also on January 6th, an unarmed insurrection nearly took down our government, at the encouragement of undercover federal assets planted in the crowd (snark intended). Our federal criminal justice system has subsequently imprisoned hundreds, for little more than trespassing and taking selfies -- many at the invitation of Capitol police. Now the DoJ has announced plans to prosecute thousands more for daring to cross an unmarked line on the Capitol lawn that their taxes pay for.


After the Republicans took control of the House, the “stop MAGA” operation seems to have moved into the coverup stage. The Swamp’s desperation to keep something hidden reveals just how dangerous our own government has become. 


The bomb threat that triggered the nationwide interrogation of MAGA supporters is starting to look fishier than a Wuhan wet market. The device found outside the DNC headquarters was found by a person in civilian clothes (who many believe was a Capitol police officer). He reported the device to a uniformed police officer, who showed no sign of alarm, and even allowed civilians to continue walking within feet of the bomb.


Security video of the location where the DNC bomb was found shows a hooded “person of interest” sitting on a bench while using a phone. The FBI was able to use security video to track this “person of interest” throughout the Metro subway system and back to an automobile in Virginia. Investigators also tied the hooded person to a Metro transit card and license plate owned by a retired Air Force chief master sergeant who was working as a contractor with a security clearance. 


Former FBI agent and current whistleblower Kyle Seraphin led a team surveilling the contractor who owned the license plate and transit card. Yet his team was denied permission to interview the contractor, and the matter was handed over to counterintelligence investigators -- the same FBI division in which Peter Strzok (of the stop Trump “insurance policy”) had been the deputy assistant director. Seraphin has since gone public with his concerns about the investigation.


Then head of the FBI’s Washington field office, Steve D’Antuono, was not happy about Seraphin coming forward with his concerns. In his congressional testimony he said:


People like Kyle Seraphin and others that are not a case agent, have no knowledge of the case, have no knowledge of what happened in the case, he also made another accusation too that there was an individual with a Metro card. My understanding is all that was chased down. 


But when asked what the FBI had discovered when it “chased down” the lead, he said he didn’t know the details -- for the most important investigation under his supervision at the time.


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